Monday, 6 September 2010

The Glorious Grass Track Run & Raspberry Breakfast Muffins


Hey there peeps, how are you all – hope your Monday’s back at work weren’t too taxing!

I had yet another Sucky day, it looks like Sucky Days are on the agenda for work tomorrow and Wednesday too (I’m off Thurs/Fri, Mon/Tues – for my Hen wknd thankfully!) hopefully next week will perk up!

So after my sucky day at work, i was driving home thinking about what to do in the way of a work out when i got home, i had Insanity planned, but talked myself out of that on account of time/motivation, so I talked myself into Shredding, Quick easy and straight to the point (i.e. a good sweat!), then i realised i knew exactly what I was in the mood for – Running, i needed to let loose and get outdoors, after being cooped up in the office all day with no lunch break i was craving the freedom and flexibility of doing my own thing instead of being in the living room working out to a routine.

I thought i would give the grass track route that takes you round the castle a go, it takes around 40 minutes to walk, its about 1/3 uphill, 1/3 flat and 1/3 downhill, i could take Red because i could let her off the lead as soon as we got on the track – perfect ( and a really great mid week run for her too! she ran around far more than usual – i think because i was running)

It was really stormy out, grey skies, wild wind, the trees were blowing all over the place, the sun was still shining but the weather was just, well, angry! perfect for my mood! so i got geared up HRM on, ipod on, running shoes on, water bottle filled up, poo bags in pocket, and off we went.  I listened to Eminem Relapse – again just the right amount of angry! and off I pounded, foul mood – check, angry music – check, wild weather – check! the result – utter peace!

It was glorious, my first run in about 4 weeks! i had my BondiBand on so my ears didnt get cold in the wild weather, my lungs were on fire, bursting with the lack of air from the wind and my intensified hay fever (its always way worse in autumn) my legs burned going uphills (I’ve never run up hill before and i’ve never run off road before – only ever flat road runs for me), I puffed and panted out loud there was no one for miles around, and actually smiled for more than half of the run, with each step i felt like i was pounding out the stresses of the day! by the time i got home (28 mins later) my legs and arms were red and blotchy and prickled with the cold wind, I was exhausted but completely exhilarated and peace all at once! PERFECT!! i could have run the circuit again straight away!

I dont have a tonne of pics from today, i forgot to photo breakfast – twas the usual podge combo.

Mid morning was a wrinkle but juicy peach


Lunch was left over roast veg and steamed green veg with a little melty cheese and a slice of home made wholemeal with pumpkin seeds


Mid afternoon was some big fat plump cherries


Dinner was…….yup more roast veg – get used to it, its replaced salads and looks set to make regular appearances for the foreseeable! with some roast new potatoes and a little tinned corn, i had a slice of homemade wholemeal before my run so i wasn’t all that hungry for dinner


Ok I’ve been promising for over a week now:

I cant take the credit for these, i got the recipe ages ago from Nic's Blog and have been meaning to try it out, i made them last wknd and it was what i was eating all last week.

Here’s the recipe for you

Raspberry Breakfast Muffins


90g Porridge Oats

1 cup skimmed milk

135g wholemeal self raising flour

1t vanilla essence

70g brown sugar

250g unsweetened apple sauce (i used unsweetened apple and strawberry baby food)

2 egg whites

1/2 t salt

1t cinnamon

large handful of frozen berries (i used raspberries – 155g)

Preheat oven to 200degrees

Soak the oats in the milk and vanilla essence

In a separate bowl mix apple sauce, and egg whites and then add to the oat mix

Now add the dry ingredients, sugar, flour, cinnamon, to the wet mix, and fold in.  Be careful not to over mix ( i think i over mixed!) my muffins were a little tough.

Fold in the berries (i added mine in while they were still frozen)

Bake for 20 – 25 mins

Remove and allow to cool.


So only 4 more sleep till the Hen wknd.

For those of you who dont know my plans for it (probably most of you i guess!), I’m going to Glasgow on Friday to meet 3 of the Hens from Doncaster who are getting the train up, we’re all staying in a lovely posh hotel in the Merchant City (the posh part of town), we’ll go out for some eats and a few drinks, the 4 of us and my cousin, taking it easy.  Everyone else arrives on Saturday (13 of us in total), the theme is grown up sophisticated glam, we’re meeting for a few pre drinks, then onto a Brazillian Restaurant Boteco (check it out) looks awesome! then onto Arta (check it out) for Cocktails where we have a private booth booked, thats all I know and all I’m allowed to know, sounds excellent though! I’ll be posting all about it after the wknd for sure, and later in the week i’ll share my bag and what i’m packing and my outfits. Sooooo excited! and a little bitty nervous too!!

Rightio I’m off for some couch cuddling with my Buddy Love, see you crazy kids tomorrow.

If you haven’t already then i suggest you hot foot it over Here to the Teapig giveaway to register, leave a comment or drop me an email (address in that post) with your fave recipe, no matter how simple, healthy or not, baking or cooking. The giveaway closes tomorrow at Midnight so get those thinking caps on quick for those recipes peeps!

Question: Do you prefer off or on road running? what's your experience with off road running?

I thought it was so much fun and felt so much fresher than road running!

Night peeps, muchos lovos, <3 <3 <3 xoxo


  1. Hiya! Your wknd sounds really good!
    Glad you had a good run. That's all I needed too. Are you now done with C25K?
    The muffins look really nice. Need to find out what a "cup" is tho. Im French and over there, we only use grams, kilograms...hehe

  2. Off road running all the way! I love running along the canal tow path and the husband and I have a favourite trail through the woods nearby - it's so much nicer running through nature than pounding tarmac pavements, dodging traffic and keeping your head down to stop getting heckled.

    Well done getting out there, if I feel angry or upset, running is my exercise of choice :)

  3. Hey Neen,

    Sorry to hear about your work troubles & hope things start to settle down soon.

    I have been making blueberry muffins recently and the recipe I adapated is almost exactly the same as the one you have :)

    I add about a half a teaspoon (for 6 muffins) of bicarbonate of soda. If you use it, you have to add a splash of lemon juice to the milk - the acidity activiates the bic. of soda and makes the muffins rise.

    Lucy from WI x

  4. @happyatthirty: I think cups is usually used in American recipes :)

    A cup is about 120g of flour & 240 ml of liquid.

    L xx

  5. hehe, I've been waiting for that muffin recipe for ages - didn't realise it was one of mine :P

    As for running, I tend to prefer road running. The roads round here are pretty rugged anyway, the single track disecting a field type. I think off road running for me would be too dangerous on my own, too many uneven surfaces to trip and break something in the middle of nowhere or I'd get attacked or something. Specially now that the evenings/mornings are darker, at least on a road a car might pass me 2 or 3 times whilst I'm out.

  6. I've only ever ran off road a couple of times and I loved it, the only reason I don't do it more often is cause its a bit quiet and without company I wouldn't feel too safe on my own. I love it when you get really pumped for a workout like that, I hope it relieved some of your stress from work! Thanks for the muffin recipe it sounds great, will be making them soon! xx

  7. Thanks for sharing the muffin recipe!

    Sorry you're still havning trouble with my blog, I'll ask in my blog post tonight if anyone else is... It might be something I need to sort out at my end.. Or more likely get Mike to sort out as no doubt I'll just end up confused hehe

  8. I'm sorry you had a rubbish day. You must be sooooo excited about your hen do!

    Thar roasted veg looks yum xxx

  9. You don't have to tell me about sucky days. there is a weird atmosphere in my office at the mo! I think I missed the cut-off for your tea giveaway (boo!) as I forgot to come back to your blog. I have bee so busy lately that blog reading is going down the tubes a bit!

    Have a fab hen-do!!

  10. Muffins look awesome!!!