Tuesday, 29 June 2010

its all cake cake cake around here

Well Pancakes and Tuna Fish Cakes! sorry to dissapoint!!

last night after a mega long day being busy busy busy and being uber tired, i did what any normal girl does and headed to the kitchen to make some wholemeal panCAKES for breakfast for the this morning, i figured as you can buy ready made pancakes and heat them up why couldnt i make mine the night before and heat them up - so there i was 10pm in the kitchen making pancakes getting some odd looks from buddy!!

I heated some up for buddy this morning in the toaster, which he said wasnt so good they were a bit rubbery. then later when i was ready for breakfast i threw them back in the pancake pan and heated them up there - that worked a treat i had them with fresh bluebs on top drizzled with agave - OMG how special does that look for a pre work breakfast! LOVE

later i snacked on a mango - yes a whole mango - it was on its last little legs and didnt look like it would last another day so i took one for the team and finished it off. twas perfect.

Lunch was the usual - sorry if this is getting a bit samey! rye bread, houmous and a giant salad - consisting of leaves from my dads patch, peas, runner beans, baby corn, blackcurrants, strawbs, avocado and peppers.

and a couple of baby bels - well i say a couple but buddy inhaled one before i even blinked! so i had 1.

mid afternoon was some water melon and an unpictured nectarine

dinner was more CAKES - well tuna fish CAKES - my mum gave us some take out last night she made us enough for tea for tonyt, and as my mum had done her bit buddy took one for the team and made the salad whilst i studied for the big exam tomorrow. - i told him NOT to go easy on anything in my salad i like my salads supersize, he really took me at my word! this was a beast!

So i'm all done studying now i think i'm as ready as i'll ever be for my final marketing exam tomorrow! i'm off for a long hot soak and then i *might* even make some pancakes for the morning - the staying power of these babies is really amazing and will be good to see me through a 2.5 hour exam!!!
nyt all xx


  1. Good luck in your exam xx

  2. Good luck for your exam! I don't know what it is but I always feel like I'm having a treat when I eat pancakes for breakie, I love them!