Monday, 19 July 2010

Hot Dates

My wknd has been full of Hot Dates!! i'm a lucky girl!

first of all let me introduce you to my new bowl/plate/spoon!! love!! i think we're going to have a long and happy relationship! jealous? or course you are!!

On Sunday i had a hot date with Edward Cullen - LOVE!

Although i've got to be honest with you - hot as Edward is, he's not a patch on my guy!! who i had a hot date with on saturday night!
After spending all day decorating my bathroom on Saturday my man made me a 2 course meal, and snuggled up for a dvd marathon! - my idea of a hot date - oh yes!
Sexi isnt he!

He looks pretty good in my kitchen! i moan that he doesnt cook for me enough, but to be honest i like it like this, its a real treat when he does cook for me and on a day to day basis i prefer to be in the kitchen anyway, as i was telling Joanne yesterday i stand in the kitchen and cook looking over the half wall into the living room while Buddy does weights, it doesnt get much better than that! my favourite hobby - cooking - while partaking my other favourite hobby - sneaky peaking at buddy pumping iron! phwooaar! :-) what a lucky girl!

He cooked me garlicy steaks

with button mushrooms, sweet potato fries and steamed veg

followed by one of my currant upside down cakes and custard! not healthy but i loved it!
what a lucky girl i am!

It was the perfect hot date with my guy!
On Sunday Joanne from and I went to the city for Hot Date Edward

Before we left i fueled up on the usual podge, fresh rasps, dried blues and pimpkin seeds

i packed lunch for us and a snack for the cinema

the weather held good so when we go there we ate lunch outside, unpictured wholemeal pittas, houmous, cucumber and leaves, followed by watermelon balls

and some of my homemade currant oatmeal cake

after a respectable amoung of time shopping, we went to see Eclipse - if you've not seen it yet - get there and see it, its sooooo good, plenty of vampire/wolf action, lots of torso's and plenty of grrrrr!
later we went to Fujimania for japanese food - hmmm love japanese!

I had the Char Sui Pork - japanese roast pork with seasoned soy - the pork was a little fatty but i picked it apart and the meat was pretty tasty

Joanne had the tempura chicken

and we shared some edamame

some egg noodles

and some stir fried veggies

we were happy campers

my plate + i had a couple more small servings of the noodles and veg, and about a billion edamame

then we set out for the drive home

twas a pretty perfect day
i had an awesome nights sleep and i'm off work today - so i'm off to assualt my epic pile of ironing, then a run with my sister - who's back from honeymoon (YAY) then i think we'll tackle a yoga session
this morning, i had a date with that cute bowl/plate/spoon! podge with rasps and sflower seeds with wmelon and cherries on the side! breakfast of champions! made 100% better by the sbool (that the bowl/plate/spoons new nickname - maybe it will catch on!)


  1. I don't think I'm a fan of that picture of me! Hope you're enjoying your day off!

  2. oh no! do you want me to take it off? i think its a great pic!! day off is mega! although the ironing sucks a bit! just about to hit the pavements for a run!!

  3. Haha no it's ok! I think I got my revenge on my blog :P

  4. Joanne - you look lovely! And so do you neenie. That food looks amazing!!! I want to go to a japanese!

  5. Ahh sounds like a fun day! I'm jealous of all that Japanese food, it looks delish!