Thursday, 8 July 2010

what a busy beeeee

wow today has been soooo busy!

it kicked off at 6.30am when Buddy's alarm went off (he had to work today but i'm done now till monday), i got up with him and packed him up some lunch, made him some breakfast and as the sun was shining thought i'd take Red out for a walk, i threw on my running gear as it was the first thing i came across, i started out walking, and before i knew it i felt like running! heh heh! i ran round a circuit that includes 2 fairly steep hills, its only about 20 minutes long, but i've never done hill work before so i was pretty chuffed with that.

i got home and had some breakfast, podge, strawbs, dried bluebs, linseeds and sunflower seeds.

and a cheeky couple behind it, someone should get them a room!

after breakfast i got the cleaning bug, i planned on doing some general housework, tidying, hoovering, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, but before i knew it i was in the shop buying £10 worth of cleaning products, detol, zoflora, shake n vac etc. and was home, aproned up, rubber gloved up and up to my ears in detol, i disinfected every inch of my house, the kitchen floor, the cupboards, the kick boards, i pulled everthing out and did all behind them, i swept the close, detol-ed the front door inside and out, bleached my bathroom, floor to ceiling, hoovered the whole flat....twice! washed about 5 loads, hung it out folded and put it away, phew!

somewhere in there i had lunch

a wholemeal wrap, 1/2 tin of tuna in spring water, 1T of mayo extra light, and 1/3 avocado
and some watermelon

all of that took me to about 2.30pm, after which i got down n dirty in the kitchen!
i wanted to make a tonne of food for the wknd, for meals and snacks so i dont have to think about food for me or our guests (my cousin and boyf are with us for the wknd for my sisters wedding)
I made cheese whirls for snacking on (not for me of course)

And some cashew cookie babies (now these are for me............and others if i share!! heh heh)

some tropical nut oaties (recipe courtesy of Mama Pea) man these are GOOD!!

Some bolognaise sauce for the boys for tomorrow night, whilst us girls eat and drink champagne at my mums!
Some curry, for the boys for lunch on saturday whilst us girls help the bride get ready!
I'm good to these boys arent i!!!

that took me till almost 6pm!
then i set to this!! dun dun dun! the dreaded ironing!!

at which time Buddy got home from work and made dinner! bless! a scrummy stir fry (which by the time we had it i was famished and ate with such gusto that i totally forgot to get snap happy on it!)
then we went to my sisters to give them thier wedding gift (Man its Kerazay in Casa del Neens sisters tonight!!! - we were pretty glad we were able to leave!! phew)
and then home, shower, eyebrow waxing, shaving, exfoliation, pedicure, manicure! all in prep for the tan and french manicure tomorrow!!
SO thats it, what a busy little Need i've been today!!
oh i keep forgetting to update y'all on the spray tans - EPIC FAIL!
my sister had a trial last week, and i told you she was pleased with it but i wasnt 100% impressed, well it got worse, it faded in the worst possible way, it turned orangy yellow, mega patchy and stuck to her knees and elbows! not a good look for the honeymoon, so after muchos debatos, we both cancelled our appointments, figuring we can do way better jobs ourselves!!
i'm happy with this coz if i do say so myself i'm pretty good at putting on tan (i have been known to have the odd mishap with knuckles and elbows but the majority of the time its cool), but leaves me in a pickle for my wedding, not sure i'm happy doing it myself for my wedding, certainly not happy to go with out and even more unhappy to go patchy on a honeymoon where i'll likely spend 8 hours a day for probably 12 of the 14 days we're away by a pool in a bikini!! patchy is never a good look to rock!
If your married - what did you do on your day?
If your getting married - what are you planning on doing?
and even if your not either - any input will be greatly received!
over and out - i prob wont get back online till Sunday night now - so hopefully i'll be back with an action packed post full of wonderful wedding pics!
nyt all x


  1. Have a great weekend "Need" - yes you have renamed youself by the way!! Tan wise - eeek, I was hoping for a good fake tan... oh deary me. I can't go on sunbeds as my pops has had malignant cells which have had to be operated on, so if I don't fake tan, i'll be a pasty coloured bride... x

  2. I rocked the natural pale skin for my wedding. As it was May, there hadn't been an awful lot of sun, so I was pretty pale. But to be honest, I'm always pale so I think if I'd had a tan I'd have looked weird!

    In your pics your tan always looks really good, so based on that I'd say your pretty good at putting it on yourself. I guess so long as you've got a bucket of toner at the ready to blend in any mistakes you'll be fine (and you've still got a few months to continue practising applying the worlds most awesome fake tan!

  3. I got married in Italy so I was really lucky as I had been there for a week and a half before the big day so I had a lovely tan. I just had to make sure that everything I wore in the run up to the day was strapless to avoid tan marks! I even did my make up myself - I had a consultation at MAC and just re created it myself. Loving your cooking and your eats, I'm going to have to get going to the cleaning at the weekend, have to motivate myself! x

  4. OMG, you are a cleaning can come to mine if you want, there's lots to do ;)

    Im not married, not getting married...well, not yet ;)but at the moment, one of my friend is telling me to go to the sunbed place and im not sure what to think about it to be honest. Id rather spend a few minutes on the bed than 5 hours in the sun and end up being likea lobster but im still a bit worried about it.
    I dont want a spray tan because of the patches, the orangy color and the smell :s

    Oh, I looked at your C25K. Is it from the website coolrunning? and its free isnt it? Might give it a go as I want to take up running.

    Have a lovely wknd...and dont forget to post some pics xxx