Friday, 23 July 2010

Roasted Italian Tomato Salad

YAY its Friday!.................and i'm off again this monday wooooooo! love long wknds!

so i did day 2 of shredding last night, i really enjoyed it again, it was a bit harder as my muscles were sore after the previous days shred, but i managed it!

today was supposed to be a rest day, but i'm itchy to do something, its run day tomorrow so i dont want to push the shredding too much, so tonight i think i'll do a dog walk followed by some yoga to stretch out the shredding doms!

The plans for this wknd are looking like this, tonight is film night, we're thinking Notorious and/or Mystic River.

Tomorrow is my nieces 12th birthday party, this is her first big grown up party! so its a pretty big deal, i'm making the cake, have made a monster chocolate cake, i just need to decorate it, pics to follow over the wknd, i'm also going to make some cookie dough brownies (i got the idea ages ago from Nic at and have been wanting to try them out, and figure this is the perfect excuse!), then tomorrow afternoon i promised to get Gaby ready, do her nails/hair/makeup! and Buddy and I will make an appearance at her party tomorrow night.

Sunday the F1 is back on so i'll loose buddy to that, if the weathers nice i'd like to catch a few hours in the rents garden, and we're going to thiers for Sunday dinner anyway.

Yesterday i snacked on an apple mid morning

Lunch was falafel and garden salad

and a peach mid afternoon

while i was making dinner, i found a tub of cherry toms in the fridge starting to wrinkle slightly, i didnt want them in a salad like that so i threw some stuff together and it was amazing, so i'll call it:

Roasted Italian Tomato Salad

alter the amounts accordingly
1 punnet of cherry tomatoes
3 cloves of garlic

a large handful of mixed varieties of basil

a small handful of pinenuts

about 50g mozarella

olive oil

Heat oven to about 210 degrees

put cherry toms in an oven proof dish, along with the peeled whole garlic cloves, torn up basil and salt and pepper, drizzle in olive oil and toss to cover everything

Top with grated or torn up mozareela and pinenuts

roast for approx 20 - 30 minutes, till the moz is browning, and the toms are browning and bursting

i served mine with a green salad and sweet potato discs and a slice of homemade wholemeal bread to mop up juices!

i had half the bowl, the other half i let go cold and have with me today for lunch, i'm not sure if i'll reheat or not, i'll try them cold and see what i think.

this would be lovely with pasta/spaghetti, or on top of chicken, you could use this for loads of different things.

I have a TONNE of tomatoes screaming to be used up so this might make another appearance tonight!

this am was usual podge topped with linseeds, sunflower seeds and garden raspberries

and i'm currently munching on some cherries, i love cherries jsut now the flavour is so sweet and juicy!


  1. Oooh they look lovely - would be nicewith feta too to spice it up a bit. Sometimes I find mozzarella a bit bland. Can't wait til payday - I want nice veggies again!!

  2. hmmm or goats cheese! and a little balsamic would work well too i think, might try the balsamic tonyt x

  3. That roasted tomato salad looks fantastic! I'm not too fussed on raw tomatoes but I love them cooked so I might have to give that a try! x

  4. Seriously - i'm going to hire you as my personal chef - that all looks amazing!

  5. Yummy I love love love falafels!

    Thanks for stopping by xx xx

  6. Hi neenie - found this info about the new blogger editot - we can now insert images where the cursor is, rather than top of the page. Not checked it out yet but worth a go!