Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Good Old Fashioned Home Made Cookies and the Teapig Giveaway!


Hey there bloggers, how are you all today? i’m blugh, its that time of the month coming soon, and i have ZERO motivation, i struggled through insanity cardio recovery, with minimal effort (not.good.enough!) and i’ve been a hungry horace all day long! i’ve gone over cals today, but hey ho what you gonna do, its been healthy stuff thats taken me over, so its not the end of the world!

Lets get started on food:

Breakfast today was strawberries, blueberries and nectarine with apple and pear compote for dipping


And a Raspberry Breakfast muffin, i think, like i said i undercooked these and i mixed them too much, still their nice and keep me full for a good amount of time (recipe coming soon)


Mid morning i snacked on a tropical nut oaty (recipe coming soon) which saw me through to lunch.


Lunch was a pot of roasted veg, in the mix, butternut squash, onion, beetroot and parsnip……hmmmmhmmmm deeelish! i love roasted veg best


Along with a food doctor pitta, these are so much more interesting than regular pitta, i love the seeds through them.


So it was all good until there, and then i was a snack monster!

I started out with a Prickly Pear, have you ever seen one of these before, i was mooching in the fruit/butchers shop, and found this little gem, i had never heard of or seen one before.


What a funky little creature!


Goshmeeshers this little beasty lives up to its name i wound up with 2 spikes in me from handling it for this pic! their almost invisible but hurt like hell! after a little googling, turns out this is the fruit of a cactus, hence the name and the cactus like spikes i got in my fingers!


I persevered though and peeled it and split it and munched away, i was so surprised at the colour, it wasn’t what i was expecting! it tastes a little like a sweet watermelon with a hint of raspberries, it has seeds through it like a passion fruit except their much harder than a passion fruit so you have to spit em out! twas worth the effort though, it was deeelish! i’ll defo be buying another one.


After that i had a nectarine


And a while later some grapes


Dinner was a bit of a flop, i made a beautiful big stir fry with lots of fresh veg, cashews, chicken, water chestnuts, and udon noodles, i used african hot sauce and a scotch bonnet chilli, it blew the roof off!!! it was toooooooooooooo hot! Buddy said he couldn’t taste the heat! Yeah right! but half way through announced he didn’t like it as it was a bit tasteless, i think the heat was too much but he wont admit it! he threw his away and i made him tuna pasta, but i served it when the pasta wasn’t cooked so he threw that away and i made him beans on toast, i burned 3 of my finger tips on the grill whilst making him that! kitchen fail!!

I ate mine though, heat and all!


After dinner i had some natural yoghurt to help with the FIYA in my mouth, with some jam, and some nuts and seeds, and dried cherries! ok ok enough with the food! i wont eat another thing today i promise!!


Ok let me share the cookie recipe from the wknd with you guys, these are pretty awesome and painfully simple and quick, i made some for buddy and i made another batch on Monday morning before work to take to a team meeting, buddy just raised an eyebrow when he saw the Kitchenaid on the go at 6.50am on a Monday morning! heh heh!

Good Old Fashioned Cookies:

100g brown sugar

100g butter/marg

150g white self raising flour

1T golden syrup

1 bag (100g) choc chips (any kind you like)

heat the oven to 180degrees

Cream together the butter and sugar till light and fluffy (i.e. bang the food mixer on and walk away!), no add the golden syrup, and mix well.

Add in the flour, mix well and finally stir in the chocolate chips. 

Divide mixture into 14 balls, and place onto a baking sheet, space them well apart and do not flatten them out, i used 2 baking sheets to allow enough room.

Bake for 12 – 15 minutes till slightly golden brown!


I’m going to try fiddling with the recipe, using wholemeal flour and other add ins, dried fruit, nuts etc! so versatile!

They work out around 145cals per cookie

16 17

So its time for the Teapigs giveaway, the lovely peeps over at Teapigs not only sent me some samples to try out but they send me 2 full size boxes for giveaways for my fab readers (i.e. you!)

They sent me Superfruit and English Breakfast (i’m pretty jealous about the Superfruit, i fancy that one!)

To be in with a chance of winning one of these boxes just leave me a comment in this post, or send me an email at rowena dot dennis @ btinternet dot com

And tell me what your favourite recipe is, baking or cooking, healthy or non healthy, preferably with a link to the recipe.  Please also put in your comment or email which tea you would like to try, and i’ll make sure to pick one winner from each group of preferences! sound fair? :-)

Commenting/emailing will close at midnight British time on Tuesday 7th September


Night night folks! much love <3 <3 <3 xoxo


  1. My favourite recipe is from Tessa Kiros' Apples for Jam - her spaghetti & meatballs:


    (hope this link works!)

    Me and the hubby have cooked this recipe twice a week every week for the last 3 or 4 years, we love it THAT much!

    English Breakfast please! x

  2. I am way intrigued by that weirdy fruit. I never encounter such exotics in my grocery :(

  3. Great giveaway! I would love to try the superberry tea. My favourite recipe changes all the time but I guess I will always love my date, carrot and walnut loaf cake - and its healthy! - http://keepingslimandgettingstylish.blogspot.com/2010/04/super-run-and-lots-of-cooking.html

  4. I think I'd like to try the superberry tea, sounds scrummy! My favourite recipe is the caramel apple spice cupcakes from veganomicon. I've posted a healthier version on my blog here


    I love the sound of a prickly pear, I've never tried one before but if I ever see one I would now, raspberry and watermelon flavours sound yum!

  5. Lovin your blog neen! My fave healthy recipe is for a bran loaf. First choose a large mug . Add 1 mug of all bran and 1mug of semi skimmed milk to a bowl . Add 1 mug of dried fruit of your choice(I like cranberries).allow to stand for one hour. Next add 1 mug of flour (I use a mix of plain and wholemeal) and a scant half mug of brown sugar and a teaspoon of baking powder. Mix well and pour into a lined loaf tin. Bake at 180 for 1 hour or until a skewer comes out clean. Allow to cool and then slice into approx 12 slices. I like to freeze these. Remove from the freezer and enjoy them with a cup of tea.

  6. Oh English breakfast please.....

  7. Oh the decisions, it was a toss up between Key Lime Pie and PBGB (neither of which are healthy!). Due to it's freezeability I'm going to pick Peanut Butter Goo Bars http://fitnessandcake.blogspot.com/2010/03/peanut-butter-goo-bars.html

    I think the healthiest thing is this is the oats! However because it's so rich you only need a small amount to kill that sweet craving and of course because it freezes, you can chop it into cubes and store it for a rainy day!

    I think I'd pick the Superberry tea too.

  8. Ooh, cool giveaway but I can't think of a favourite recipe at the moment. Clearly it's an important decision so I'll have to think about it and come back! ;) I adore the Food Doctor pittas; so much tastier than the regular ones.

  9. Hello! I've been a visitor of your blog for a few months now and really enjoy reading your updates. I'm currently on my own healthy living journey and have found loads of inspiration and great tips and ideas from your blog, so thank you for that :) I figured the Tea Pigs competition was a great excuse to come out of hiding and say hello!

    It's hard to pick a single favourite recipe but as a baking fanatic I'd have to go with this yummy lemon drizzle cake: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/womanshour/food/recipe19.shtml

    It's definitely not so healthy, but it's so easy to make especially in the kitchenaid (i'm also a new owner of a shiny pink one and highly recommend trying this recipe in yours!) It's a simple recipe but produces a lovely dense and sticky lemon loaf which is perfect for an afternoon treat or special occassion :)

  10. Oh and I'd have to go for the English Breakfast tea I think. I love me a good cup of tea to start the day!