Wednesday, 14 July 2010

out the game

So my food blogging has been amiss with the wedding post last night so lets back up to yesterday

A cashew fudge baby for am snacks - dam it i love these things soooo much!

lunch was a salad (everthing in there is out my dads patch apart from the bluebs), wholegrain krispbreads and pesto houmous, OMG OMG OMG this is the best houmous ever FACT!! way better than the reduced fats stuff, so totally worth the extra cals! and an apple.

afternoon snacks an apple and babybel and some G&B maya dark choc (didnt like this! i ate it anyway but gave the rest of the bar to my dad!)

dinner was at my mums, it was a salad (again out the garden), a roast onion and a pork chop, followed by some strawbs out thier garden (man i'm loving this!)

Bfast this morning was the usual podge, and add ins were bluebs, raw and dry, pecans, sunflower seeds and linseeds.

i didnt have time to snack this am, then lunch was outragously amazing! it rocked my socks off!! cauldron falafels - why have these not been in my life before now!!! with a salad.

pm snakies, some watermelon, why does melon taste so much better in balls heh heh!

this afternoon i tried the other flavour i can get round here of vita coco with peach and mango - love this one just as much as the passion fruit!!

and had a read of my magazine

dinner was a fail! i had stirfry (90% of the veggies out the garden) - ah.may.zing! with stir fried tofu bleeeugh! didnt like!
i pressed it, and stir fried it in a little oil till it was crispy as hell, then added some ginger, soy, sesame oil and a splash of sweet chilli sauce - stir fried my veggies, added in the tofu and served it, but the tofu was no longer crispy and freaked me out, it was toooo squidgy!
i was pretty freaked out by it since i opened it to be honest! not sure i'll do it again! oh well!

lots of lovely food and a major fail! never mind - you cant win them all!
as for being "out the game" that would be me! i still havent made it back out running yet, i was supposed to go tonyt and buddy was supposed to do weights, but i picked him up from work and said i couldnt run i felt light headed this afternoon i was so tired! and something had to give, and i needed me time more than i need running this week! buddy said they same, he never ever doesnt do weights, so i guess we're both just major burnt out! i'm not gonna bum out about it though, even if i dont run till the wknd, i'm cool with that, i just need a few days off thats all!


  1. Shame about the tofu fail! I guess you either love it or hate it. Try oven baking slices of it with a marinade of ginger, soy, sesame oil and agave - should taste better and stay crispy! Your so lucky getting all that fresh produce from your Dad, I wish I had an allotment x

  2. ooh I want to look at that magazine! I'm attempting some home improvements. I may be in your neck of the woods tomorrow as I have to register with the dentist there, I have toothache and they wont see me here!

    Taking a week out of running sounds like a good idea, you're probably still recovering after your big weekend! Ooh and thanks for tips on watermelon- I don't think I've spotted seedless ones in Tesco before!

  3. Laura i did consider oven baking it, i'll give it another go soon and try that before i write it off totally! i've got tempeh to try next!

    Jo - you can have the mag, i'm done with it, i'll give it to you tomo/at the wknd (whenever i next c u) x

  4. Seriously honey - can you come and be my chef! All your pics look fantastic!!