Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Boot Camp Review


Hello hello I hope your all well today!

We’ll do the food first today i think:

Bfast, the usual (for now) fruit plate, a nectarine, a flat peach, bluebs and pear and apple compote for dipping.


And a raspberry breakfast muffin


Mid morning i had a Tropical Nut Oatie


Lunch was roast veg, butternut squash, parsnip, garden beetroot and onion, a small apple and a banana with some Planet Lunch Bread Cheese Bites (yes these are meant for children’s lunch boxes and yes i do seem to have strange thang going on with kids healthy snacks and baby food – what of it! :-) heh heh!


These were really tasty and low cal (83 for the bag) all natural ingredients, i’m impressed.


I had the totm chocolate snackies today, so i picked up a couple of bars of dark chocolate ( i know i need to curb the totm choco snackies as soon as poss, before a monster takes over and makes me munch too much!)

I had a few squares of the Organic Dominican Chocolate – highly recommend this one, one of the nicest darks I've had in a while!


Dinner today was a small pork loin steak, some tomatoey potatoes, garden green veg and veg fried (carrots, parsnips and sweet potato)


After dinner i tried out the Chocolate Flake Tea, that Teapigs sent me to review


This was delicious! i highly reccomend this one.  If its a hot chocolate flavour your after this isn’t the answer, stick to hot choc, but if you fancy a mug of warming tea with a hint of chocolate, of the dark flavour, so that slight bittersweet aftertaste rather than the sweet melt of hot chocolate then this is for you! if you like dark chocolate you’ll like this, I LOVE dark chocolate (in fact its really the only type of chocolate i eat) and i LOVE this, i like it better than the Popcorn tea, i think this is the biggest contender so far for what will be my next tea purchase!


Speaking of Teapigs - If you haven’t already then run on over to my New Blog Name Celebratory Teapigs Giveaway and leave a comment on that post with your favourite recipe – healthy or not, baking or cooking, to be in with a chance, and don't forget to mention which tea you’d like to try out, Superberry or English Breakfast!! Have until Tuesday to register.


For Dessert i had some Avocado Chocolate Pudding – this IS.THE.WAY.FORWARD for totm chocolate cravings, its soooo rich and surprises me every time i make it by how totally amazing and rich and creamy it is!! its just perfect! i thought i would treat myself to the whole batch to curb those cravings, but i couldn't finish it! i did half and called it a day and tubbed it up for the fridge for tomo!


Look was arrived today! my engagement ring! its been away being resized since last wknd, it had to be downsized 2 sizes due to my weight loss! i felt so lost without it, it was quite unsettling, I was desperate for it to arrive today, and was phoning down to reception every hour to see if it had arrived, despite the receptionist assuring me she would call when it arrived! at 1pm the man from the Stores dept at the Hospital on Campus rang me to say it had arrived up there! the Hospital on our Campus is a 10 minute walk away, i tell you, you didnt see me for dust – meeting with my boss at 1pm – pah! engagement ring = WAY more important so i bailed on him and legged it up to the hospital! picked up my ring, made small talk with the man up there, all the while dying to get out of there so that i could gaze at my ring! needless to say i doddled along a whole lot slower back to the office grinning from ear to ear and gazing lovingly at my ring, upon arriving back at my office building i showed most of my colleagues, having been engaged for over 2 years they have ALL seen my ring before but i couldn’t help but show it off! it was like getting it all over again for the first time! and now it fits again and i don't have to wear another ring on top to hold it on, which will make addition of my wedding ring so much more special!!  after more than 2 years of ownership i’m sure you can tell my ring has not lost any of its special meaning to me!


So lets get cracking on the Boot Camp review – golly gosh these weeks are rolling in!!


  1. 6 workout per week – my last weigh in was only 6 days ago, and i’ve worked out on 4 of those days
  2. 4 of which insanity – 3 of my 4 workouts have been Insanity, so i didnt meet my goals but everything is relative and considering my reduced days between weigh ins this week and my reduced number of workouts my ratio of insanity workouts is ok.


  1. Count the calories – all the calories and KEEP within the allowance, every day, not most of the time, EVERY DAY! – i kept within calories for 5 out of 6 days this week which is good considering i had a night out on Saturday night for meal and drinks.
  2. Drink Protein shakes on work out days – yup i drank protein on every workout day
  3. Assess, daily, my levels of fat, carbs and protein intake, to ensure its bang on track! – yup i’m bang on track for levels of fat, carbs and protein – i’ve been keeping a close eye on this.
  4. Cut alcohol out completely for the next 9 weeks, apart from 2 nights for the hen wknd and 1 night for my works night out. – oopsy! i drank 5 Gin and Slim Line Tonics on Saturday night, so i failed this one – but i kept the alcohol intake to a very modest level and didnt suffer and hang over or any feelings of off balance so i’m happy with this!

So there we have it, not the best Boot Camp Review, i only met 100% 2/6 of my goals, but the 4 that i failed on i didnt fail miserably, and i think i did a pretty good job of keeping them in check – so i’m happy overall with my Boot Camp Progress, but in true report card style “Could do better” and i will do better next week.

So lets have a review of weight – i lost 1.5lb this week.

As most of you know i hit a bit of a hiatus this month with weigh ins, i’ve reviewed the stats and over the last month (including tonight's weigh in results) I’ve lost 1.5lb over the last month – booo hiss i hear you say! thats not very good for someone who’s supposed to be on full steam ahead operation boot camp! BUT………………….

And i really do mean BUT

Check out my stats! i measured this morning – I measure at the beginning of every month, and my results this morning were ASTONISHING!

Under arms: -1"
Under chest: - 1.25"
Tummy at button: - 1.75"
Waist at narrowest part: - 0.75"
Hips over bone: - 1.25"
bum at widest part: -1.75"
Left thigh at widest part (1thumb down): -1"
Calf - (finger length down): -0.25"
Upper arm over pale freckle: -0.75"
Forearm - (thumb down from elbow): -0.5"
wrist: - 1" (woweee!!)
ankle: -0.75"

I didnt believe them at first, i suspected i might have unwittingly pulled the tape measure tighter than normal around every area, or that i had read the numbers wrong, so i redid all my measurements, i even did some a 3rd time!! and alas they ARE CORRECT! i’m amazed at the results! its a total of 12” almost twice that which i’ve had in my best month so far!!  i couldn’t believe it, especially after such a failure month on the scales!

So this is obviously down to Insanity, i have been doing it most days, and i’ve been working HARD – harder than I ever worked at anything in my life, the hard work is obviously paying off!!

I am one happy Neen!

So on that happy note i leave you blogger loggers.

Remember to hop over to the Teapig giveaway.

Coming Up: Tropical Nut Oaty recipe

Question: What do you crave when its totm – and how do you curb those cravings? do you go all out and let loose or do you do like i’ve tried to do today and keep it modest and healthy?

Nyt all, much love! <3 <3 <3 xoxo


  1. Congrats on your inch loss! That's really good over a month! The weight doesn't matter you're clearly chaging your body for the better and getting fit and strong :-) You've done great on your goals too, sounds like you're well on track :-)
    That chocolate tea sounds delish too, I wonder if they do a sample pack with loads of different ones to try, I wouldn't know where to start choosing hehe!

  2. Don't feel too bad, I buy the children's Clif bars ;) And I love your ring, the twisty design around the band is really unique.

  3. Fantastic inch loss! Congratulations.

    Those Cheesy bites sound fab - I shall have to look out for them.


  4. Insane inch loss! (see what I did there :p )

    I think your TOTM munchies have been rather good. I'm only just get used to non-pill induced TOTM and it seriously turns me into a hunger monster. If it gets left in front of me, it will be consumed. I try to curb things by not having anything in the house I can destroy my hard work on, but that said I've done quite badly recently - but bearing in mind I'm not used to these insane cravings, I'll let it slide.

    As for specifics, I'm all about VINEGAR, ORANGE flavoured things and CHOCOLATE.

  5. 12" in a month is incredible!!! Congrats :)


  6. Insanity will help you reach your goals for sure. Nice website.

  7. Well done on all that inch loss thats brilliant! I remember when I had to get my rings all resized, its a good feeling, but can't believe we actually lose weight on our fingers! I'm with you on the chocolate avocado pud, insanely good! I don't think I get munchies that are particually related to TOTM, I just get munchies all the time instead! I think your taking the right approach by keeping it as healthy as possible while indulging in a little something - for example with the dark chocolate x

  8. thanks peeps, i'm pretty darn pleased with my inch loss!!

    Brad thanks for stopping by! i'm loving Insanity!

  9. Woaw, very well done on the inch loss!
    I was thinking about you and your amazing results and it really shows what the willpower can do.
    I think Im gonna try a monthly plan like you and some other bloggers do because without a *strict* plan, it's easy just to find excuses to ditch a workout or eat another portion...
    Thanks for that ;)

  10. Thanks Jo!

    good for you, give it a go, it defo helps with the focus and motivation!