Wednesday, 18 August 2010

This is not a drill soldier…..


This is BOOT CAMP!!

So lets review day 1 of Boot Camp, I wont be reviewing Boot Camp everyday for 9 weeks but i will be providing updates regularly on my progress, along with the obvious weekly weigh ins, monthly measure ins, and any problems or achievements i have and a run down on every weigh in day of how the previous week has been and my plan for the coming week, with a final overall recap at the end – right before my final dress fitting in 9 weeks time. 

So to kick off lets have a little look at my goals:


  1. 6 workouts per week  - pending
  2. 4 of which insanity - pending


  1. Count the calories – all the calories and KEEP within the allowance, every day, not most of the time, EVERY DAY! – completed today
  2. Drink Protein shakes on work out days – completed today
  3. Assess, daily, my levels of fat, carbs and protein intake, to ensure its bang on track!  - lets talk about this in a minute – Keep an eye every day on protein intake
  4. Cut alcohol out completely for the next 9 weeks, apart from 2 nights for the hen wknd and 1 night for my works night out. - pending

So day one is on track, lets have a little chat about item 3 for FOOD, I've been looking into it today and have assessed my intake and the splits.  my intake has been as follows:

Fat – 40g

Carbs – 172g

Protein – 87g

So all bang on, i didn't need to think about the Fat and Carbs intakes, these came in naturally at that level, my protein i did need to up, this 87g is about what I’m aiming for on a daily basis give or take, so i need to make sure on a daily basis that my protein is sitting at this level, and without a shake I'll struggle! so my new item 3 is – Keep an eye every day on protein intake.

So food for the day:

Defo my new fave breakfast – yes i know I'm a hussy! ~ every breakfast is my fave! I'm not faithful to any one breakfast their all “The Best”

Seriously though this is pretty awesome, the fresh ice cold fruit and the sweet cold apple sauce (baby food) is perfect.

Sadly this was the last of the cherries and the watermelon, and I've been saving some of my food budget every week this month because I'm going to a Sainsbury’s super store in Glasgow on Saturday while we’re ring shopping so I want to have a nice big healthy budget to spend in there! so no more food shopping till Saturday – Podge it is tomo!!


Today i had my fruit with a serving of raspberry and cherry granola.


Mid morning was a freckly apricot – so soft and sweet


Lunch was the same as yesterday a garden salad, with mozzarella, raisins and pine nuts, i had it with 3 krisprolls.  See the new addition in there – baby corn, its the first harvest from the garden – so fresh and crisp!  As usual all the veggies in the mix are from the garden – I'll be so sad when summer is over and i have to go back to shop bought.


This afternoon was a perfectly juicy and sweet peach – the peaches are Puurrrrrfect just now


  Pre workout fuel – Bear nibbles


When i got home there was a little package waiting, snuggled up on the door step for me! I've been after decent workout headband for ages!  I don't like the headbands you can buy in boots etc, their just not what I've been looking for, i trawled eBay and other online shops but just couldn't find what I was looking for.

Then last month i stumbled over Bondi Bands they looked fab, so what seemed like an eternity ago – at least 3 weeks, i ordered myself 2 headbands with some money I'd made from selling “too big” clothes on eBay, way back before the hoover blew up and i had a bit of £’s to spare.  I had totally forgotten all about these, what a lovely surprise it was to find them here when i got home, and how fitting that they arrive on day 1 of BOOT CAMP!

I’d ordered a plain black one and a black and pink Fight one.  I love them, their so perfect for working out, they don't move at all, and are a great light weight fabric.  I think they cost around £13 for the two after conversion from dollars to GBP, that included shipping from the US too, pretty good i thought.


Action shot – its tucked under at the top here, these things are heeeoowge, they will be good for running in the winter too.


I get my Protein from MyProtein, its a total steel from there, but because its so cheap it comes in re-sealable pouches, not like Holland and Barrat tubs, so I asked Buddy to keep me his tub when he’d finished his current Protein supple, look what he did when i wasn't looking – tore the label off and wrote me my own!


And the other side


Tonight i did Insanity – it was cardio recovery tonight, it was lovely and quite relaxed compared to other insanity workouts, lots of yoga stretches, perfect!

Then it was time for dinner, more garden salads made with Runner Beans as big as my arm!


Tonight was garden salad, half a can of tuna with a little extra light salad cream and baked broccoli – have you tried this? if you like kale chips you’ll like baked broccoli, all i did with this batch was spray in cooking spray a little salt and bake at 200degrees for about 20 minutes! hmmm i could just eat some more now!


Coming up next: A Possible Hen Night Dress, pictures and all.

Coming Soon: Healthy Living Blogs, a surprise from Healthy Living Celebrations and My First Leg Wax (a week tomorrow).

Thanks for all your supportive comments on my last post – i just know the positive vibes from you guys are going to help me through my BOOT CAMP.

Night night my lovely little blogger babies. x


  1. Sounds like you're off to a great start! The peach does look lovely!

  2. Oh dear! How big is your tub. Looks massive.
    As you know, Im now calorie counting and a bit concerned about the numbers. I was wondering how do you know how much protein, fat and carb you need a day? Is it a general rule or is it according to your personnal need?
    I love you "Baby food". In France, it's called compote and it's not just for babies. Ive got a lot of them here with lots of differents flavours. It's one of the thing I imperatively bring back when I go home ;)

  3. Thanks Jo.

    Helene, the tub is huge!! its a 1kg tub!
    I'll pop something in my next post about what i've come up with for the food splits, if that helps. its a bit too much to write in the comments. x

  4. Love your protein label hehe

    Is that granola bear granola? It looks yummy!

    Where did you get the bondi bands from? I need some decent headbands, my current one is really faded and horrible!

  5. yeah funky int it!
    the granola is kellog's Natures Pleasure, its pretty good in the stats, its really nice, the cherries and raspberries are slightly tart and chewy - hmmm perfect!
    I ordered the BondiBands direct from BondiBands in the US, the link is in the text above the pictures of them. they ship over here, and after i converted the dollars to GBP, including shipping they only cost about £13 for 2, not bad i dont think. these one are fab too! i cant recomend them enough, great fabric and they dont move at all! and Bondi have a HUGE range. x

  6. I love those bondi bands, I got a thick blue one from sweaty beaty, I wear it for every workout, I'm forever washing it! Perhaps when my budget challenge is over I might order some. Love the customised protein powder container! x

  7. arghh Laura I've never heard of Sweaty Betty, i just looked them up, gorgeous stuff!! i wish i STILL had never heard of Sweaty betty! my purse cant cope! x

  8. I love love love roasted broccoli tis divine! Looks like your on an exercise mission good luck! x x

  9. Those bondi bands are so cute, I've been thinking about buying one!

  10. Tam roasted Broccoli is the best way to eat broccoli - its on the menu for tonight again!!

    Mireya - welcome along to the blog! i'd defo reccomend bondi bands - go for it! x