Tuesday, 13 July 2010

My Sisters Wedding

So here it is, as promised, my run down of my sisters wedding.

last week was just kerazay getting prepped for it, there was every emotion possible i think, happiness, excitement, angst, heartache, anger, frustration, elation! i'm totally exhausted from being so busy, from the intense emotions, from the actual wedding and all the prep, and of course the late night and alcermahol!

i played a big part in the wedding although my sister didnt want bridesmaids, i certainly played the part of Chief Bridesmaid. it was all worth it though, i've never seen my sister look so awesome and beautiful and sooo extremely happy! i wish we could relive it all over again!!

heres some pics from the wknd.

the day before whilst opening some gifts its just hit her - ITS TOMORROW!! and she had a bit of an outburst! heh heh

Friday night my two sisters and my cousin and I and my two nieces had dinner with my mum and dad, my big sister was staying over at thiers with her two daughters.

my mum made us a lovely dinner of quiche, salad, and new potatoes

followed by strawberry cake.......we were pretty excited when my mum brought this out

and then they cut it and.....................................it was pink inside!

needless to say we were excited kittens!

the next day (THE BIG DAY!) it was all hands on deck, i did my sisters make up along with everyones nails, and my cousin did everyones hair.

we were on the go so early, getting ready for a wedding takes sooooo long! but we had soooo much fun!

action shot

my hair, twas a master piece created by my extremely talented cousin (shes training to be a hairdresser) - this is pretty similar to my own wedding dooo, but the swirls will be at the back to make way for the tiara and veil!

I L<3ve>

the beautiful bride dressed and ready to go, she's worked so hard for this day, she's lost around 2 stone and toned up to perfection! i was in awe! my sis is 36 years old and has had 2 kids! you'd NEVER know it!

thats our little sister on the left, me, my big sister and my cousin - you'd never know any of us were related huh!!

the cake and cupcakes and her bouquet infront

me and buddy - we're next ya know!!! only 4 months to go!

me and my ma n da!

twas an amazing day all round, there was plenty posing going on


and make ups

the newly weds, my eldest niece and me and buddy

Here comes the girls

i think this should be thier thank you card - so cute

aint love grand

the veggie choice for the meal - a goats cheese tart on a bed of leaves with a balsamic reduction - was pretty dam good

my cousin and her boyf, he's the lead singer of a rock band and she works in the music industry, affectionately known as "Rock Boy" and "Rock Girl" in our family.

my and our little (big) bro

and then the Gin took hold and there was plenty of loving................

and laughing

and of course dressing up and havin a good ole boogie back in the room with my lil sis and cousin, and thier boyfs, were partied on farrrr too late!

the next day brought delicateness!

and thats all folks, i hope you enjoyed the wedding update - the next one of these i do will be my own!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!


  1. Arrrrr love love love... beautiful wedding. Really like the brides relaxed flowy style too. Looks like my aunties wedding in the 70s lovely xx

  2. Wow, that looks like an amazing day! You all look amazing and your hair looked fab!