Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I'm baaaaack!

Hey there hunnies, i'm back, i had a fab wknd in Doncaster.

We got the boys suits sorted, we went for Navy Blue, which i'm pretty excited about Buddy wasnt keen on Navy Blue but as soon as he tried it on we were all sold! it suits him so much.

We also got a trip to the venue, that was good i had like a 2 page list to go through with the wedding coordinator, and it went really really well, its such a perfect venue, thier doing everything we want and more! how fab!

On saturday night we went to the fancy dress 30th birthday party i was telling you about, we had loads a fun! I had tooooo many party nibbles, and a few drinks although i tried to keep a lid on the drinking, i had 3 small glasses of wine and 3 glasses of punch, which i was making so i didnt go over board on the alcohol. i felt good the next day not a hangover or a sore head in sight! yay!

I managed to run on saturday morning too, so all in all a good wknd. i did eat a bit of junk on the drive but lets not dwell too much.

here's some piccies from the wknd

My fairy outfit - i like this alot better than my fairy outfit i wore for my sisters hen doo, i felt alot more comfortably and i thought it was prettier and cuter.

My respectable other half - a big banana!!

my gorgeous yorkshire friends, a ref, a school girl and a fairy

all our yorkshire friends - i miss them so much!

The punch

then after a whirlwind trip across country on sunday from Doncaster to kendal then on to home, a very tired pair arrived home and back to reality.
Monday morning was a bit manic so it was a convenience bfast, podge with bluebs and some cherry and rasp granola

actimel was on offer in the co-op so i picked some up to try out in the mornings

mid morning snack some bear yoyos

lunch, garden salad

and half of this carton, this is lovely soup!

mid afternoon snack a peach and 2 apricots

and my dad grew me a HUGE courgette

so i stuffed it! recipe to follow, thats two i owe you now, the roast tomato and mozarrela and balsamic salad from my mums and this stuffed courgette. coming soon i promise..........

i was supposed to be shredding last night but i had to get the house cleaned up the everest of dishes done, unpacked, the washing done, dinner made, and study, and by the time i did that lot there just wasnt enough hours left over!
i'm running tonight with my sis though so its OK!

today, all is well, back to normal, podge with cherry and rasp granola, and fresh bluebs

mid morning snack, a plum

thats all for just now i'll be back soon with some great recipes.

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! Fab eats too, give us those recipes! x