Thursday, 1 July 2010

Posh Nosh

So a few of you have been asking how the spray tan went, i took my sister on Monday night for her spray tan trial for her wedding next Saturday. She is really pleased with it, it cost £20 and was a Sienna tan. she's now booked in for her pre wedding tan next week.

I'm going to a different girl for my spray tan for her wedding next week, i'm going for Fake Bake, I wasnt 100% impressed with the Sienna personally and my own beautician does fake bake so i'll report back on that next week.

so i'm all about the posh nosh today!

more pancakes, with strawbs, bluebs and agave

lots of strawbs to munch on through the morning.

a peach a little later

A strawberry salad with Pumpkin Rye Bread and Guacamole

A hot chocolate fudge baby this afternoon

when i got home i went for 40 minute 5 mile cycle with my sister and eldest niece, i tried to take a wee pic of me in my bike get up! didnt work out so well haha!

Biking is way harder than i remember from being like 12! which was probably the last time i was on a bike, i quite fancy getting into it, so me and my sister are going to go for it as often as we can.
i tell you though my thighs kill and my bum is soooo sore! heh heh

Dinner was a mega treat! Chicken chow mein, stir fried veggies, chicken, straight to wok noodles and a little sachet of Blue Dragon Chow Mein Sauce (for ease tonight)

with a side of chicken and veg sushi and a little bit of a garlic flat bread! i had the two big sushi rolls and gave the three little ones to Buddy

followed by frozen berry, protein soft serve

and finally i had some belgium white chocolate coated strawberries (unpictured, i'll add a pic of them tomo) WOW!!

feels like a day of total posh nosh! what a lovely foodie day! and i did it all for only 62 cals over allowance!
not too shabby for a mid week tea eh!


  1. you got the hat in the picture; that's all that matters haha great day! biking with others is so relaxing

  2. Nice boob shot!! :p I used to bike every weekend with my mum and dad. I don't have a bike at the moment - the spare one got stolen. I want one!!

  3. I was terrible when I went bike riding in majorca, I kept losing my balance and falling over! Your eats look wonderful and very posh indeed! x

  4. That's a yummy looking day of food! I wish I had some nice fresh berries in the house! I went biking for the first time a month or so ago, it absolutely killed my bum haha