Friday, 30 July 2010

Weddings, Treats and Fairies.

Thats all that seems to be going on round here just now! its just weddings weddings weddings!

Last night we got the invites finished! all stamped up and ready to go, we got to the final hurdle of double checking that each invite matched the insterts and the addresses on the front, stuck the stamps on and sealed the envelopes, only to find that the sticky on the envelopes wasnt sticky!! nothing we did would make them stick! and there was no way we were putting selotape on them! so off my dad went to scour the shops at 8pm to find a pritt stick, he came home empty handed!!

But not one to be defeated, he dissapeared off to his workshop and reappeared with a tiny brush a monster tub of solvite!! and lovingly sat and glued each one!!


So thats it thier in the post now! no going back eh!! heh heh!

Right lets skip back a bit to Brekfast - the usual podge, garden rasps and linseeds and sunflower seeds

Then i snacked on a peach

and lunch was a garden salad with some baby bels and a pitta

After lunch i went to get my bikini line waxed!!! eeeeeeeeeeee (thats a nervous eeeeeeeee not an excited eeeeeeeeee!!)

i was so nervous i'd never had it done before, and i've booked in for leg and bikini waxing for the wedding, so figured i needed a trial out before then in case i took a reaction to it, i have kinda crazy sensitive skin so i was unsure how it would turn out, i was petrified it'd be agony and mortified at the shame i thought i would deal with!

Well girls if you'd not had it done GET TO THE SALON!! its only £8, its only slightly more nippy than getting your eyebrows waxed, it doesnt hurt as such, and straight after its over theres no lingering pain, i wasnt embarresed at all, my beautician made me feel so at ease it was cool!! i've booked in again for 6 weeks time and i'll def be a regular from now on! i'm going later on in August to have full leg waxing to test that out before the wedding, i'll report back after that!

I usually like to buy myself a new Jessica Nail colour or treatment either whenever i go get my eyebrows done or on payday if i dont have appointment scheduled, but she didnt have a whole lot of colours in stock yesterday, she was waiting for an order to come in! i was a bit dissapointed! BUT not being one to deny myself of a promised treat as i was going to the health food shop anyway i treated myself to a vitacoco instead.

Dinner was yet again at my mum and dads so we could dive straight into the final furlong of the invites after dinner, i've eaten at thiers on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week!! Phew thats loads!! really loads, but it was a whole lot easier to have dinner on the table as soon as i got home to be able to start out invites straight afterwards and give us long evenings! time was a ticking and i needed those babies in the post box! its saved a tonne of money eating there every night this week, its been kinda lovely to spend some quality time with the rents and nice to have dinner made for me! but i sure have missed my kitchen! expect lots of cooking next week!

Dinner was pork loin steaks with pears and cheese, green veg and corn cobs

It rocked! hmmmmmmm

after we'd finished the invites we treated ourselves with CHOCOLATES!! wowsers its been a looooong time since i saw a box of chocolates!...........i had 3!!

So thats the eats from yesterday, it'll be quiet around here now till Monday.

Straight from work tonight we're heading off to Doncaster to stay with the inlaws.  we wont get there till about 10pm tonight, then tomorrow morning i'm planning an early morning run but we'll see how i feel, no pressure, then at 12.30 we're going with Buddy's Dad to the suit shop, to book the suit hire, then to see his gran, then back to his mums for an early dinner and the onto our good friends 30th fancy dress party, its not a huge party its just at thier house but there will be about 15 people there, it should be good!

I'm going as a fairy as you guys know i already have most of the gear to go as a fairy from my sisters Hen Night although i no longer have my tutu, that went paintballing on the stag doo! apparently my obscenely expensive tutu from the "fairy shop" was worn by the stag!! booooo!

but Buddy bought me a new one, and its even cuter!

pics to followe next week.

on and on sunday we're meeting our videographer and then shooting over to the venue to meet with the wedding coordinator till i go through a painfully long list of things with her! this will be our last trip to the venue before the big day eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (now thats an excited eeeeeeeeeeeeee).

and Home.....................phew, our wknds away are always sooooo busy!

i'll catch up with you crazy kids on Monday, hope you all have an awesome wknd! muchos lovos x


  1. Eeek - bikini way, you're brave!! I love the Vitacoco coconut water but it is so expensive for just one little carton! I usually just buy one per week, if I'm lucky, to hydrate me on my 'long' run!!

  2. heh heh i know! but honestly it was absolutely fine all that fear for nothing!
    yup it is expensive so i do try to limit it! i love it tho

  3. I've always wondered about getting a bikini wax... good to know it's not too bad hehe I'm a wimp, despite all my tattoos!

  4. I've always wanted to have a bikini wax but never had the guts to try it, glad you found it good! Sounds like your super busy with the wedding stuff. I loved the whole build up to the wedding, hope your enjoying it all! Those chocolates look well nice too!