Thursday, 22 July 2010

Lets get Shredded

sorry i havent been around sinde Tuesday, i've been mega busy...................making my wedding invites!! FINALLY!! thier sooooo lovely i'm really pleased with them, i'll post pics when we're finished. my dad is helping me and he's a trooper, making such a lovely job!

so lets quickly recap on some food i've missed with not blogging.

Tuesday nights dinner, sweet potato fries, chilli halloumi, and some handfuls of raw runner beans, pea pods and peach, the halloumi was a bit over done but it was still deelish!

Bfast yesterday was usual podge topped with sunflower seeds, linseeds and rasps and strawbs from my dads garden, the colours are so vibrant, not like the muted colours you buy in the shops!!

Followed by some juicy cherries mid morning, and an unpictured lunch of salad, pesto houmous and krisprolls.

When i got home last night, my 30 day shred DVD had arrived, i was so excited to give it a go! i really didnt see how a 20 minute workout could be *that* hard and get you into *that* much of a sweat! HAHA!! i was wrong!! its INTENSE!! its so non stop that under half way through your going Whoooah, its really hard work, but i loved it, i loved how hard it was but how short it was, perfect for introducing you into the world of HIT!

Over and the WI forum we've been discussing the P90X, it looks amazing, i'm a long way off being able to tackly that just now but i'm certainly interested! i'm also interested in Insanity, you'll have seen it if you read the Fitnessista's blog, she recently did that. If i get on ok with shredding then i'll be looking into one of these more intense HIT workout programmes, to start to replace running more as the weather deteriorates in the autumn/winter. I'm also keen to get my strength training off the ground, but i'm struggling for time at the moment to finish my book and get a routine straight in my head then to get the sessions going, i feel thats the most time consuming of my possible workouts, and with running and making my wedding invites, its not really feasable at the moment, i'll finish shredding then assess the situation with the weights and see how life is rocking along. i'm not stressed out about it though, the important thing was buying them, coz they were kinda pricey i managed to buy them when i'd sold a coast dress that was too big, i'm glad i could put the money to something worthwhile, and when the time is right i've got the whole kit there!

at the mo tho, i'm happy to SHRED!! - red face n all!

Dinner last nyt was thrown together whilst almost colapsing after shredding, sweet potato discs (overdone! oopsy! was too tired to concentrate on cooking!), topped with goats cheese, my mums homemade wholemeal bread and a salad with a peach

and breakfast this morning - podge, topped with mixed garden berries - again beautifully vibrant colours!! LOVE!

Thats all folks i'm off for a busy day of meetings, and the weather is holding good just now so i'm hopeful to get out for a run afterwork - i dont mind running in the rain but its been so heavy the last few days it would'v been like a wet tshirt comp about 3.2mins after getting out the door!
and tonight - NOTHING! i'm gonna chill with my man! have a good day blog friends! x


  1. Hee hee - love the picture - exhilarated and shredded!! :D

  2. Haha well done for dealing with Jillian and managing a smile afterwards! My stomach has been agony after pilates on Tuesday so I have done nothing! I am in love with pilates though- every single individual muscle in my core is sore. :)Gonna have a go at yoga today. Can't wait to see these invites! Have a good day!

  3. I love P90X and have just started Insanity over the last week or so. Oh, and I love the 30 Day Shred!! I completed the 30 days a few months ago, it's amazing :D

  4. ohh cool i've just been for a nosey on your blog for your views on insanity etc! i'm loving shredding and am excited for whats next!