Friday, 13 August 2010

Zucchini Bread Muffins, Kitchenaids and that appetite problem

hey there bloggies, happy happy Friday!!

the first topic for discussion today: The Kitchenaid.........i've wanted one for like forrrrreeevvverrrr!!

AND my mum and dad have bought us one as a wedding present, its arrived today. They have very kindly said we can have it just now (do you like how i'm saying lots of WE's in here - i know its really for me, but really its for us, coz Buddy benefits from me having one right!?!? - heh heh) Although Buddy said we had to wait till after the wedding (in November) to get it from them, after some killer puppy dog eyes on my part he said if i really want it just now i can have it, i've to "please my self" now he didnt say it with any hint or tone in his voice, and maybe it just me being paranoid having grown up in a house where if i pushed for something i wasnt allowed i was told "please yourself" but it was a fully laden comment, and you just knew that if you did "please yourself" there was likely to be trouble ahead. so anyway, he really did say i can have it just now, but now i dont know what to do, i feel kinda guilty, one coz we're getting a wedding present thats quite plainly for meeeee, although Buddy did say that we could buy one with any money we may get as a wedding gift so thats all one really, but i feel kinda guilty having it just now.............but i reeaaaaaaaaaaally want it just now!!

bloggies - what should i do??

Well heres a recap on some foodies.

Bfast yesterday i wasnt very hungry, i had some belvita bisctuits and a load of watermelon

and some tea pigs rooibos tea..........hmmm

lunch was ratatouille topped with garlic sauteed summer squash and courgette and a sprinkle of cheese.

and a slice of wholemeal homemade

in the afternoon i tried to force down half of this trek bar for workout fuel, but i just couldnt manage more than about 1/4

i went home and did the first insanity work out, plyometrics cardio circuits, Oooooft! that was HARD work, the first half was OK, i managed it but the second half i struggled sooo bad to keep up, my heart rate stayed up and i burned a goo 360 cals though, my wee face was beetroot and the i was dripping! a good workout was had for sure!
Insanity is MESSING my appetite up though! working out so hard is just putting me right off food, its gone further than just my evening meal after working out, i'm just not as hungry in general, i would have expected to be ravenous with all this hard core working out, but i'm just not, sometimes i'm having to force myself to eat!!! this is unheard of in my little world!!
after my workout i set to with the monster courgette
and turned this..................

into this....................Zucchini bread muffins see here for the recipe from IGE, its a fab recipe, i subbed the unsweetened apple sauce back for oil, as i couldnt get any unsweetened apple sauce, thier still pretty low cal, i used wholemeal flour and they came in at aroun 170cals each and have excellent staying power (although that *could* be my dissapearing appetite too!) anywho these are AMAZING, i might play around with the recipe see if i can cut out some of the sugar, thier not too sweet but they wouldnt harm from loosing some of the sugar i think. they are pretty perfect though, sweet, very moist, a hint of savoury in there too, thier just lip smacking good!
heres the recipe:

after that i just couldnt face a meal, bad i know and i promise not to get into the habit of it!
i had a slice of wholemeal homemade toasted with homemade marmalade

a zucchini bread muffin, still warm with butta hmmmmmmmm perfection!!

and shared this melon plate with Buddy

Bfast this morning was a zucchini bread muffin, watermelon and bluebs, this kept me full right through till lunch.

lunch was some unpictured ratatouille, a yoghurt, and i never ate the apple.....

So bloggies - whats going on with my appetite?? anyone know? anyone got this from upping thier exercise levels alot? how do i beat it? do i listen to my body and not eat when i'm not hungry, although i'm already pretty strict to keeping to a heavily reduced calorie diet? or do i force myself to eat!
and what do i do about the kitchen aid???
i know i can count on you guys to help me figure out both predicaments!! :-) xx


  1. Kitchenaid! oh my god, I have wanted one of those forever!! They are a thing of beauty. I have promised myself that when I move into a bigger place I'm finally going to treat myself to one! (I think you should start using it now, make lots of treats for your other half, he'll soon start to love it!)

    As for your appetite, I'm not sure why you're not hungry? I have found increasing my exercise I eat shed loads more!

  2. Oh I'm so jealous! I would love a kitchen aid! I think its a toughie, to have it now or to leave till the wedding - well I think you have a good excuse as it will just be sitting there so you'll get more use from it. Plus buddy can eat what you bake! No ideas whats up with your appetite, perhaps give it time and see if it evens out. I wouldn't force yourself to eat if your not hungry apart from at breakfast time and pre and post workout x

  3. Is your kitchenaid white or another colour?

    As for whether to use it now or after your married, if it was me, I'd wait until after your married. But I'm also the sort of person who never opens birthday presents early and when Mr H's family open 1 christmas present on Christmas eve I leave the room because I feel they are cheating themselves!

    But another thing to think about is post-wedding blues, having a new kitchen toy to play around with would certainly help ease those days.

    As for your apetite, I'm a big fan of only eating when your hungry, just so long as if your not hungry and feeling light headed etc you promise to try and force something in, I'm sure it'll all balance itself out again soon.

  4. I'd take the kitchenaid and make Buddy something he loves straight away.

    I don't think it should be too hard to get up to your calorie allowance, drink some cals or add some PB! I lose my appetite after my period which makes up for my increased appetite before it! It tends to work itself out, I think your appetite will catch up soon enough!

  5. Running makes me a hunger monster! If I go too long between meals I lose my appetite, I would just try to really listen to your body, it's normally right!

    I'm so jealous of your kitchenaid but you've given me my first wedding list item, not that we've even set a date yet hehe

  6. You're not gonna like it but I think you should wait till you're married!
    Im a bit like Nicola actually ;)
    Think about your wedding...are you not gonna be disapointed not getting anything from your parents then?
    I know it's not easy but it will be worth the wait ;)
    If you get it now tho, enjoy baking with it and dont forget to share your recipes :~)