Wednesday, 7 July 2010


And not a healthy one!!........more to come

last night i went to my mum and dads for dinner, i hadnt spent some time there in a week or 2 so figured i'd go eat with them and spend the evening round there doing my baking and having a soak in thier tub etc.

look one a little critter has done to one of thier perfect pea pods! little buggers!

Dinner was a coconut and chilli chicken stirfry, deeelish, and even better when its healthy food cooked for you by others! my mum goes to such an effort for me now when i'm there, she always makes healthy food or makes me an alternative if what everyone else is eating wont suit me! bless her - it took quite some time to get her on side but she's totally there now!

A perk of doing my baking at her house, is her HUGE kitchen, dishwasher, abundance of work surface space......and one of these babies!

i made scottish tablet - for my sisters wedding - but we're not going to dwell on that coz it was an epic fail, it set lovley but was still grainy today when i tried it out grrrrr! i've made it loads and always got it perfect and now when it matters it failed!!
i also made individual cheesecakey things, 2 for a woman at work who's done me a couplle of favours lately, to say thank you, i gave 2 to my rents and took 2 home.
these really are amazing, its a biscuit base, baked on a cool heat
6oz digestives
3oz unsalted butter
1T sugar
butter and sugar melted and mixed with crushed biccies, flattened into the cases and baked on 120degrees for 8 minutes, and left to cool

a tin of condensed milk
a 300ml tub of double cream
mixed together and the zest of 2 lemons mixed in
and the juice of 2 lemons SLOWWWLY mixed in, makes it thicken up like a dream

pour into cases and leave in fridge over night, garnish as desired.
SIMPLE huh! and i suppose its not really cheesecake but we dont know what else to call it, so in casa del neen its referred to as "that lemony cheesecake thingy"

Bfast today was podge, strawbs, raisins, linseeds and sunflower seeds

mid morning i snacked on some grapes

lunch was....................yup you guessed it pitta, brie, cranberry chutney and leaves (i kinda tend to eat the same thing for lunch every day for a couple of weeks till i sicken myself of it) but if you read regularly i guess you already figured that out!!

and a cashew cookie nakd bar LOVE LOVE LOVE!! i reckon i can recreate with a fudge baby recipe must get on that!

mid afternoon was some huowge strawbs

after work i RAN 5K!!!! can you flaming well believe it!! it was session 1 of week 9 (my final week) of the Couch to 5K programme! i cant believe i only 2 more sessions left and i cant believe i can actually now run 5k flat out no stops! i feel amazing for being able to do that! after this i'm gonna work on a 5K - 8K programme

dinner was chicken with pesto and mozzerella, sweet pot discs, cauliflowe/cabbage and sweet corn

and for dessert..................come on guys you didnt think i was gonna make them and not eat one!!
although - note to self - half of this would have done - was considerably sweeter than my palate is now used to! could have done with more fruit and less cheese cake for me!!! heh heh! still good tho!

right bloggies i'm off to have some sofa time with buddy before the wedding mania kicks off tomorrow! nyt all!! xx


  1. Neenie congratulations on the 5K that is absolutley amazing. Wish i'd stick it out so I could join you!~! Cake looks delish!

  2. What a shame the tablet didn't turn out! I wish I'd syuck with the running program I started in February but I really wasn't getting anywhere! Enjoy the wedding!

  3. Well done on your 5k! Thats brilliant! Your cheesecakes look so pretty. You always have to sample your own cooking! x

  4. geargh! Not sure if your going to get two comments from me...

    Next time you make that lemony cheesecake thingy try using limes instead of lemons. You'll need to double the quantity of the limes (because they are piddly small) and you can top it with a little grated/melted dark chocolate. At home we call this Key Lime Pie and its my most favourite dessert of all time.

    You can also try using gingernuts for the base for a little flavour diversity (cookies work well too). We usually make it in a big flan dish (and cut out suitable portion slices) or little ramekins. I'm making one this weekend infact for a picnic and for a BBQ at the in-laws on Sunday. *drools in anticipation*

  5. thanks for the tips nic! i never met anyone who tried it/made it before! cool! i'll try those variations.

    my comments on other blogs keep doing that too, going on then dissapearing, sometimes both turn up sometimes only one!! grrrrr!

  6. Ah yes, its such a staple for us because its so easy for parties etc. I do have another variation but its alot more chocolately and orange liquer-y.. and therefore much more dangerous!

  7. Neenie, i've got to say it, i wish you'd stop blogging pics of food that looks so darn good!! :o) Think i'm going to be stealing some of your food ideas - your pics always make me hungry!!