Saturday, 21 August 2010

I’m a LUCKY girl!


Hey Hey blogger babes, I’m back from the big smoke! what a fab day I had, i’m nackered my back is killing (for those of you who dont know we were in a car accident last March, i was banged up pretty bad, I had lots of time off work and lots of physio and am more of less great now, but days like today i have the back of a 90 year old, it hurts lots and i CANT find a comfortable blogging position!!) I feel manky, the city does that me, I’m sure I actually feel my skin breaking out right now!!


What an Awesome day! we left at 8am and got home at 9pm, a full day of was had!

We set of this morning and i took breakfast on the road, let me introduce to one of my not so finer habits “wangy toast” its totally amazing, if you like that kinda thing, you make toast, slap PB on it while its warm, cut it, fold it over and put it in a sandwich bag quick while its warm! The trick is to leave it there till its cold then devour with much gusto! its kinda chewy and sweet and perfect, hey dont knock it till you’ve tried it! and its a perfect pack up breakfast too!! hehe!



Then i had a perfectly hard tasty peach (i prefer peaches hard) stolen from my mums fridge when we went to drop Red off.


Ok lets take a minute, when we arrived we went straight to Ernest Jones to pick out the rings, we did Bens first we got him a monster gold band, he has big hands so totally needed the big one – no pics i’m afraid (i’m a selfish photographer it would appear!) then concentrated on me! orginally way back when we start out on the wedding planning we were getting gold bands each, but i tried a few on months and months ago and realised I really wanted diamonds! no surprise there eh! but its Buddy’s fault, he bought me such a spectacular engagement ring (chosen and sized by surprise so all on his own i might add) that it just NEEDED something spectacular to go with it, I broke my own heart and decided on a ring almost 3 times out budget, months and months ago and have had many a dream about it, so finally today on the way to the shop Buddy told me he would buy me whatever ring i wanted! I LOVE THIS GUY!!

I tried loads on! and guess what… turns out I didnt like the one i broke my heart over all those months ago, it wasnt as special as i remembered! and i fell right in love with this one! and bonus it was only about…….2.75 times the original budget!! heh heh bargain!! or so i managed to convince Buddy anyway!

As soon as i tried it on Buddy said you have to have that one, its like it was made for you and matches your engagement ring perfectly, i felt the same and every other one i tried on he said no i liked the first one! So thats the one we got!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! they have to have it made for me though coz they didnt have my size.  They also took my engagement ring away (insert sad face here!) to resize it, as its way too big now, i wear an old wedding ring of Buddy’s mums to hold it on, it fitted when we got engaged! and is now 2 Sizes too big!! how cool is that!

I know you lovely gals out there have your own lovely hubbies/boyfriends and those of you who are married have your own lovely engagement and wedding rings and its all nothing out of the ordinary really, but i feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now! so lucky to have Buddy, so lucky to be having a lovely wedding and being able to have everything i want for our day and for our honeymoon, so lucky to be so spoilt with these beautiful diamonds and so lucky that we have good jobs that can support such a lovely life! I’m so grateful for everything in our lives!

Before the lovely lady took my rings away i asked if i could take some snaps! so may i present to you………………….MY DIAMONDS!!!! swoon!!! would it be inappropriate of me to jump up and down and stamp my feet because i want them NOW!!! heh heh!


After ring shopping we met my parents at the suit shop and got Buddy and my Dad measured for their suits! its soooo real now!

Right ok ok lets get back to reality! lunch was a fail!!! we went with my parents and i ordered the warm sweet potato and butternut squash salad with Moroccan dressing on the side, only to be told 5 mins later that they didnt have any left! bummer! i was looking forward to that! so instead i had a yoghurt and some cereal and a fruit tub, there was really nothing else appropriate for moi!

4 5

After lunch we parted ways and Buddy and I did a tonne of shopping, I got lots of honeymoon bits n bobs, Note: I’m outraged at the price of bikinis! a decent one with support for my chesties is stupidly expensive! £15 per separate, equalling £60 for 2 bikini’s!!!!! daylight robbery people!! the cheaper ones in primark etc just didnt do the job of keeping my under wraps up top, so to M&S it was so they could ROB ME! i got lots of other honeymoon bits, a couple of random things thrown in while no one was watching, AND…………….THE DRESS! i found it! i found the dress for the hen! it was twice the budget i had (getting good at blowing the budget aren’t i!! – think after the wedding i need to take leaf out of Laura’s book and have a Big Budget Challenge! but for now as my BFF keeps telling me, this isnt a rehearsal, you arent going to do this again, you wont get another Hen night or another “Friday night celebration before the wedding” or another BIG DAY or another Honeymoon, the time for watching what you spend has passed in your wedding saving time and will come again after wedding so enjoy this time, and relax! I’m taking her advise and I’m working it people!! heh heh!

The dress I showed you the other day, I’m going to wear that on the Friday night of my Hen and I’m going to wear the dress i bought today on the Saturday night (the big night) its to die for! will show pics tomo – i promise! its worth the wait! I’ll also share pics of the other bits i bought, Hmoon haul etc.

After shopping i was nearly keeling over i was so hungry but we were fast running out of time and energy so i grabbed a baguette and ran, seeded wholemeal with tuna mayo and sweet corn, i had half and because i found my mother in Sainsbury’s car park in much the same hungry state i was in i donated the other half to her.


A packet of “real” crisps


And a diet coke, it sure is hard to find totally healthy food on the go when your in a rush, i dont think i did too bad though.


Then we attacked Sainsbury’s, twas wonderful! its a huuuuge superstore theres not a whole lot they dont have, i got some wonderful things, pics to follow tomorrow (it will be an epic post i promise!)

Here’s a couple to tide you over, because Obviously you are all in suspense to see what i bought heh heh!

Some lovely bakeware, cute muffic cases, silicone muffin cases and mini silicone muffin cases (perfect for fudge babies), loose bottomed tart tins, and a loose bottomed large tart tin, i think Sainsbury’s is really reasonable for this type of stuff! its all to go with our lovely first wedding present The Kitchenaid!! we figured (well ok ok I figured) she needed some cute little accessories!


My mum and dad bravely attacked Ikea – kudos to them for doing that on a Saturday afternoon!!

My mum picked me up a lovely salad bowl and salad servers


And some Rye Crackers and some seeded rye crackers! she knows me too well!!


Ok dokes I’m off to tend to my poor back and get it better for insanity tomorrow along with a good nights sleep.  I’ll be back tomorrow with that epic post with pics of THE DRESS, the honeymoon haul and the Sainsbury's goodies.

Night night peeps. xx


  1. LOVE THE RING! Hello diamonds!!! Neilio doesn't want me having diamonds for the wedding band, so I told him I wanted an eternity band later on (either for 1st anniversary or when a bubba comes), and he agreed!! Ha ha - gotta love the diamonds. My e.ring has diamond shoulders too (pic in planning on wi).
    I'm soooo jealous you had a big shop. That'll be me next yr...
    Love the Sainsbos haul too xx

  2. Wow sounds like you had a great day! I LOVE the rings, beautiful :-) I can't wait to see the dress!

  3. Gorgeous ring, and it really does fit your engagement ring so well! You feel exactly how every Bride to Be should feel, so special, so excited and on top of the world. I'm so happy for you petal! Glad you had a fun day x

  4. Thanks girls i love my ring so much, i cant stop looking at the picture of it!! xx

  5. Wow that is one epic shop! Your ring is gorgeous too! xx