Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Have i found my "running buddy"??

Im too scared to say it in case she bails on me or something goes wrong!...............but i think i found my running buddy! my sister!

i'm so excited, my sister is 10 years older than me, she grew up in a different time, we have different dads, she's like her dad and i'm like mine and we both have a bit of out fiesty mum thrown in the mix too! i love my sister so much, though we fight like cat and dog, i never met another person who fights with thier sister like i fight with mine, we can be getting on like a ouse on fire, then erupt at each other start world war 3 and then 5 minutes later just get over it and be talking again like nothings happened, when other people spend time with us, like our cousin, our other sister or our other halves i think they sometimes can get a bit freaked by the phenomenal changes in our moods to each other, how quickly they flare up and how quickly they die down! its a lil bit crazy! but we've always been like this.

Anyways she has 2 kids and we dont have a whole lot that we do together, we like different films, different music and our ideas of holidays/chill out time/work etc are completely different, so i we dont spend a whole lot of quality time together, we see each other regularly but usually just short catch ups. again we've prett much always been like this.

So my sis took up running about 6 months ago through a jog club, then i started 2 months ago on my own. Obvioulsy being a club she's used to running with others and is also used to running longer and faster than me, so when she suggested running together because her club was finishing, i was a bit skeptical, what if i slowed her down, what if she slowed me down, what if it was a total fail, but as you know we went out on sunday for our first run together and it worked out pretty good. well tonight she came with me again - it totally rocks having a runing buddy, she's more than happy to run on the days i want to run, at the time i want to run, she's happy to run at my pace and for my duration! what more could i ask of a running buddy, we chatted the whole time and it felt pretty special like this was "our thing" and "our time", i'm totally stoked to find a common interest! and one that doesnt involve anyone else too (pretty selfish huh - but its nice to get some quality time in with my big sis!) i usually run 3 times a week, and she's more than happy to match it, which means lots of bonding time - so heres to long and happy future with my new runing buddy and to getting closer to my sister!

So i weighed in tonyt and i stayed the same - i'm pretty bummed out about it but i know whats been happening, i've been using calories on green monsters, and i've been hungry through the day and snacking a bit more, taking me over my daily allowance - its been a bit of a ropey week, i was really beating myself up about my hunger levels, but on tuesday it occured to me that i've only recently started using like 1/6 of my cals of green monsters instead of food and it co-incided with raised hunger levels - its not rocket science to figure out whats happened here!

So i've made amends, gone back to what i was doing last week, filling up on all the right foods, and paying a bit more attention to my protein intake ensuring i get at least 1g of protein for every 1kg of body weight, i feel 100% better over the last couple of days. So i'm bang on track for a good week this week, i'm on fire and i'm going for gold this week!

Bfast today: podge, fresh strawbs, dry cherries, linseeds, flaked almonds.

i had unpictured water melon for snax (forgot to snap it)

salad, houmous, 1 dr karg and 2 rice cakes for lunch

followed by an apple and 2 baby bels

mid afternoon i had a protein shake with water (unpictured)
post run, protein shake with milk and frozen mixed berries

dinner was pork loin, half a baked apple, salad with mixed insane leaves, beetroot, peas, peppers, tomatoes, cucs, apricots, and sweet potato discs

followed by strawbs and fat free strawb yog

this week is going to be an absolutely perfect 100% week, i WILL photograph and blog EVERYTHING i eat and it will ALL be within cals!
so i'll see you tomorrow for day 1 of the perfect 7.


  1. Looks yummy!

    It must be so nice having a running bussy in your sis. You will be running that half in Bristol with the other WI's before I know it! x

  2. I have been so hungry for the past week or so too, and have gained half a pound :S

    My sister and I are far too alike and have spent most of our lives hating each other! We're finally starting to get on better lately but still can't spend too much time together! Have fun with your running! let me know when you're coming into town too :)

  3. Jo did you get my email about coming to town on Saturday? x