Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Teapigs Giveaway

Evening Bloggies, I hope everything is well in the world!

Apologies for my absence last night, its a sucky sucky week as i predicted it would be and today was truly the worst, again as i predicted. On top of the work drama thats been kicking off for a few weeks now, i had a *little* family drama last night that caused mucho stress! then today was a hell of a day and come lunch time i was feeling like i’d been hit by a bus!

Long story short, the family drama is sorted, and the works drama – well thankfully its all sorted too! I’m getting a new office!! wooooo i’ll be sure and post pics of my new surroundings and my lovely view (my new desk is RIGHT next to the window – perfect natural light photos!). Its all good baby. I’m finished work now till Wednesday next week for my hen wknd, when i go back i’m going to have a fair bit of drama to ride out, but all will be well in the end = i’m one happy bunny!

I had another awesome run last night, tonight is a rest day. Insanity took a bit of a rain check this week i just haven’t been in the mood, at least i’ve been working out though!

So its only 2 more sleeps till my Hen wknd! eeeeeee excited? much? me? oh yes! today i had a trip to the salon and got waxed to within an inch of my life, I came home and had my dress for Friday night altered (it was too big), tidied the casa, and caught up on blog reading. I have a huge “to do” list for tomo, a night in planned with this guy.


Then on Friday I’m heading to Glasgowwwww!! eeeeeeeee!!!!!

So before i announce the Teapig Giveaway winners, lets talk about food for the last 48 hours! hmmmm its not been great i admit! its been a rough couple of days, and cooking nice food has been the last thing on my mind!

Breakfast yesterday was podge, apple, bluebs and 3 physalis


Lunch was roasted veg, melty cheese and home made granary


Afternoon snackies, cherries and a nectarine – so far so good huh! but then the family drama kicked off to go hand in hand with the work drama

3 4

I had an AWESOME run and came home with zero appetite, and my BFF arrived to get excited about the Hen with me and talk “outfits” so i kinda skipped dinner and had a bowl of cereal at bedtime! (i know i know naughty naughty!!!)

This morning we’d run out of milk and bread so i was a bit pickled for breakfast and didnt have a very good stress head on, so breakfast was a toasted teacake (2nd fail!)

I had another teacake for morning snack having been completely unsatiated by the first one – no surprise there huh!

followed by some bluebs


and some physalis

6 7

I didnt get a lunch break today, i scarfed a PB sammy, and an apple, then hotfooted it to ANOTHER stressful meeting.


This afternoon all the drama had subsided and all is well (except i now feel like a deflated burst couch! – but nothing a good nights sleep, an am workout and a day of healthy clean food wont fix right up!)

I had my beauticians appointment this afternoon, i stopped in at the paper shop for a birthday card and bought this great little book! you guys know me and the Kitchenaid are gonna have a ball with this book! it has a whole big section on healthy muffins – lots of recipes to come as i make them, such as “High Energy Muffins” “Honey and Lemon Muffins” “Chocolate Orange Mousse cake” and “Carrot Bars” hmmmm i see long baking wknds in my future! (not so different to the present really heh heh!)


Dinner was another fail, brown rice and chicken and lychee korma, (fail No. 42) I had made it for Buddy, i would usually make myself something clean and healthy when he has this kind of thing, but like i said me and the kitchen haven’t been such good chums this week!


The plan for tomorrow, shopping with my mum first thing in the morning, crack on with the “to do” list, shower, exfoliate, tan, nails etc, pack for the wknd, blog, eat healthy all day, workout, and spend a nice evening with my Best Buddy!

So I know your all *Desperate* to find out the winners of the Teapigs giveaway. I picked at random from the two flavour choices, using This website.

SuperBerry – Helene – sent her entry in an email

“How are you? Hope you're having a nice wknd.

Here is my recipe, which hopefully will make me win some of your Teapig.

The one I would like to try is the Super Fruit one...sounds yummy.

It's been really difficult to find a recipe as I dont have 1 favourite recipe but tons of them. Anyway, here is the recipe I've chosen: Mini chocolate cookies.

Mini chocolate cookies!” (I'll add the recipe in another post - its a bit long for here)

English Breakfast – Bronagh – left her entry in a comment

Bronagh said...

Hello! I've been a visitor of your blog for a few months now and really enjoy reading your updates. I'm currently on my own healthy living journey and have found loads of inspiration and great tips and ideas from your blog, so thank you for that :) I figured the Tea Pigs competition was a great excuse to come out of hiding and say hello!
It's hard to pick a single favourite recipe but as a baking fanatic I'd have to go with this yummy lemon drizzle cake:
It's definitely not so healthy, but it's so easy to make especially in the kitchenaid (i'm also a new owner of a shiny pink one and highly recommend trying this recipe in yours!) It's a simple recipe but produces a lovely dense and sticky lemon loaf which is perfect for an afternoon treat or special occassion :)

Congratulations Helene and Bronagh – can you email me your address to rowena dot dennis @ btinternet dot com

And i’ll get your tea sent out to you as soon as i’m home from the Hen wknd on Monday.

Don't be disheartened my other lovely readers, i have another couple of fab giveaways lined up for you in the near future.

Coming Soon – i’ll be collating your lovely recipes that you shared for the giveaway and making a post of them, you guys came up with some beauties!

Nyt my lovelies, muchos love <3 <3 <3 xoxo


  1. Yeah!!!!, ive won! that's really cool. cant wait to try out the Teapig. Ive always wanted to try it but find it a bit expensive :-(
    Have a great weekend!

  2. TAG! You're it:

  3. Fab eats! I love the idea of your upcoming post, I'm excited to see all the recipes. Have fun on your hen weekend if I don't speak to you before, hope you have a wonderful time xx

  4. Ooh, how exciting! My first comment on your blog and I win a fab prize! Thanks so much Neen, I will email you shortly with my details :)

    It's rubbish that you've been having a bit of family/work stress this week but atleast you have a long weekend of fun hen-related activities to look forward to. Just forget everything else and have fun!

  5. Hope all the stress has died down so you can start focusing on your hen do! Hope you have a fab time x

  6. Aww, sorry to hear that your week has been pretty crummy. Things can only get better right? Especially with your hen-do just around the corner. Wheeee!