Thursday, 5 August 2010

Happy Birthday to meeeeeee

Hey bloggy babes, how are you all?? grand i hope it is Thursday after all...........nearly Friday!!!!

So you would be forgiven for thinking its my birthday, given the post title, but its not, my birthday is in the depths of January!! so why am i singing happy birthday to meeeeee you might well ask!!

This is why...............................................look what arrived yesterday!!!!

and no i'm not just "good to myself" and dont just "get spoilt" randomly, ok ok i lie, i am good to myself, cast your mind back to my insanity delivery and yoga mat delivry last week (but hey i work hard you know!) and yes i do get spoilt too!

But anyway this little treat is actually my birthday present, not early, but late!! as my birthday is in January people always ask me what i want and i never know, right after xmas theres never much i want, so every year buddy usually just spoils me with little bits n bobs, jammies, smellies and the like, but this year he gave me some money (well actually he kept the money for me - man i'd have spent that on stuff within about 4 hours!). i asked him to keep it till i wanted something, well i debated for a couple of months what i really wanted, but i couldnt think of anything, then i kinda forgot about it, and lately i've been whinging i want a heart rate monitor, and asked him to get me one for xmas this year, but the genius Buddy is he said "why dont i get it for you for your birthday, i still have your birthday bucks" genius genius genius!

I LOVE IT!! i think we'll do this every year now, i'll get him to sit on my birthday bucks till later in the year when i Really want something!
and what a treat to get my birthday pressie mid year when my birthday is in January!! yay!!

look what else arrived yesterday - look at those little babies all snuggled up on my doorstep screaming *open me, open me!!* they were all yes'!! yay!!

ok back to the foooooood!
yesterday's am snackies, some cherries

and lunch was a garden salad, and the end of the stuffed courgette

then i weighed in, and i'd put on 0.5lb! bahhh humbug! i know why though, its from the party at the wknd and toooo much junk on the 6 hour drive there and the 6 hour drive back! i always fail on long drives! i'm such a sucker for service station junk! for some reason my brain thinks its OK to eat crisps and ice lollies etc on drives, different post code, doesnt count right!? WRONG!!!!
must do better!!
never mind, it was my first gain in 8 weeks, so its OK i suppose, we're going for gold this week though!! i'm gonna smash it this week!
Dinner was raw veg from the garden, grilled corn, a little handful of kale chips and the insides of a chicken and garden veg white wine pie. deeeeelish!

Bfast this morning, podge, raspberry and cherry granola and fresh bluebs.

catch ya all later blogbuds, have a grrrrrrreat day!
PS - so glad to see so many of you have skipped on over from Neenie's Getting there, i hope the rest of my readers follow you along! x


  1. Congratulations on your HRM! I love the colour of it, so girly! I think its a great idea to get your bday pressie later in the year when its your birthday in January - definitely better! x

  2. I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one I want one

  3. That's a fun idea to get your present mid-year. Your HRM looks really cute. Have you tried it yet?

  4. Oh what a nice treat getting a birthday present late. It's a really cute and girly HRM, I don't think I've ever seen one that isn't black!