Saturday, 11 September 2010

An Ode to Buddy


Hello my lovely readers, as most of you know i’m on my Hen weekend just now! Right about now I’m probably teetering around Glasgow having lovely eats and doing a bit of shopping with my girlies! Having lots of fun, i thought i’d set up a little post to keep you going till i return.

I’m probably not eating hordes of healthy foods or working out much (well at all) but i do plan on having a ball this wknd and hey we cant be perfect all of the time can we!


So I thought I’d tell you/show you a bit more of my little family.

I found this guy! I’m such a lucky gal! 


I cant wait to marry him, when i tune off when talks about cars or football, i can always drool!


He’s my best friend, my constant source of advice, he keeps me grounded and forces me to keep it real, but he also indulges me in my day dreaming about a future of glamorous beaches, posh yachts and cocktails!

ben and rowena july 2007 006

There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for me, he’d walk across hot coals, he’d walk across the world an back! He even promised that if we were at opposite ends of the country and the world was taken over by zombies (think that might have half way through 28 weeks later that promise was made!), he’d risk it all to get to me! (the true meaning of love!)

He loved me when i looked like this:

ben and rowena july 2007 009

And he stills loves me now i look like this:


He works hard to give me the kind of life we have and i’ll always be grateful to him for that, he encourages me to be independent and to push myself harder in every area of my life, but he’s always there to fall back on curl up to and hide behind when it all get a little too much!


He’s got great navigating skills and gets us out of many pickles!


He keeps questionable company!


I Love him! and I cant wait to marry him!

However who would we be without the other member of our little family!

I remember the first day we laid eyes on her:


My heart melted and I knew she was ours!


We watched her grow, from this


Leggy little lady


To this powerful strong lady


Sometimes she smells and sometimes she makes a mess, and sometimes her name can heard in the middle of sentences that turn the air blue! but we wouldn’t have her any other way!



I hope you enjoyed my tour of our little family!

I’ll be back real soon with my Hen wknd update!

Much Love <3 <3 <3 xoxo


  1. God Neen, you've got me in tears!!! So lovely. Have a great weekend xx

  2. Oh my god, this is such a beautiful post, so nicely written.

    Thanks for sharing honey <3

  3. Awww lovely post! :-) Hope you're having the best weekend!

  4. Such a cute post. Enjoy your weekend. :)

  5. So sweet! Have a fab weekend xxx

  6. What a lovely post, you must be so excited about getting married! I hope al the plannnig's going well xxx

  7. Such a nice post on your family :) Reminds me of my boy and my cat. Congrats on your upcoming wedding, you look like you guys are going to be VERY happy!

  8. What a lovely post - hope you had a great hen weekend!

    Your dog is adorable - I love Boxers (we used to have 2)


  9. Love your little family :) Obviously love the boxer, seeing as I have one. Your story over on Ashley's blog was awesome. Congrats + good luck to you!!

  10. thanks girls i really enjoyed writing this post!!

    Thanks for stopping by Ashley - I'm a regular reader of your blog already - i love it!

  11. You've got a good bloke there, Neen!