Saturday, 17 July 2010

Berry Nice

Well Currants really but "Currant Nice" isnt exactly a great title is it! anyway we'll come back to that in a bit.......

I'm sooooo glad its the weekend!

Buddy's currently cooking up a storm in the kitchen and let me tell you it smellllls GGrrrrreat!

here's a recap on yesterday, lunch was the usual for last week salad from the garden and falafels, hmm hmm hmm!

PM snackies was some huge juicy cherries

After work i did what most girls do on a Friday night..................I baked of course! i'm soo rock and roll!!..........well i had an abundance of blackcurrants and redcurrants to use up so you know..........
First on the agenda was Blackcurrant Upsidedown cakes (i cant remember where i got this recipe from, it was from a mass online search for things to do with an abundance of blackcurrants/redcurrants)

i just want to share with you, if you dont already have both of these kitchen tools, rush out and get them NOW! cup measurers and teaspoon/tablespoon measurers!! totally essential!!

Now mine didnt turn out so "upside down" coz they went all funny shaped heh heh! so they sort of sit on thier sides! but side cakes isnt a very good name is it!

They still look pretty good though eh!

Blackcurrant Upside Down Cakes
makes 10
125g Unsalted butter
115g Caster Sugar
1t Vanilla extract
3 eggs
200g Self Raising Flour and 50g ground almonds
0/5t baking powder
enough fruit (i used black currants and redcurrants)
preheat the oven to 175C and grease the cupcake/muffin tins..
Cream the butter and sugar till smooth and pale yellow, then beat in the eggs till smooth, add the vanilla. now add the flour and almonds and baking poweder folding in gently.
place the fruit in the bottom of the cases and top with the mixture.
bake for 20 - 25 minutees till golden brown (my mum informs me that if you turn them out and upside down while their hot out the oven it gives them the flat top enabling them to happily sit upside down! heh heh)
these are pretty good, we're having them for dessert tonight with custard!! (shhhh dont tell anyone coz thats quite naughty!!)

I then made Fresh Black and Red currant oatmeal and cashew cake, this was deeeelish - i'll share this recipe tomo.

after all that i had dinner - salad and hot chilli halloumi - OMG i love halloumi sooo much!!

after dinner i sat down with my new magazine that Laura from sent me, she sent me the runner special and 3 vouchers for graze boxes! how nice is that!!

This morning i started the day with 30 mins dog walk, 30 mins yoga and 30 mins pure relaxation, the pure relaxation is ahhh.may.ZING
Followed by porridge topped with fresh rasps and a crumbled piece of my blackcurrant oatmeal cake! heh heh! pretty naughty huh, well not really, its all good ingredients and only 114 cals a piece!

Right then i'm off to watch Sherlock Holmes with Buddy.
Night all - see you tomorrow after my hot date with Edward!!!!