Friday, 3 September 2010

The Not So Healthy Haul

Morning Peeps, happy happy Friday, sorry i didnt check in last night, i had a pretty harrowing day at work, so crazy upsetting stuff was kicking off and it was a tough day to get through, luckily it was Thursday so that meant dinner and the evening at my mums, and we all know theres nothing to help soothe a troubled mind like putting on a big hoodie, hood up and curl up on mums couch and watch back to back Jamie Oliver!! ahhhhh *sigh* just what i needed! followed by a good nights a sleep and i have today off! purrrrrfect!

Today the In-Laws are arriving for the wknd, Buddy has to work so i have a long list of to do’s this morning then i’m meeting the in-laws in the town where we work at 1pm to meet Buddy for lunch, i’ll bring them home after lunch, when Buddy finishes work we’re all going to my parents for dinner (this is the last time both families will be together before the wedding). Tomorrow we’ll take them a treck then hop on a ferry and over to a town over the water that has a lovely up market marina for lunch and drinks (cranberry juice for me!) and i’m cooking for us tomorrow night.

So this is me signing out now till Sunday night – try not to miss me too much!

Breakfast yesterday was a nectarine, blueberries and a fig, with apple and pear compote for dipping with a raspberry breakfast muffin.


I couldn’t picture lunch i had about 3.5 minutes for lunch so I inhaled a bag of cheesy bread bites and houmous and a handful of veg.

I went to an afternoon meeting and had these for snacking on in the break


Dinner was at my mums, new potatoes, mixed steamed veg and lamb fillets


Now time for the Not so Healthy Haul! don’t shoot me peeps!! I came across the Stateside Candy Store and thought I would order some peanut butter, this stuff tastes completely different to the stuff you buy here, its beeeeautiful!!


While I was ordering I confess I coulnd’t resist picking up some USA treats that you can’t get here to try out, Reeses peanut butter cups, dark chocolate M&M’s, Nestle Butterfinger


Peanut Butter Twix (I never even knew these existed!!)


Peanut Butter M&M’s hmmmmmm I’ve never tried any of these before, I split the PB M&M’s with my mum and dad last night, their amazing! and we had a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup each! hmmmmmmm perfect totm cravings!! heh heh! nice timing for them to arrive!

I also bought my dad some dark treats (he's canadian - so remembers alot of the treats you cant get here from his childhood and he especially likes dark chocolate) – the dark M&M’s are for him and I got him a dark snickers and dark Peanut butter cups.


I’ll be good and ration these, i’ll cut the chocolate bars into little portions and put them in the fridge to eat every now and then, i’m pretty good at keeping things and not eating the whole lot, i just threw away a whole jar of out of date bonbons from Xmas, I actually still have some other Xmas treats in the cupboard.

I also got this guy some Lucky Charms!! (see the pure joy on his face!!) he’s mentioned them a few times over the years, they were his fave as a kid! you can’t buy them here anymore though. I saw they had them so i ordered a small 1 portion size box, incase they weren’t as good as he remembered……turns out they are! so i’ll order him a whole box next time I need PB.

I wonder if they will have USA PB and other goodies in Mexico that I can bring home from honeymoon.


So thats all sorry for the short post today and serious lack of healthy food pics! what can i say you can’t win them all!! :-)

I’m off for some PB on Toast and then to crack on with the crazy to do list!

PS – if you haven’t already then swing by this post and leave a comment for my Teapigs giveaway, commenting closes on Tuesday. You can leave a comment or drop me an email, letting me know what your fave recipe is, baking or cooking, healthy or not, it doesn’t even need to be a complicated recipe even just your fave meal.

Enjoy your wknd!

Coming soon: Breakfast muffins recipe and tropical nut oaties recipe (I’ve not forgotten I promise)


  1. Argh! Noooo! Why does that shop have to be in my County?!?? Must resist, must resist!

  2. Have a fab weekend petal! How much do I love you for introducing me to that website? Oh my god I'm in heaven! Will be making an order soon, the hubby has an obbession with mountain dew and I just love the peanut butter cups x

  3. Oooh yummy! I used to love lucky charms!

  4. I've now written a 'want list' and am trying to find a spare 30 minutes to make the car journey to this store. It's been the best diversion for a dull Friday ever!

  5. AAAHHH!!! I used to LOVE Lucky Charms as a child! Nostalgia. I'm sorry you had a bad day yesterday. I hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  6. Heyy!
    I haven't commented before but I've been reading your blog for a while because I love it :)
    I am excited for your muffin recipe - I'm a huge fan of muffins..yum!
    Oh gosh, I have been on that website before and I ordered SO much is so tempting!! And as for the Lucky Charms, if you ever go to Selfridges in Manchester/London/Birmingham they do them in there but they are so expensive for a box it's silly! They also do that oreo cereal too if you've ever seen that?? Ooh and marshmallow fluff!
    Hope you have a good weekend :) x

  7. Oooooh I must try the strawberry yo yo's! Never seen those before. Only ever had the mango/pineapple fruit nibbles and the apple granola nibbles


  8. I love Smooth Operator but they sell it in Tesco, if you don't want to pay the delivery charge from shopping online. I have a shop by me that sells all this American stuff and I go in there everytime I pass it but hardly ever buy anything because it is so expensive! Yeah, every time I go to America I have to pick up some PB M&M's - love them.

  9. StarsandPinkness - thanks for commenting, nice to "see" you, and thanks fo reading - glad you like the blog.

    HabitofHealthy - i'll keep an eye out for the smooth operator in Tesco - thanks for the tip.

  10. You can buy PB cups here! In the shop in main street of my town you can get them for about 60p. Also have you ever stopped in at Loch Lomand shores on your way up the road? They have a Jullian Graves and a harrods international food shop where you can buy things like Lucky Charms. I stock up on Goldfish there!

  11. I second what thirtyandhealthy said! You certainly can get Reece's Peanut Butter cups here(Packaging has changed slightly with 3 smaller ones instead of 2 bigger ones) I should know as I've scoffed quite a few in my time:=)

    If you ever down South and visit the Capital it's worth popping into the small independent newsagents / convieniece stores(You might get lucky and spot them there:)