Friday, 30 July 2010

Weddings, Treats and Fairies.

Thats all that seems to be going on round here just now! its just weddings weddings weddings!

Last night we got the invites finished! all stamped up and ready to go, we got to the final hurdle of double checking that each invite matched the insterts and the addresses on the front, stuck the stamps on and sealed the envelopes, only to find that the sticky on the envelopes wasnt sticky!! nothing we did would make them stick! and there was no way we were putting selotape on them! so off my dad went to scour the shops at 8pm to find a pritt stick, he came home empty handed!!

But not one to be defeated, he dissapeared off to his workshop and reappeared with a tiny brush a monster tub of solvite!! and lovingly sat and glued each one!!


So thats it thier in the post now! no going back eh!! heh heh!

Right lets skip back a bit to Brekfast - the usual podge, garden rasps and linseeds and sunflower seeds

Then i snacked on a peach

and lunch was a garden salad with some baby bels and a pitta

After lunch i went to get my bikini line waxed!!! eeeeeeeeeeee (thats a nervous eeeeeeeee not an excited eeeeeeeeee!!)

i was so nervous i'd never had it done before, and i've booked in for leg and bikini waxing for the wedding, so figured i needed a trial out before then in case i took a reaction to it, i have kinda crazy sensitive skin so i was unsure how it would turn out, i was petrified it'd be agony and mortified at the shame i thought i would deal with!

Well girls if you'd not had it done GET TO THE SALON!! its only £8, its only slightly more nippy than getting your eyebrows waxed, it doesnt hurt as such, and straight after its over theres no lingering pain, i wasnt embarresed at all, my beautician made me feel so at ease it was cool!! i've booked in again for 6 weeks time and i'll def be a regular from now on! i'm going later on in August to have full leg waxing to test that out before the wedding, i'll report back after that!

I usually like to buy myself a new Jessica Nail colour or treatment either whenever i go get my eyebrows done or on payday if i dont have appointment scheduled, but she didnt have a whole lot of colours in stock yesterday, she was waiting for an order to come in! i was a bit dissapointed! BUT not being one to deny myself of a promised treat as i was going to the health food shop anyway i treated myself to a vitacoco instead.

Dinner was yet again at my mum and dads so we could dive straight into the final furlong of the invites after dinner, i've eaten at thiers on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week!! Phew thats loads!! really loads, but it was a whole lot easier to have dinner on the table as soon as i got home to be able to start out invites straight afterwards and give us long evenings! time was a ticking and i needed those babies in the post box! its saved a tonne of money eating there every night this week, its been kinda lovely to spend some quality time with the rents and nice to have dinner made for me! but i sure have missed my kitchen! expect lots of cooking next week!

Dinner was pork loin steaks with pears and cheese, green veg and corn cobs

It rocked! hmmmmmmm

after we'd finished the invites we treated ourselves with CHOCOLATES!! wowsers its been a looooong time since i saw a box of chocolates!...........i had 3!!

So thats the eats from yesterday, it'll be quiet around here now till Monday.

Straight from work tonight we're heading off to Doncaster to stay with the inlaws.  we wont get there till about 10pm tonight, then tomorrow morning i'm planning an early morning run but we'll see how i feel, no pressure, then at 12.30 we're going with Buddy's Dad to the suit shop, to book the suit hire, then to see his gran, then back to his mums for an early dinner and the onto our good friends 30th fancy dress party, its not a huge party its just at thier house but there will be about 15 people there, it should be good!

I'm going as a fairy as you guys know i already have most of the gear to go as a fairy from my sisters Hen Night although i no longer have my tutu, that went paintballing on the stag doo! apparently my obscenely expensive tutu from the "fairy shop" was worn by the stag!! booooo!

but Buddy bought me a new one, and its even cuter!

pics to followe next week.

on and on sunday we're meeting our videographer and then shooting over to the venue to meet with the wedding coordinator till i go through a painfully long list of things with her! this will be our last trip to the venue before the big day eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (now thats an excited eeeeeeeeeeeeee).

and Home.....................phew, our wknds away are always sooooo busy!

i'll catch up with you crazy kids on Monday, hope you all have an awesome wknd! muchos lovos x

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Exciting Exciting

Well I think so anyway! I have lots of exciting things to show you today! i've been off work all week, and its been a productive few days.  Today is my first day back, which is a bit sucky, but hey ho its got to be done hasnt it!

First of all let me present to you some things my dad wanted to show you, i checked my camera this morning to upload the last couple of days pics and theres some crazy pictures on here! apprently when i wasnt around but my camera was my dad snapped all the most unhealthy stuff he could find, let me portray (what is his opinion) the highlights of thier kitchen!!...........

A rhubarb pie

Some strawberry cakies

Some pineapple cakies

Some Fruity Teacakes

Some Irnbru

And finally some double cream

So thanks to my dad for his guest appearance!!

now on to some good clean fun! Food!

Its a bit jumbled up, its from over the last 2 days, and blogger is being a bum and not uploading things properly for me so the order is a bit skieeeewif, so lets just roll with it, i'm at work and dont have window live writer here! grrrr!

Podge with garden rasps, pumpkin seeds and flaked almonds

My new Yoga Mat arrived (this isnt the thing i've order that i'm mega excited about, thats coming soon) i got a total bargain, £0.45 from ebay!! Get in!! i love it!  so yesterday i got down and did some more shredding! still loving it, i'm on day 4 and managing to get into the moves a bit further now!

Lunch, salad with chicken and cheese

Snackies - a peach and apricot

Last night i got weighed in and i lost 2lb! taking me to a grand total to date of 3 STONE!! thats pretty exciting! i cant belive i actually lost 3 stone!!!

Dinner after weigh in was an egg salad (no eggs for me though, i cant stomach them)

New potatoes and roast pork with apple sauce.

After dinner my mum and dad and i made great headway with the wedding invites

The invites are completely finished now, they just need stamps and then they can in the post box, i'm off to buy stamps today i'm going to see if i can buy  *nice* ones!

Inside they have green/gold vellum then the actual invitation, an information sheet on the hotel etc, a little paragraph about gifts, an RSVP and a self addressed stamped envelope, all of which my dad and i printed in the same colour and font as the "wedding" we printed on the outside, all secured with the ribbon and the little bride and groom stuck on the outside! I LOVE them!! so proud that we did them all ourselves and so pleased with how they look! it took alot of work, especially all the printing, setting up templates etc, i think about as many were ruined in the process as were turned out perfect! they were definately a labour of love!

Tonight we'll stamp them then they will be in the post box tomorrow................eeeeeeeeeee EXCITING!! its all so REAL!!

And finally - looky looky - what i've been waiting for!! mega excited!!

Cant believe i've become *this person* who has bought Insanity!!

I'm going to finish Shredding then i'm moving onto this and i reckon this is whats going to see me over the finish line to where i want to be for the wedding!

I *think* i might trim running back to twice a week and step up the HIIT till the wedding, Running is something i'm passionate about, and the whole thing, the healthy clean eating, the exercising the HIIT, the running, its all for life, i started out on this journey to get into my dress but its now about so much more than that, its about me, my body, my health, my wellbeing and my piece of mind. 

BUT i musnt forget that i do still have a milestone to reach and its a pretty major milestone! i must get in that ridiculously expensive dress! and to get there in the time frame i have i need to step it up a bit more!!

And INSANITY ticks that box!

It look crazy i watched thro one of the DVDs last night, its pretty intense, I'm not even sure, infact scrub that i'm positive i'm not physically fit enough to keep up, but hey guys, theres a really good way i can get fit enough and a really good way i'm gonna be able to do it, and thats to finish Shred and then dive on it! i know it will be a struggle and my first fitness test will probably see less than 10 reps for each thing, but its a start!

And i'm pretty excited! i wish i could start it just now!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Lots of Shopping


Hey there Blog land, how is everyone? great I hope!

thanks for the great comments on the last post for your recommendations for cook books, I'll definitely be checking those out!!

SO I had yesterday off work and fancied another day off too (both my bosses are on Annual Leave just now so now is the perfect time for a couple of days off) – with no summer holiday this year (coz we’re saving the time and money for the honeymoon in November) i’m really feeling the need for some time out from work! yesterday and today was just what the doctor ordered.

I had grand plans for working out yesterday but after taking my mum shopping and doing some housework, time was ticking and i was nackered because we had literally been up ever hour with Red through the night, she had extreme bad digestive system going on! My TOTM started, my head was pounding and i was feeling thoroughly wretched by the end of the day, i’ve got some *life* stuff going on, with some tough grown up decisions looming over me, so that doubled with TOTM blues and sleep deprivation = 1 very weepy Neen!! so i bailed on the work out! hey ho sometimes you need to scale it back!

So i took today off, and have so far been on the couch nursing my tummy cramps and sore head and watching Biggest Looser and Desperate Housewives, that is sooo unlike me, i’m a more active person i bailed on the dishes and the ironing in favour of the couch! its years since i did that!

The plan for the rest of the day is finish the blog post, tidy up, have some lunch then i’m gonna throw on some comfies and a big jumper and curl up on a lounger at the edge of my mums pool and read my book, i think its just what i need to soothe my mind! and later i’m going for a run with my sister!

Sorry for the meloncholly flavour of todays post – lets move on quick!

On Sunday I did session 3 week 1 of Shredding, this workout totally rocks i really really love it!

I’ve ordered something else, which i’m super excited about it, but i’ll keep you in suspense till it arrives and i can *show* you!

After shredding i rehydrated with some VitaCoco – Lurve!


Then we went to my mum and dads for Sunday Dinner

We Had roast Lamb, new potatoes and oven baked tomato and mozzarella salad (i’ll share the recipe with you later – its positively AWESOME!)



This was a measured portion on Lamb, and guestimated potatoes and salad, i had seconds of the potatoes and salad.


And for afters, i had a bowl of strawbs and a small spoonful of ice cream


After dinner, we took the pupps for a walk down the garden


Take note of Izzy, we took her to be groomed yesterday, this is the before pic, wait till you see the after pic!


Down the garden we found my dads new potato crop! cant wait till these babies start producing!



His newest creation in the garden, he built all the fence himself, and the decking covers a large area next to the pool and then paths out all round the vegetable beds, and into a bridge over the stream and a bench at the otherside _ this is where i plan to take a load of cushions this afternoon and soothe my mind! perfect with the running water right next to you! he built the whole thing himself – so clever!

The first blueberries of the season!  so tasty


and another bag of produce!


Yesterday we went to take Izzy to be groomed – look at the different – like a different girl!!


They even put a little bow in her hair, so cute! my mums not so keen but i love it!!


For lunch i had some V Water – this was really nice, a bit tart, but really great ingredient list and only 40cals the whole bottle, with no nasties added in!


And a Proscuitto Cotto Ham and Mozzarella Sandwich, really tasty!


Then i went mental in Tesco’s, i mean totally mental, i got a HUGE shop, but you see our only local shop is the co-op which is fine, but when i can i like to get a massive shop in a bigger store, to stock up! it really helps out for weeks after that!

lots of fresh goods”


Some breads, pitta, wraps, Rye bread, seeded bread and spelt and sunflower bread, i sliced these breads when i got home, and packed into ziplock bags in portions of 4 slices, and froze them, so i don't go mental with the bread!


A quesadillas kit and some porridge, some sauces, and some naughty and some good crispies.


1 of every flavour of vitamin water, it was on offer 2 for £2 so i figured its a great time to try them all


Some oils, an enchilladas kit, some dark chocolate and chilli dark chocolate as seen on Laura's Blog and some other bits n bobs


And lastly a big stock of dry fruit and nuts


For dinner i tried out some Kale chips – goshmeesers! these ARE GOOD!!

the massaging the oil into the kale was particularly therapeutic!


served with some garden broad beans and peas, and a mushroom, gruyer and leek filo parcel from tesco – hmmmm hmmmm

and the kale chips were so good me n buddy shared a huge bowl to munch on over the evening!


Breakfast was podge, garden rasps, sunflower seeds and linseeds


mid morning snack was a small apple and an apricot


I’m off to do some cleaning now and get on with my day, hope everyones having a nice day.