Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Yoga Doms!

I just wanted to kick off and say welcome along to any new readers - i see i have another follower, and i hear i have some readers who aren't followers, so welcome along and i hope you enjoy the bloggy.

Well the Yoga DOMS that i was experiencing yesterday are still going strong today! ouch ouch ouch! i cant beleive thier so bad from YOGA for flips sake! who'd have thought it! i just had a protein shake to help the poor muscles out and i'll have a muscle soak bath tonyt and hopefully i'll be better tomo, coz............................

I'm hoping my new weights will be here tomorrow, my barbel arrived today, and the dumbells and discs should be here tomorrow. i've been allocated, very kindly, by my parents (who live just round the corner) a whole room to myself for weights, which will now be reffered to as "my weights room" - excited? me? OH YES! cant wait to get started!! lots of pics to follow once i get it set up and kitted out!

Other exercise news is i finished session 3 of week 8 C25K last night - only 1 more week to go! I can hardly believe it! my next run - tomorrow will be 3 miles straight out! thats pretty fan flamin tastic if i do say so myself!

In the weight loss corner of my life - having reviewed the last month, over a period of 4 weigh ins i stayed the same one week and gained one week, so only lsot 2 weeks - giving my a pitiful total weight loss over the last 4 weeks of 2lbs! not very good is it! BUT wait till you guys hear this.........i measured myself and over the last 4 week period, i have lost: 1.5" from under my chest, 1.5" from my tummy at the button, 1.5" off my hips over the bone, 0.25" off my calf, 0.5" off my forearm, i put on 0.5" on my bum ( i hope this is coz of the running) and everywhere else i stayed the same, so i calculate that as total of 5.75" off this month - not too shabby huh! kinda redeems the weight loss.

And in personal news, i got hit on in M&S on Sunday - I totally forgot to tell you yesterday - made my day so it did! i used to get hit on when i was slimmer but once the weight crept on, not so much! and on Sunday a random hit on me out the blue - now obviously i'm with Buddy and he's AH...MAY...ZING, so in the grand scheme of things being hit on my a stranger is miniscule and i really dont care! but when it comes to self confidence and the boosting of same, its pretty cool, makes me feel pretty happy that my hard work is paying off, obviously all that matters is how i feel about me and how Buddy feels about me, but hey i'm never gonna be happy with me and buddy is always gonna be happy with me so we're both kinda biased arent we, so to have a (good looking - i might add) stranger be happy with how i look just perks up the confidence levels a litte. he just came up to me in the fruit and veg aisle and told me he thought i was really cute and did i date, i told him, thanks so much with a big smile, but i'm getting married in a few months, he just said thats a shame and what a really lucky guy! i mean really i didnt know that a mid 20's single M&S shopping male was in existence! to my single friends - get to M&S!! that kinda thing just dont happen in Asda haha!!

so i think thats all my news for today, heres my food:

Bfast: Podge, raw rasps and bluebs, linseeds, pumpkin seeds and cinammon cranbs

some grapes and an unpictured nectarine

a wholemeal pitta with cranberry chutney and brie

that i got creative with and sliced a peach into, kinda crazy huh! it was good but could have done with EITHER the peach or the cranberry both together wasnt so wonderful! never mind i know for next time dont i!!

and an unpictured peach and nectarine this afternoon - bit of a soft summer fruit overload today!
so i'm posting early today, i'm off to my mum and dads for dinner, then i'm going to make individual cheese cake tarts to give to someone at work as a huge thank you for doing me 3 favours recently! and to make Scottish Tablet for my sisters wedding on Saturday - more on the baking tomo with drooling pictures!
nyt all!! x


  1. Woaw, congratulations on the inches loss!!! Thats amazing, well done! In my case, I loose weight but no inche...whats wrong with me??? What is your "session 3 of week 8 C25K"??? ive seen that a few times on your blog but dont know what you're talking about :s
    Have a good dinner at your parents and a good baking session ;)

  2. Thats great inch loss action there! and congrats on getting hit on, always good for the confidence x

  3. thanks girls.

    helene - stick with it, the inches will come in time, the first time i measured myself after a month i'd only lost a little, but its coming along nicely now!

    C25K is the Couch to 5K running programme, that i've been following it starts you from nothing to being able to run 5K straight in 9 weeks.