Friday, 27 August 2010

Eating Out


Evening all! hows your wknd kicking off? good i hope!

Sorry for my absence last night i spent the evening with my mum, having dinner and watching movies! you gotta love a bit of mum time!! especially when you have a poorly tum, theres no better place to be than on mums couch with a blanky!

So i wanted to talk a bit about eating out first of all, what with the big Boot Camp Challenge under way and the final wedding push in full flow, i want to be mindful when eating out.  Eating out isn’t something we do a whole lot of at the mo, what with saving for the wedding, BUT this week i’m eating out twice, once tomo night with a large group of friends, and again on Monday lunch time to celebrate a colleagues 50th.  So for Monday, we’re going to a pretty posh place for lunch, i looked at the menu and there was nothing that suited me on there, so i rang up and asked if they could prepare me something special, they put me onto the head chef, i told him i was vegan (i figured the best bet to getting a healthy but lovely meal) and could he prepare me something special that was healthy….Well he was delighted i’d rang up, and said he would enjoy the challenge and get me some lovely fresh veggies in and prepare me a nice meal! i was delighted!!!

I then rang the place we’re going tomo night (not so posh) and asked if they would prepare me a vegan meal, and was told by the dippy waitress “ummm i think you’ll really struggle here, we dont really DO vegan!” OMG just think if i was actually vegan and was here on holiday OUTRAGEOUS!! so anyway i figured i would offer myself up as the designated driver to ease the problem of transport and keep me away from alcohol (which i had vowed not to have any till the Hen night anyway), as soon as i’d offered i felt a slight panic, what if i wanted to drink when we got there? theres a large group of us going out, what if i feel out of place not drinking!? but then i hushed myself and reminded myself of Boot Camp and THE DRESS etc etc, and figured this was the perfect excuse to exercise some self control and bring on feeling of sainthood! also i’ll be up and working out early on sunday fresh as a daisy whilst everyone else is a tad groggy huh!

Next on the agenda, is a quick review of BOOT CAMP


  1. 6 workout per week – i did really really well with this since the beginning of Boot Camp up until Tuesday, i did the full programme of Insanity every day with one rest day, i did sooo well but i was rained off on Tuesday with a dodgy tummy, resulting in my not being able to be far from the bathroom for a few days! as a result i had tues/wed/thurs off! Fail! but i  think it’s excusable.
  2. 4 of which insanity – complete – all of my workout have been insanity!


  1. Count the calories – all the calories and KEEP within the allowance, every day, not most of the time, EVERY DAY!  - Complete!
  2. Drink Protein shakes on work out days  - A high five complete – i’m pretty proud of this one! as there have been days i’ve wanted to use those cals for other stuff but have had a little chat to myself and had the protein shake!
  3. Assess, daily, my levels of fat, carbs and protein intake, to ensure its bang on track! – bang on target
  4. Cut alcohol out completely for the next 9 weeks, apart from 2 nights for the hen wknd and 1 night for my works night out. – complete so far so good.

So all thats pretty good! However i stayed the same at weigh in this week! NO IDEA WHY! i hope its something to do with my tummy being poorly! i cant think of any other reason!

Bfast yesterday was a banana, bluebs and half a mango, i haven’t had many bananas since switching to cal counting, i think thier kinda high in cals for what you get, so this was a nice change.


And the usual breakfast pumpkin muffin


Mid morning yesterday i went away from my desk and when i came back i found someone had kindly left me a biscuit! not cool though guys! everyone i work with knows about my big wedding push! someone tried to sabotage me! was a bit too kind though!  i think it was an oaty biscuit.  look at the size of it, thats a regular post it pad its hanging off the edge of there!

So i looked at it and thought i dont want you, i bet your about 250 cals at least! i’m going to leave you sitting there for a while then i’m going to throw you in the bin!


It didn’t even look that appetizing! the old me would have eaten it anyway, and sod the calories, its only one biscuit right! WWWWWRONG!! thats what got me into this pickle in the first place!

So after about 30 minutes i picked it up to put it in the bin and LOOK.AT.WHAT.I.FOUND!!!

look at the state of the post it! so much grease! from just 30 mins of the biscuit sitting there!




It even went through to the second page! i just dont want that crap in my system! i threw it in the bin in disgust! feeling like i’d earned a sainthood in the process! it wasn’t a difficult decision though once i saw the post it!


I snacked on this baby instead!


Lunch was some squash stew – it was OK, not brilliant, i’ll work on it some more before i share the recipe.


And a food doctor pitta


Mid afternoon was a couple of those perfect plums!


I went to my mums for dinner last night, we attempted the artichoke, she boiled it for approx 20 minutes, and served it with a butter dipping sauce, i tried a leaf and didnt like it.


I was promised goodness at the heart of it! it didnt deliver though! you apparently have to take off all the hair before you get to the heart, ewww!


We did that only to find a flat ukky looking thing under it that was tough, like tyre! i dont know if we didnt cook it long enough or what but seriously the whole thing just made me feel icky! i mean who discovered this! who discovered which bits you do and dont eat! they must have been pretty desperate to try it out! needless to say i dont think i’ll be visiting artichoke again anytime soon!!



I did have a large portion of this garden salad

15 16

And about half of my mums home made parmesan and courgette pasty. (all within cals!)


Today’s breakfast was a quick muffin and a peach, nothing fancy today, i’d just finished an awesome session of insanity and had a big to do list to deal with so i munched on the go.


Lunch was an unpictured PB sandwich and some roasted broccoli


Dinner tonight was a lovely Friday night treat, we’ve not had enchiladas for like ever! so i got some whole wheat wraps and off we go!

Onions, peppers and shredded chicken thighs


A jar of enchilada sauce and spice mix


wraps spread with extra spiced refried beans


with the spiced chicken mix and added sweetcorn on top


Wrapped up in their little blankets and tucked in to bed (budge up make room for one more!)


All snuggled up under enchilada sauce and grate cheese


And baked till golden and chewy!! OH MY.


Serve (2 for me, 3.5 for him) a slice of garlic bread for me and the rest of a mini baguette for him, and a little salad on the side! OH MY.

Goshmeeshers its good to be back on the exercise wagon and be able to “afford” (cal wise) a special meal!


Right then i’m off to hang out with my two favourites!

30 31

And a little teaser to come: The lovely folks at Teapigs sent me a little package of goodies to celebrate the new blog name! some samples for me to try out and review and couple of full size boxes for me to giveaway to you lovely readers!

Stay tuned, i’ll be kicking the giveaway off next week.


Question:  How do you deal with eating out? not for big special occasions but just sociable eating out?

Coming soon: Teapigs reviews and Giveaways.

Nyt peeps, much love <3 <3 <3 xoxo


  1. If you've been stickng to a cal target of less than 1400 a day, and have not lost for a week then I reckon you've hit plateau. If that's the case I'd eat to maintenance for at least a few days. Just my opinion though!

    I had my first sober music festival!! People are starting to get used to the non-drinking me, slowly but surely.

  2. So jealous of your accessibility to mangoes! I haven't been able to find any here :(

  3. Ew the grease from that cookie is not good! well done for putting it in the bin!

  4. Ooooh I wanna try the tea I wanna try the tea!!! ;)

  5. I looove your doggy! Can't wait for the teapigs giveaway, I've yet to try them but they look yummy! Well done on all your goals this week, you did awesome!

  6. I love that you post goals and keep up with them... that's the idea for my blog that I'm trying to work on more. Isn't it so much easier to stick to goals when you announce them to the world??

    Ugh, I hate it when people try to give you sweets when you are trying to diet. I'm pretty small but I have a horrid obsession with sugar... like, sickening. People try to force sweets upon me thinking that just because I'm skinny I can eat them. It's so much more than that--If I ate one cookie, I'd eat ten! And feel sick! Haha...It is just frustrating.

  7. Well done on being so good on your meals out, that takes real will power but just goes to show how well your doing! Can't believe all that fat from that biccie, yuck!

  8. Jo, you might be on to something, i'll see how i get on this week, and if its a STS again, then i'll give it a go!

    thanks for the enjouragement girls, it helps tonnes you know! i'm trying pretty darn hard just now to no avail!!

    Katie - i find the best way to stick to the goals is to post them here for the world to see, i wouldnt lie on the blog, i dont see the point so i either stick to them or i announce to the world that i failed my goals! it certainly helps keep me on track!

    Laura - i hope theres something decent on the menu tonight, i'm prepared to try something new and outrageous if it means keeping on track, i did a tonne of exercise this morning and have kept bfast and lunch light, so i have about 1000 cals to play with for dinner! i'm pretty confident about not folding, i dont want to burst the goals for a mangy greasy scampi and fries!!

  9. I can honestly say that every single bit of food on this post looks delish! Apart from the greasy biscuit! Brill blog x

  10. Well done for putting the biscuit in the bin (and a big boo to whoever gave it to you!). It sounds like you hit all your goals as well which is good. I look forward to the giveaway!

  11. Hot choc - thanks very much! and thanks for stopping by!
    Habitofhealthy - thanks i#m still feeling pretty saintly for ditching that biscuit!