Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Little Black Dress


Evening peeps

First up let me link you to the Bondi Bands Website for Laura who was asking where i got them – just in case you didnt check back the comments, i got the BondiBands direct from BondiBand in the US, here’s the link to their site:


Next i just want to revisit food splits for Helene who was asking a bit more about how to work out the splits, it was too much to answer in the comments, so i promised to write up a bit more about my findings here.

I researched on the net, and asked my “in the know” friends from the weight loss section of a wedding forum i use, (their a clever bunch over there), and what we came up with is that a good split will see you approx:

30% protein/45% carbs/25% fat

likewise a good split could also be approx:

30% protein/50% carbs/25% car

It’s whatever your body sits comfortably with, but using the above splits as a rough guideline, obviously we need carbs, but of the unrefined kind, so choose the brown and wholemeal/wholewheat/wholegrain options, i try to choose bread (even wholemeal) as infrequently as possible as too much just bloats me and slows down my weight loss.

But things like sweet potato instead of white potato, wholewheat pasta instead of white, brown rice instead of white, but quinoa is even better than brown rice.

Proteins the biggy here, its the one worth keeping an eye on, I read in a book that protein was to the diet world what black is to the fashion world – it makes everything slimmer! and its true, also protein is essential for muscle repair when working out, its why i drink protein shakes, i just cant get to the level i’m aiming for without them.  As a general rule i aim for 1gram of protein for every 1kg of body weight, so for example weighing in at 75kg, you’d be looking to have around 75g of protein in the day, especially on work out days, but aiming for every day, i need to keep an eye on this personally, because if i dont keep tabs on it my carbs naturally go slightly higher and my fat goes slightly higher, resulting in drops in protein.

I hope that sums up my research in a nutshell, any more questions just Holla!!

Right then onto the fodder of the day

Breakfast, podge, blackcurrants, apricots, sunflower seeds and raisins, i do love podge so much, but i missed my refreshing fruit plate with apple sauce today, i’m looking forward to the big shop this wknd to restock.


Mid Morning was a couple of plums


Lunch was amazing, a garden salad – as per, and my mums home made tuna pate! TO.DIE.FOR!! with 3 krisprolls for spreading it on!! hmmm hmmm


Followed by the last peach of the week, this wee man was a bit wrinkly but still juicy inside!!


Dinner was a garden veggie pasta, odds n ends out my fridge, courgette, cherry toms and runner beans, a couple of olives, half a tub of dolmio stir in and 60g of wholewheat pasta.

I had an attach of the lost appetite after and intense session of insanity so i only ate about half of this, and i had to force that down!

I’ve also decided I think I’m over pasta, it just doesn’t do it for me, it bloats me, its not all it used to be, i’m just not fussed!


So i weighed in tonight, first weigh in of BOOT CAMP although i only started boot camp 2 days ago so it really isn’t the FIRST BIG WEIGH IN, whatever, i lost 1lb, not awesome but hey their going in the right direction, and that will do for me this week! I WANT BETTER NEXT WEEK THOUGH!!

So things are crazy busy round here, in my head i guess is the busiest place of all, i feel like i have so much to think about! I’m a sucker for lists, the more the better, heck i even have lists about the lists sometimes! so today I tried to get everything dumped out of my head and onto some lists, they always make me feel so much better, some of the stuff on my lists is so menial, like “nails” but if its on the list its cleared from my head, and thats what we’re aiming for.

General “to do” for today! all of this took me under an hour (apart fro insanity obviously) but having it on the list and scoring it off helps tremendously in keeping me calm!


The list for Saturday – i think its safe to say i’ll be spending the price of a small island on Saturday but at this stage in the wedding/honeymoon game its an expensive time! this is just the enjoyment shopping list, theres another to come for food! I’m hoping to get most of the last bits i need for the honeymoon on Saturday because I know come October/November there will be sod all in the shops for a sunshine holiday!


Then my meal plan for the week – i do these every week, it keeps me on the straight and narrow, avoids the “hmmm what do i fancy for tea tonight” dilemma, which inevitably always winds up with naughties, and helps me sort out a shopping list, thus keeping food budgeting to a minimum and wastage to a minimum!


Then i was in a position to write my shopping list, we’ll stop in at a Sainsbury’s super store in Glasgow so its a good opp to stock up on stuff too.


Then i felt a bit floopy about the honeymoon, so i made a list of what i need to take with me, i wouldn’t normally start a holiday list so darned early but because i needed to not only buy the usual holiday toiletries, but a whole new holiday wardrobe (given my drastic change in size since my last holiday) its a lot to buy and i cant afford to be shelling out all that money right before the wedding, so i’ve been buying bits n pieces for ages n just sticking it away in my suitcase ready for when i pack.

It was time to dump all that down on paper so i dont over buy and so i dont wind up at the end with a shed load of stuff still to buy!


Phew…..and after all that i thought i’d write a lil bloggy list just to keep me sane!


Ok so you wanna see my potential hen night dress, i’m not sure if I’ll wear this on the Friday or the Saturday night yet, i’ll see what i find in Glasgow on Saturday and take it from there.

The pictures dont do it justice, its pure silk, with sequins, and a cowal neck, and frill hem with sequins all round the hem and falling down from the neck, very elegent on, and has a split up the thigh which you cant see so well in the photo but you can really see when i walk, everyone thought it was WOW (thats Buddy, my mum and dad everyone right!).

Its also too big at the mo, its a 16 and is hanging off me, but they didnt have a 14, my mum will be able to take it in though.


I’m holding it in at the back here, so it looks better…


Thats all for tonight my lovelies, i totally had it on my list to blog about healthy living blogs, but i ran out of time and space, tomorrow for sure!! it’ll just have to go back on the list, cest la vie! you dont always get all of the list done!!

Do you write lists? or do you just go with the flow? what works for you?


  1. Hey, thank you very much for explaining the nutrients bit. I'll try to stick to about the same numbers. I might buy some protein powder as my intake is quite low. However, my carbs are really high. So need to be really careful with that.

    I think Ive found someone worst than me regarding the lists hehe. And dont worry, I also write down 'nails'.

    You look WOW in your dress!!!!

  2. I LOVE all your lists hehe :)you might appreciate the website I found today, online to do list, and you can virtually cross it off when it's done! Mike was unimpressed haha Thanks for the bondi link, I'm off to have a look now and wish for when I have some spare pennies!

  3. Loving the dress, very glam!

    I think a bondiband will be going on my list of wants, just seen the hats with the pony tail hole! Genius!

    I'm a list maker too, but I'm more of a perpetual list maker without the crossing of things off. When a list looks too complete I'll consolidate it with another list to make it longer again. My notepad at work is just full of lists all surrounded by doodles and me signing my own name. I'm sure that must mean something in the psychology world.

  4. Love the dress missus! Wit wooo. I make lists, but never refer back to them!! :D It's something I do in work, and then just forget about later! hee hee. x

  5. no worries Helene - i hope it helped make sense of it, it can get a bit a confusing at times, but once you get to grips with the basics you can go with the flow just keeping a check on it once in a while!

    Laura - I'm rushing off to check out that site RIGHT NOW! sounds right up my street!

    Nic - i make lists and cross off, it gives me such a feeling of satisfaction but inevitably there is usually one or two things i dont get done so they go on the next list, i have numerous notebooks with lists all over the place! hehheh! and I LOVE signing my own name! how bizarre are we!!

    glad i'm not the only manic list maker around here!

  6. I'm a proper list writer, I couldn't manage without them! I keep them on my evernote account which syncs them to my phone and all my computers so I can always keep track. I also meal plan, I would end up wasting so much food if I didn't!

  7. I am always writing lists its an addiction apparently something to do with my slight dyslexia x x