Sunday, 29 August 2010

I am a baking machine!


Evening all!

Have you missed me! i had a fab night out last night! the best i’ve had in a long time! there was 10 of us went out, 5 couples, one of the girls is one of my BFF’s i’ve not seen her in soooo long! it was Catherine i went to Ayia Napa with when I met Buddy (for those of you that dont know I met Buddy on holiday 6 years ago!).  Well Buddy and Catherines boyfriend got on like a house on fire.

Buddy and I have been talking about booking out holiday for July pretty soon, and we’ve been saying we fancied going with some friends this time, turns out Catherine and Darren have been having the same thoughts lately, so we decided why not go back to Ayia Napa (our first holiday – other than honeymoon obviously) as a married couple to go back to Ayia Napa would be awesome and also to go with Catherine and Darren would be awesome! a little reunion of sorts! so we’re all psyched and ready to book it soon! EXCITING!!

The meal last night was a total FAIL! the menu was a horror story, everything was deep fried or in batter or pastry of some kind! i asked if they could do me a chicken breast with some veg etc, and apparently no they couldn't accommodate! so i ordered the vegetarian sweet and sour with carrots, pineapple and onions and cripsy veg parcels and rice, minus the parcels! it arrived and was ewwwww, like a whole bag of sweetener had been used in the sauce! i couldnt eat it, so i had some of the rice and some boiled veg from the tables veg bowls.  RANK! soooo unaccommodating!  that was all i had, no started and no drinks (as i was driving) but because we split the bill and agreed to split the bill for the girl who’s birthday it was, i winded up paying £20 for that terrible rice and veg! total FAIL!

I did however have a fabulous time, so much fun to hook up with my BFF, and her boyfriend, and a whole load of other couples we didnt know so well.  Confession time, i broke the rules and had 5 gin and slim line tonics! i kept it really slow and was under an immense amount of peer pressure to keep pace with everyone else, i reckon they each had around 15 drinks each, so i was pretty proud of myself! not a hang over in sight this morning (well for me anyway, Buddy can’t say the same – he’s been one sick puppy all day!) i kept within calorie allowance for the evening though, so its OK, i’ll let myself off, oh and i was in bed for 2am, unlike the rest of the crew who i hear were up past daylight this morning!

I suffered alot of peer pressure for my easy going drinking and some stick too BUT i got a tonne of compliments about how i looked and how much weight i’ve lost and some of the girls were a bit in awe of my new healthy lifestyle and will power!

Right then lets get to the good bit, the pics!

Bfast yesterday – podge, peach, natural yoghurt, flaked almonds and a little agave, this is the first time i had yoghurt on podge and man it was gooood!


Lunch was some ikea crispbreads, houmous, strawbs, bluebs, peas and runner beans, i tried to keep things light yesterday and cut out snacks to save cals for last night, i also did a mega hike earning 500 cals, it worked well huh!


Yesterday afternoon i had done all the house work and was showered and hair done for going out and found myself with a couple of hours to spare so i made some healthy fudgy vegan brownies, recipe to follow this week, they are beeeeeautiful! this recipe is a keeper!

The space would be quality control at its finest!


Then i finished getting ready to go out

 45 6

Buddy and I and Catherine – the statutory funny faces! i believe were shouting “Ayia Napa” for the camera!


Today I felt great, no hangover, a little fuzzy this morning and quite tired all day but otherwise great! HUGE improvement from the year ago me! i’d have had those 15 drinks and a greasy deep fried meal stayed up , thrown up all day Sunday, suffered a 4 day hangover, felt off balance all week, strayed off plan for at least 3 days, and wondered why the scales weren’t being friendly! HUGE STEP FORWARD for little me!

Today i arose at the ridiculously late hour of 10am and had some podge, peaches and almonds


Lunch time was a nutritious fail but still within cals



A small cheese scone, home made and delivered by my sister – who am I to say no!


After lunch I made Buddy some chocolate chip muffins (recipe to follow this week)


Raspberry breakfast muffins ( i *think* these were a fail – but we’ll see tomo at breakfast – if their good i’ll share the recipe)


I also made some tropical nut oaties, i forgot to picture, but their awesome, pics and recipe to follow mid week.

Dinner was a monster plate of veg – to make up for lunch – butternut squash, parsnip and carrots roasted and french beans, runner beans, peas and broccoli steamed with a sprinkle of cheese. – hmmmmm twas perfect!


And for dessert a peach and a small apple.


We had a Dexter season 3 marathon tonight – arghhh i frickin love Dexter! and now i’m off to the land of Nod.

I hope everyone had a good wknd!

Have you been on your holidays this year? are you still to get away? anywhere nice? we are itching for our honeymoon now, and are pretty lucky that just 8 months after our honeymoon we’ll be going away again!

Coming up: lots of yummy recipes and the Teapigs giveaway.

Nyt all, much love! <3 <3 <3 xoxo


  1. Those fudge brownies look amazing, you tease! :)

  2. I'm hoping to plan a few trips for next year, hopefully Berlin, New York and somewhere else. You look lovely in your black dress, very pretty! Good for you just sticking to a couple of drinks, its difficult when your facing peer pressure to drink x

  3. You look really pretty on your night out :-)

    Can't wait for the brownie recipe, and I hope the raspberry muffins ended up as good as they look!

  4. I love Dexter too! Awesome show!
    Wow you totally had a baking marathon- just what I get up to when I am not at work! My dishwasher and oven will thank me when I start back again!
    Looking forward to those recipes

  5. Leishieloo - its coming up next i promise!
    Laura - thanks very much! lots of trips to different places sounds fab!
    Laura - thank you too! the rasp muffins were actually pretty good, just a tad undercooked.
    Running cupcake - ahh i love baking! i'd love a week off work at home to just get busy in the kitchen! ;-) x

  6. That scone looks amazing. And Dexter is the best!