Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I'm getting too old for this!

So i totally owe you an update from sisters wedding, which is coming in good time, i promise, i really wanted to do it last night but i wasnt capable of stringing together anything remotely interesting to say! Buddy's out tonight so i'm going to work on that tonight, its also a marathon task as i have about 350photos to sift through!

meantime here's an "everyday" post to keep you going!

oh here's my nails from the wedding a lil french manicure, i love a classic french manicure.

Sunday was awful! my cousin and i had a one night stand with a bottle of gin at the wedding and lets just say the aftermath was not pretty all round, especially given the fact that i've for all intents and purposes given up drinking, it hit me pretty hard, i've no idea why i got so carried away when i've been so good lately but never mind!

food wise i was pretty good, Friday night we had a family meal all the girls and my dad, my mum made quiche and salad and new potatoes, followed by a pink strawberry cake. the whole thing was delicious, it was probably the naughtiest things got food wise over the wknd, so not too bad, but MAN i paid for it right afterwards i think the white flour in the quiche and the cake just about killed me i was in agony!

saturday, i had podge for brekkie, tuna and avocada wholemeal wraps and pittas for lunch and then at the wedding i opted for the veggie option, a goats cheese tart with a large salad. i was feeling pretty angelic after that, as the other option was carvery meat, white baps and salad/potato salad/pasta salad. i did however finish it off with a wedding cup cake. (pics of the meal and the cupcakes to follow in tonights wedding update post).

Sunday i skipped out on breakfast the Gin was still too strong to think about that! (oopsy!), we went out for lunch, the menu wasnt very healthy friendly, so i ordered the jacket potato skins, with a large salad on the side, HUGE DISSAPOINTMENT! the skins were deep fried, and i couldnt face deep fried so i left them, the "large" side salad was a sprinkle of iceberg and some limp tomatoes and cucumber! pathetic! i left the lot, and a bit later on made wholemeal pancakes and strawberries and banana with agave for everyone! i was very popular!

so yesterday i was back at work and still feeling the after effects of the wknd, i managed till about 2pm then had to bail out and go home.

Breakfast was unpictured toast

and lunch was instant podge - my attempt at staying on the wagon with no motivation to make anything!

with one of these babies crumbled on top

at 2pm when i bailed on work, i stopped at the shop for diet coke, but by the time i got into the shop i realised it wasnt diet coke i needed it was something rehydrating, so i got this, it was everything i needed/wanted it to be and more! i need more of these in my life!!

By dinner time i was back on domestic form, and having been given a big bag of salad stuff from my dads patch and the first of the home grown beets, i realised i NEEDED a whole lotta veg NOW!!
so i roasted a tonne of veg and made a "large" (properly large this time) salad on the side

roasted onion, parsnip, carrots, beetroot, sweet potato, and at the end i threw in a couple of mushrooms and baby corn

everything on the salad plate is from my dads patch..........hmmmmmmmmmmmm!
but my eyes were much bigger than my tummy, and i was most upset when i couldnt finish it all.

later on, in an attempt to pump some more goodness into my poor battered body, i had a protein, frozen berry smoothie in a bowl

and today, i'm most dissapointed that after 2 days since the Gin, and all the goodness i attempted to have yesterday to get this body back to health i STILL dont feel normal again today, yesterday all that kept me going was the promise that it'll all be ok tomorrow, and alas it isnt! please tell me it will all be ok tomorrow!!
tonight i'm going to my mums for dinner, as Buddy's off out, the i'll go home and blog the wedding, and an uber early night (i'm thinking 9pm!) and pray its all ok tomorrow!!


  1. It will all be fine tomorrow! Its scary how your body reacts to eating and drinking things your not used too. If I eat white bread or pasta or eat something really sugary my body totally rebels against me! Love your nails, mine need doing again ready for my hols!

  2. So wierd that you still feel poorly! I tend to find a little bit of sweetness and vitamin C, like an orange juice, some carbs and a nap on the hangover day and I'm fine. I'm sure you'll be feeling better tomorrow!

  3. yeah i get that with white products now too laura!

    Oh Jo i suffer for DAYS after drinking! my body hates it! i'm allergic to formaldehyde though and i think that alcohol has alot of formaldehyde in it to preserve it, i really try to avoid it, but every once in a while it rears its ugly head and i get carried away heh heh! it takes me the whole week to get back on track after a big night! here's hoping tomorrow is better!

  4. You'll be fine tomorrow ;) Do you really like Vita Coco??? I find it disgusting :s I tried them at the Vitality Show and found the pineapple one ok so I bought some and actually I find it disgusting. I still have one in the fridge. Only thinking about the price will make me drink it haha

  5. Hope you're feeling better now! I can't drink more than a couple of drinks without feeling awful either!