Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Our love affair......

.........With Boxsets! so we dont watch TV, like ever, at all, we dont watch soaps, reality tv, rarely watch documentaries, even rarelier watch films, we're not really tv people at all or film people, MrNeen is too critical of most films and i dont have the attention span for a film......however - box sets.....thats a different story, we both LOVE boxsets, we rarely watch a series when its on TV, we usually get the box set, either borrowed, bought (and resold afterwards on ebay) or mostly just from love film, so who knows why we pay for Sky Plus HD!!! some weeks we're just so busy we manage to meet up on the couch for just one episode of whatever we're watching, other weeks we have a pure unashamed marathon and can watch 4 episodes in one go on a friday night, dont ask me why i dont have the attention span for films but yet i'll happily while away 4 hours on a series given a quiet nyt in with not alot else going on!

Our most recent love affair has been with Prison Break, its without a doubt the best one we've watched so far, we finished it at the wknd and to say i'm upset that its over would be an understatement! i dont know what i'm most upset about, it being finished or how it finished! so now we're looking for our next relationship........over the years we've already done 24, soprano's, nip tuck, rescue me, dexter etc, i'm thinking 6 feet under might be our next venture.......do you do boxsets? do you have any reccomendations on what our next love affair should be with??

well last night was supposed to be a quick and easy tea with a plan to be sat down on the couch early to have one last nyt of slobbing around before i kick started back into the studying again after a week off due to being too busy or too sick to study. but it just didnt turn out like that i was in the kitchen till 9pm! how does that happen sometimes!! time ran away with me, dinner took like 3 times longer to cook than i'd anticipated and MrNeen was just about chewing his own and my arm off by the time it was ready!

but when i served it - he said it was worth the wait! awww! chicken, courgette, cherry tomatoe, pepper, and mushrooms kebabs, with grilled corn and a salad with goddess dressing hmmmm

for breakfast i had jumbo oats and skimmed milk, fresh rasps, peach and cherries with linseeds and pumpkin seeds.

then i walked to work, its not a bad walk, some of it goes through posh housing estates and the rest is woodland walk.

But it POURED down the whole way to work, and now i'm a lil bit soggy!


  1. Mr E is a boxset man too!! We love That 70s Show - seriously funny but you have to watch it from the begginning, there are 8 boxsets I think in total. We are also big fans of The Prisoner, we have the original series on boxset and have just finished the remake on itv player online. Might not be your cup of tea, but I indulge Mr E!! xx

  2. I loved Prison Break. Just this weekend I was saying to Mr H that we should go back and revisit it.

    Definately think about starting to series link on your Sky HD box. We've got the latest season of Desperate Housewives and The Good Wife just waiting to be started on a rainy day.

    Series that we like are... Lost, Fringe, Lie to Me (new series starting on Sky this month), Stargate Universe (new series starting on Sky this week I think), Flashforward (series ended on TV last night, and it looks like its been canned, but still good), Invasion (again canned after one series, but really cool), Band of Brothers, NCIS: Los Angeles, Family Guy and Eastbound & Down.

  3. we borrowed PB from a friend and now its over i asked MrN to buy it for me for xmas or my birthday so we can revisit it sometime i loved it sooo much!

    i watch desp HW's MrN's not so keen. we've been watching the good wife through series link, i like that. we watched the first part of flash forward last year and enjoyed it, we started the new part last nyt but arent all that impressed! ohhh we have band of brothers and pacific actually to watch on dvd i tots forgot about them! think that should be the new love affair - good call Nic! will also take a look at NCIS: LA, Fringe and Lie to me and see what we think!

  4. We love Dexter. Series 4 rocked. We also love Criminal Minds. Season 5 has just finished. CSI Las Vegas but only up to Grissom leaving. Not fussed after that. Flash Forward season 1. That rocked, weird ending last night.

    And my all time favourite, Glee. I am a gleek!

  5. ohh we love dexter too! we've not seen season 3 or 4 though, waiting for them to be released on dvd, cant wait to catch up on that!