Monday, 5 July 2010

a little wknd in the big smoke

So this wknd i went to the city, i had a fab wknd, i love going to the city, i always have so much fun, but it always makes me so sad that i cant get to all the fab shops and facilities that are in the city, it really annoys me, so you might say, why dont you move to the city, its just not as easy as that though is it sometimes, we have the wedding in just over 4 months, and a mortgage here and good jobs and blah blah blah anyway you guys dont need to hear this blah!

so my wknd was really great, i shot off to Glasgow at 6am on Saturday morning, to pick up my cousin (who is also a bff) she works saturdays in the salon where i get my hair done, we headed into the salon, stopping off and "Bagel Mania" for a PB and jam bagel and a smoothie. Then i started my marathon hair appointment, it takes like 5 hours to do my hair its kerazy! it was waaaayy too hot in the salon, i was pretty glad to get out of there in the end!

i made my way to Greaves to get a Gait Analysis done, more on my purchases laters.

and after a hot treck around the city we went to "The Brunswick" a really great restaurant in The Merchant City part of town (the posh part).

and it was Gin Time!!

Meet my cousin (Sarah) and our gins!

We ordered a tonne of tapas, chilli halloumi, roasted mushrooms, little green salad, patatas bravakas and vegetarian thai spring rolls - a happy pair we were, the food totally rocked!

I had 2 gins and called a day at that, and moved on to water. I was having so much fun i didnt need the alcohol or how i knew it would make me feel the next day, i'm getting the hang of this you know!

Back at Sarah's her kitties were going crazy, apparently they like to sit on top of the doors!! heh heh!
thats Jovi on the left (as in Jon Bon) and Stevie on the right (as in Wonder)

Sunday i went to an appointment in town, and then we took a yoga class, it was Ashtanga Yoga for beginners, but we got there, and it turns out it wasnt the begginers class, nor was it even regular yoga, it was the advanced class, 90 minutes of it! i swear i have never ever sweated like that in my life, IT WAS HARD WORK!! i have DOMS today like never before on my life!!
when i got home to buddy i had a chicken and mushroom tagliatelle and a salad on the side it was just right.

i had a well needed good nights sleep (you never sleep the same away from home i dont think!)
this morning i had oats, and rasps, bluebs, flaked almonds, linseeds and dried bluebs

this morning i snacked on the green ones this afternoon i snacked on the purple ones :-)

Lunch was a wholemeal pitta, Brie, leaves and green olives

i was still starving afterwards so i picked up some weight watchers heinz tomato soup - it was Ewwwwwww! left me feeling sicky and horrible taste in my mought all afternoon!

after work i went for a run, you like me new Brooks running shoes - i'm pleased as punch with them! man these babies are COMFY!

i also got shorts and a vest its just tooo darn hot in what i'm running in at the mo.

and finally dinner tonight was half an avocado with balsamic in the dip - the most amazing way to eat avocado!!!!

fillowed by chicken wrapped in parma, stuffed with green beans, and gruyer cheese, with veg and sweet potato discs, tasty tasty dinner

finished with some rooibos and honey bush tea pigs! hmmm diddy hmmm!

Snoozles time for the neens, night night peeps. xx


  1. Sounds like you've had a fab weekend, all of your food looks delicious! Doesn't it just go to show how much gorgeous food you can eat and still be healthy, beats the processed diet foods any day! Love your blog background pic x

  2. Jealous that you can wear shorts! My legs look like a sack of crap and I've got a lot of work to do before I'd have the guts to wear shorts running. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend :)

  3. Where is this Bagel place you speak of? That sounded like my perfect take-away breakfast! What a fun weekend!

  4. I have those trainers! It took me a while to get used to them but now I love them! Also I agree with Nic, I wish I had those legs to wear shorts ;-)

  5. WIT WOOOOOOOO... You go girl, looks like you rock those shorts. xx