Thursday, 29 July 2010

Exciting Exciting

Well I think so anyway! I have lots of exciting things to show you today! i've been off work all week, and its been a productive few days.  Today is my first day back, which is a bit sucky, but hey ho its got to be done hasnt it!

First of all let me present to you some things my dad wanted to show you, i checked my camera this morning to upload the last couple of days pics and theres some crazy pictures on here! apprently when i wasnt around but my camera was my dad snapped all the most unhealthy stuff he could find, let me portray (what is his opinion) the highlights of thier kitchen!!...........

A rhubarb pie

Some strawberry cakies

Some pineapple cakies

Some Fruity Teacakes

Some Irnbru

And finally some double cream

So thanks to my dad for his guest appearance!!

now on to some good clean fun! Food!

Its a bit jumbled up, its from over the last 2 days, and blogger is being a bum and not uploading things properly for me so the order is a bit skieeeewif, so lets just roll with it, i'm at work and dont have window live writer here! grrrr!

Podge with garden rasps, pumpkin seeds and flaked almonds

My new Yoga Mat arrived (this isnt the thing i've order that i'm mega excited about, thats coming soon) i got a total bargain, £0.45 from ebay!! Get in!! i love it!  so yesterday i got down and did some more shredding! still loving it, i'm on day 4 and managing to get into the moves a bit further now!

Lunch, salad with chicken and cheese

Snackies - a peach and apricot

Last night i got weighed in and i lost 2lb! taking me to a grand total to date of 3 STONE!! thats pretty exciting! i cant belive i actually lost 3 stone!!!

Dinner after weigh in was an egg salad (no eggs for me though, i cant stomach them)

New potatoes and roast pork with apple sauce.

After dinner my mum and dad and i made great headway with the wedding invites

The invites are completely finished now, they just need stamps and then they can in the post box, i'm off to buy stamps today i'm going to see if i can buy  *nice* ones!

Inside they have green/gold vellum then the actual invitation, an information sheet on the hotel etc, a little paragraph about gifts, an RSVP and a self addressed stamped envelope, all of which my dad and i printed in the same colour and font as the "wedding" we printed on the outside, all secured with the ribbon and the little bride and groom stuck on the outside! I LOVE them!! so proud that we did them all ourselves and so pleased with how they look! it took alot of work, especially all the printing, setting up templates etc, i think about as many were ruined in the process as were turned out perfect! they were definately a labour of love!

Tonight we'll stamp them then they will be in the post box tomorrow................eeeeeeeeeee EXCITING!! its all so REAL!!

And finally - looky looky - what i've been waiting for!! mega excited!!

Cant believe i've become *this person* who has bought Insanity!!

I'm going to finish Shredding then i'm moving onto this and i reckon this is whats going to see me over the finish line to where i want to be for the wedding!

I *think* i might trim running back to twice a week and step up the HIIT till the wedding, Running is something i'm passionate about, and the whole thing, the healthy clean eating, the exercising the HIIT, the running, its all for life, i started out on this journey to get into my dress but its now about so much more than that, its about me, my body, my health, my wellbeing and my piece of mind. 

BUT i musnt forget that i do still have a milestone to reach and its a pretty major milestone! i must get in that ridiculously expensive dress! and to get there in the time frame i have i need to step it up a bit more!!

And INSANITY ticks that box!

It look crazy i watched thro one of the DVDs last night, its pretty intense, I'm not even sure, infact scrub that i'm positive i'm not physically fit enough to keep up, but hey guys, theres a really good way i can get fit enough and a really good way i'm gonna be able to do it, and thats to finish Shred and then dive on it! i know it will be a struggle and my first fitness test will probably see less than 10 reps for each thing, but its a start!

And i'm pretty excited! i wish i could start it just now!


  1. Well done on hitting the 3 stone loss! Its so good that you feel that your on a path of healthy eating and exercise for life now! You must tell us all about Insanity, I would love to give it ago but if it has loads of jumping up and down it will be no good for me being in an upstairs flat :-( Your wedding invites are so lovely!

  2. thanks i'm really chuffed at hitting that milestone, i really want 4 stone before the wedding! i'm pretty pleased with my mind set, i've achieved so much more than i set out to, i set out to loose weight and in the process have CHANGED.MY.LIFE! i've gained far more than a slimmer waist line!

    i'll keep the blog up to date on insanity for sure!

  3. oh yey, you got it! So far all I have tried is the fitness test and the upper body workout. I want to try and master p90X a bit more before really tackling insanity, cos it looks soo bloody hard!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the invites! So cute!

  5. Your invites are really cute.
    Well done on the 3 stones. That's amazing!
    A few month ago, I looked at Insanity. There is a sort of trailer on their website. It's really hardcore. Good luck with it :-)

  6. Thanks girls i love my invites too!! so excited!