Sunday, 25 July 2010

Windows Live Writer


Ok so i saw Laura had used Windows Live Writer to add a new post to her blog, so i downloaded it and its a bit confusing, especially at this time of night, but as i’ve down loaded it now, i’m intrigued to have a looksy before i hit the sack!


i thought the best way to get the hang would be to have a bash!


Heres breakfast from this morning, Podge, there is a chopped up peach under the podge, with linseeds and sunflower seeds on top, and a side of my mums wholemeal bread.




The chocolate fudge, cookie dough brownies i made for my nieces party, recipe to follow tomorrow.


so there we go, this is just my tester post, with a couple of taster pics from tomo’s post.


i hope this works, it looks good from playing around with it, i’m looking forward to having a good snoop around it tomo!


I’m also gonna set this to post at a later time and see if it works out, exciting stuff! but smileys would be good!!  Laura hurry up and figure it out!!


nyt all x


  1. Hey, I hope you find windows live writer ok, I'm just getting used to it but my post seemed to come out ok and yours looks good too, fingers crossed this will make blogging a bit easier!

  2. I tried to download it a few weeks ago but can't find it on my computer! I thought the idea was so you could use it while you were offline so it should be on my system? I also tried to comment on your last post but I don't think it worked. I'm also struggling to comment on JAGs blog. I'm just not having much geek luck!

  3. it should be in your start menu, has it just dissapeared?

    yeah i struggle sometimes to comment on blogs, i comment, then i go back later and the comment is gone! bizarre!

  4. Ive been using Windows Live Writer since im with Wordpress and I really like it...for me it's just like Word!