Friday, 16 July 2010

SUPER Fresh Produce

Hey there blogland! its FRIDAY!!! it's been a loooong time comin i tell ya! this wee has dragged it sorry ass along, and i'm so over it! ready for it to be 4.30pm already!

tonight buddys putting the first coat of paint on our bathroom, and i'm cooking tea, then we're having movie night, i *think* he has sherlock holmes for us to watch. tomorrow i'm praying for nice weather, a day in my mums garden on a lounger is just what the doctor ordered, then Buddy has proclaimed he's cooking tomo! he almost never cooks, so thats a treat, i have some awesome steaks in for the occassion! (he's pretty good at the steaks!), and on Sunday, i'm going to see Eclipse with Joanne from - cant flippin wait! i sooo never an Edward fix!

last night we started a new series after much heartache after finishing Prison Break and watching some mediocre stuff in between then and now, we kicked off with Fringe last night, has anyone watched it? the story is AMAZING, soooo interesting and gripping, but the acting is DIRE, we're hoping it gets better, its only the amazing story that continued to give it air time in our pad last night i tell ya!

I didnt get round to blogging last night so here's yesterdays recap.

the usual podge, bluebs, raisins, linseeds, pumkin seeds and a handful of whole puffed wheat, (went chewy with the heat from the podge it think - will save for muesli dishes in future!)

Morning snax was some balled water melon

Lunch was AWESOME!!! fresh salad 90% out my dads garden, the yellow are courgette flowers hmmm hmmm, and cauldron falafels! holy gamoli this is my favourite lunch ever. FACT!

then i went to get weighed and i lost 0.5lb this week, pretty pleased with that i am! considering i had the wedding on saturday with all that alcohol, and no exercise all week but eats have been good all week! sticking to it even when you dont feel like it and even without exercise is still worth it, goes to show!
after weigh in i went round to my mum and dads (they live just round the corner and look after Red every day while we work - i dont know if i ever mentioned that, but just incase you wondered why i'm there every day - i gotta pick up Red), and snaffled some of thier dinner, a small bowl of pasta, and figured i'd just have a small salad when i got home, buddy had already gone home to pump some iron. then i kinda got caught up in the garden! look what i accquired!

Courgettes, courgette flowers, mange tout, 4 different types of basil, blackcurrants, redcurrants, raspberries and strawberries..................holy wow!

i kinda also ate my *salad* on foot round the garden so dinner didnt really take place last night!!
i think i'm going to attempt some syrup and some kinda berry pie of frangipane over the wknd with all these berries

oh and some baby carrots

all washes, spun, bagged and ready go! i'm soooo lucky to have this round the corner and sooo lucky that my rent grow LOADS so theres plenty for little old meeeeee!!

Bfast this morning was as usual podge, bluebs (very boring i wanted garden fresh stuff in here but i had to use the last of the bluebs!), linseeds, raisins, sunflower seeds

so off i go to get through the last day of the week - oh and i'm off on monday yeeeeha! i NEED time off just now, i desperately need a holibob, but as we're saving it all up for the wedding, i'm taking random days off this month to "get me thro"!!
whats everyone else doing this wknd? anything fun??


  1. Wow they must grow so much fruit and veg! I'm mega mega jealous. I want to grow veggies!

    I'm off this afternoon as Mr E needed the car to drive to thirsk as he's doing a gig and staying over tonight. So its just me and Mr Zee chillin at home. Looking forward to it as it means I can be really selfish with the laptop and TV!! Mwah ha ha. Oh and Aussie Biggest loser finale is on from 9pm - i've seen it before, but I love the finales as its really inspiring to keep me on track. Something I need at the min!

    P.S. Check your postbox tonight - there should be a little treat in there from a certain someone ;)

  2. Love Fringe (it gets sooo good!), and I really liked the Sherlock Holmes film too. So jealous of all that produce, I need to find me someone with an allotment! I'm just getting sorted for my trip down south and going to my cousins engagement do, I'm looking forward to it, shes one of my best mates as well as my cuz and has been with her fella for ages, she never thought he was going to get round to proposing! x

  3. wknds sounding great girls!

    LME - i caught an episode of Australias biggest looser the other night, the first time i've ever seen any of them! i really liked it, i saw the USA one had just started the series so i series linked it for a rainy ironing day!

    i like being selfish with the laptop and the tv! heh heh!

    Laura - good to hear that Fringe gets good, the story is AMAZING, its just Her really thats doing my head, she's DIRE! but we have only watched the pilot to be fair, we have the first two discs from love film so will be watching both of them before making judgement!

  4. Wow that's a lot of lovely looking fruit and veg! I wish I had access to that hehe