Friday, 11 June 2010

lets hit the road

I dont know whats happening with the blog just now but every post this week has taken me about 10 years to upload! tres tres frustrating!!

anyways do you like the new make over - kinda funky i think, brightens the place up a bit!

so last night i finished getting packed up for our little trip abroad this wknd...........The Neens dont travel light huh!

you should note that only the pretty litte array of bags below is actually mine though, you didnt they were ALL mine did you - i'm not THAT bad come one! i like stylish luggage, this is my pride and joy Cath Kidston bag, and matching small bag for jewellry/hair stuff etc, the big one actually folds away into the small one, when not in use - handy eh! and my clinique clear and pink toiletries bag.

the rest of above is MrNeens stuff on the left and then theres 2 cool bags one with chilled stuff to take with us and one with dry goods to take, my protein and running gear and presents for granny yorkshire (it was her birthday last week) and for our nephew (he got christened last week and we're god parents), oh and the home baking! towels and bedding! phew! i dont usually pack so heavy, but as MrNeens mum and S-dad are away i figure there will be no food, and no one to change the bed and towels when we leave so best take our own!

heres breakfast, more jordans mueslie with blueb's skimmed milk, grape juice and yoghurt, LOVE. also this is the 2nd day i've brought it into work and eaten around 8.30am instead of 7am, its really made a difference to my hunger levels mid morning.

mid morning, lots of water and the most perfectly firm yet juicey apricot! i love summer fruits so much, much better than winter fruits!

some bear nibbles after lunch - i didnt picture lunch as it was eaten on my knee in the car,, which was difficult enough with out picturing it too, and it was just the usual salad, houmous, dutch crispbreads.

i did however picture my lunch date!! cute isnt he! <3 <3 <3

so thats it bloggies, i just gotta get through this afternoon, only 1.5hours to go then we're off abroad for the wknd! yay! catchya in a bit x


  1. so many bags! wow enjoy the trip

  2. Have a great trip! I'm loving the fresh apricots at the moment too x