Wednesday, 25 August 2010

I Feel……..Fine


Evening peeps.  Sorry for my absence yesterday the internet died in the whole village, the exchange was down or something! lack of internet didnt only mean lack of blogging but also lack of Xbox for Buddy, doubled with no work out yesterday = a lovely long evening! quite a treat!

Lets talk about the title first, I dont actually feel fine, more on that later but for now - have you heard of We Feel Fine if not check it out! i found it because i saw they had looked at my blog, when i did a bit of digging, turns out they hadn’t looked at my blog per say, but its a “thing” (sorry not very technological like that) that scours the internet and blogs etc for sentences that start with “I Feel” and it assesses (how crazy is that work!! waaaay too many s’s!) the mood of the population! it picked up on my from my post the other day when i was talking about how I feel so lucky just now!!  you can see the sentences and read thoughts and feelings, its lovely, and a little bit sad too coz not everyone feels great! its definately worth scoping out over a breakfast (which according to the commenters on Freya's Blog a large number of us bloggers seem to catch up on blog reading over breakfast). 

Now I’ll tell you why I didnt work out last night and i haven’t worked out again tonight.  I bought a cooked chicken in Sainsbury’s at the wknd, and unbeknown to me your supposed to eat these things on the day of purchase or at a push the day after, well i bought it on Saturday and ate it on Sunday and again on Monday, by the time i came to do Insanity last night, i had to run to the loo twice before i started, and then i kicked off and had to pause 3 times in the middle of the warm up to run to the loo, hmmm not a good start and Buddy insisted that enough was enough i was to give in! so give in i did, my tum’s still not right today, its a tad like a washing machine – so another rest day today.  Hopefully I’ll be back in the game tomorrow night, i’m just glad that it didnt make me super ill! i’d have been mega bummed out about that!

So i got my legs waxed today, you know i Got my bikini waxed for the first time last month (to test out for the wedding) and this month i tested out leg waxing, the ankles were a little painful but otherwise a walk in the park, and for £12, I just cant complain, i think i’ll now be a regular bikini and leg waxer! LOVE it! if you haven’t tried it out dont let the pain put you off, its nothing, really just like ripping a band aid off, its really quick, easy, cheap, and last for ages!

Right then without further ado – lets get to the eats from yesterday/today

Bfast yesterday, Peaches, strawbs, blackcurrants and some blueberry and apple compote for dipping


A Pumpkin and Choc Chip Muffin


Some of THAT amazing houmous, 3 mini pittas and some veg sticks


I had grand plans for a chicken and edamame veg stir fry with insanely hot sauce using some of my new ingredients i picked up at the wknd, but as my tum was poorly, i just had a small portion of stir fried veg, with soy sauce and a couple of mini pittas


Breakfast today was a nectarine, strawbs, bluebs and some compote for dipping


And a Pumpkin and choc chip muffin


Mid morning i had a couple of the most perfect plums i ever had, so flavourful and firm, and a little bit pretty with their speckles


Lunch today was some left over stir fried veggies, a food doctor seed and cereal pitta (love these!!) and some of THAT houmous!! AH.MAY.ZING lunch!!


Today i drove past the Fruit/butchers shop and THERE.THEY.WHERE!  I’ve been keeping an eye out for these for the past week or 2, i knew it must be time soon, he gets them in every year, their locally grown and he always has such a great selection! (its not often you’ll here me say that about shops out here in the middle of nowhere! but seriously our fruit/butchers shop and our health food shop are two of the best stocked shops i’ve ever been in!)

I drove by this morning, slowly to see if they were in and there they were (he always displays them in the window) so i swung the car round and just abandoned parked it and dived in! i picked up one of each kind they had!


After a bit of research on line i *think* i figured out what these are (if you know differently please let me know)

from left to right: Carnival Squash, Ambercup Squash, Petty Pan, Acorn Squash and finally Jarrahdale Squash.


I also picked up a globe artichoke! i dropped that off at my mums and we’re having it there tomo night, theres no point in me keeping it at our house as its not really a one person meal type of thing i dont think and there no way in hell Buddy would even entertain trying this!  do you have any ideas for Artichoke?


For dinner tonight, i roasted the Acorn Squash in halves with a little paprika, garlic, salt and pepper and cooking spray, some mixed roast veg, 2 little pieces of Buddy’s pork medallions, and some steamed garden green veg.

The Acorn Squash was delicious, not like butternut squash at all, it had a more dry and powdery texture, a little less flavour, but still deliciously sweet and smooth, i’ll be eating alot of these over the winter.


I also made a Stew with the Carnival Squash for lunches, I’ll post the recipe tomorrow I promise, its worth the wait!


Rightio I’m off to paint my nails, i got a new colour today (i’ll show you tomo once i’ve painted ) you know me, i like to get a new colour every month :-)


Can you tell me have I got the Squash names wrong?

Do you have any good tips/recipes to share for Squash (of any kind) and Artichoke?

Coming Up:

Eating out and the Squash Stew Recipe.

Nyt all. Much love <3 <3 <3 xx


  1. Hey, I forgot to ask the other day- where did you get the tinned pumpkin? I have no idea for recipes, I have never even cooked with squash before!

  2. ohhh you totally have to try squash! its beautiful! have you tried butternut squash or sweet potato?
    the tinned pumpkin was from the health food shop in the town i work in. I'm telling you she stocks everything! i'm sure she reads food blogs to keep up to date!

  3. Hey! I dont have any clue about the squash.
    However I love artichokes! It's funny, the 1st time I bought them here, Boyfriend kept asking how I was gonna eat it. Then, we got to his parents and his mum looked at it and saud: what is that? what do you do with that? ....Hmmm, ok!
    The funny/weird thing is that I only eat the leaves. I dont like the heart. But my favourite part of it it removing the little hair/mini leaves at the heart ;-)

  4. I haven't cooked much squash but I think they'll be featuring very highly in my diet come autumn. I made some butternut squash a while ago and it was delicious!

  5. Artichoke is lovely on pizzas/ in calzone! Thats about my extent.
    It goes with balsamic so I would be tempted to roast it with other veggies and have it with a pasta/ balsamic concoction.
    Also soup for squash is delish :)

  6. I hope you're feeling better soon! I have only tried butternut squash but all those varieties look so pretty together!

  7. I love how all those squashes look. Tis definately the season to get them on the go, it's starting to feel too cold to be having salads and the like. Stews and soups ahoy!

  8. thanks for the ideas girls, i love squash so much, so filling and full of flavour and i LOVE how they look! defo one of the best things about winter!

  9. Bbc Good Food mag has loads of squash recipes this month, I will be hitting that shop next weekend then! Check out carrots'n'cake for pumpkin oats recipe, she uses the tinned pumpkin!

  10. Sorry to hear you've not been feeling well. I hope you feel better soon. I love the collection of suashes you got! I have seen the carnival squash for sale but not the others. I might have to pick some up next time I see them.