Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Chicken and Chestnut Stew

Happy Tuesday Blogland, hows everyones week coming along, good i hope!

I had yesterday off and already had a tonne of stuff to do at work so today's mega busy! and tonight i'm starting making my wedding invites eeeeeeeeeeeeee exciting stuff eh! I'll be sure and show you the finished product when i'm done!!

Buddy decorated my bathroom at the wknd - i'm so chuffed with it, its just plain old bright white, but i wanted it that way for ages! we have dark slate tiles on the floor and in the shower so it pretty stark now! much love! i got some new towels, specially for the occassion! i already have loads of towels but hey one more set cant hurt eh!

Yesterday i ploughed through most of the ironing thankfully! i still have some left but i'm not going to sweat it, i spent almost 6 hours ironing yesterday, i watched the new Gok Wan How to look good naked, with the guy on it, i thought it was pretty good for a change, interesting and upsetting to see guys going through the same things we go through! why do we all beat ourselves up eh!! i also watched the pilot of USA Biggest Looser, its the first time i've ever watched any of them, i was in floods of tears the whole time!! the girl with heroine addict mother, who weighed in at the most, broke my heart and the woman who's whole family died in an accident broke my heart into a thousand pieces! i literally blubbed the whole way through! sad arent i! i'll defo be watching it though.

in the afternoon i snacked on some of these fun little dried apple clusters i picked up in H&B at the weeked.

For lunch my "spowl" (I think that was his nickname!! :-) ) made an appearance again! a slice of WM toast, with half a can of beans, topped with mozarella and a salad on the side, its nice to have something different for lunch when i'm at home on a "work" day!

Dinner was Awesome!! - its a recipe passed on from Buddy's mum, i suspect its a weight watchers recipe or adapted from a weight watchers recipe.

Chicken and Chestnut Stew

Serves 2 (Buddy eats big portions tho)

Low Fat Cooking Spray
3 or 4 Skinless boneless Chicken Thighs
70g Shallots, peeled
150g Button, Field or Chestnut Mushrooms, cleaned and halved
200g vacuum-packed or canned cooked chestnuts
400ml (14 fl oz) Chicken Stock
2 Bay Leaves
2 tblsp Tomato Puree
mixed herbs
salt and freshly ground black pepper

1. Heat a large lidded flameproof pan or casserole and spray with low fat cooking spray.

2. Add the chicken thighs and shallots and cook on a high heat for 5 minutes, turning the chicken until it is browned on all sides.

3. Ad the mushrooms, chestnuts, stock, bay leaves, tomato puree and seasoning and stir.

4. Reduce the heat, cover and simmer on a low heat for 1 hour.

Easy peasy!
and approx 320cals for between 1/4 - 1/2 of the pot

After Dinner I had a piece of my currant and oatmeal cake (recipe still to come) - i need to make it again and tweeek a few things then i'll post.

Bfast this am was podge, with fresh rasps, linseeds and sunflower seeds - i think this is my fave combo of add ins.

followed by some large cherries mid morning.

Lunch today was unpictured as it was too busy in the canteen but it was a garden salad, 3 x krisprolls and some of that divine pesto houmous! hmmmm hmmmm!

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