Friday, 17 September 2010

Its just how i was brought up

“If you haven’t got anything nice/good to say don't say anything at all” was one of the resounding messages my Dad taught me growing up! i.e. if you haven’t got anything nice to say to someone don't say anything at all, and if you haven’t got anything good to say, if all you have to say is moany, don't say anything at all! Now don't get me wrong, i was certainly encouraged to talk through my problems and not to bottle things up, but i was also taught to be a nice person, to keep nasty things and comments about people to myself and small menial moans to myself, everyone has their own problems, they don't wanna hear yours! it was a good message to learn growing up, i think i have a good balance of not saying bad things about people, i don't like to bitch and i don't like to moan, but if i am floundering i will reach out for help!

So the moral of my story is, sorry for not being around this week, i haven’t had much good stuff to say so I just didn’t say anything at all!

I’ll briefly walk you through it, going back to work after the Hen sucked, you guys know i had that drama at work to deal with last week, and my first day back this week saw the sh*t hitting the fan big time, i think the worst of its now over though.

On Tuesday I opened the glass cupboard in my kitchen and a glass fell out, this was an expensive designer glass, part of a set given to us as a house warming present when we moved in here, its an almost non destructible glass, it fell right onto my Kitchen Aid, the glass smashed to a thousand pieces, into my dinner that was cooking and all over the floor, AND it chipped and gouged out 3 separate places in the beautiful almond ceramic of the Kitchen Aid, Holi Gamoli, there were instant tears, i was hysterical, don't think I've been so upset about something for a long time!! I cleaned up and remade dinner all the while bubbling about my no longer perfect 1st wedding present The Kitchen Aid, BUT fear not my lovelies, i called up Kitchen Aid on Wednesday and explained what had happened and they have ordered me a whole new brand new machine from the US, it will be in the country in 2 weeks and then they will arrange to uplift mine and replace with the new one for the measly sum of £64, I'm delighted, especially when you consider i didn't register it, and didn't have the receipt and these babies cost the best part of £400!! soooo grateful!

I’ve also been struggling to get back on the wagon this week, i think i have it under control today, i took a 2.5lb gain on the chin this week (twas worth it though for a wknd that i will truly treasure forever!), i went to the docs about my “broken toe” its not broken after all but the stiletto that went into my foot has torn through the tendons, it should take 2 – 3 weeks to heal, and finally i had a funeral to go to today, all in all a sucky week, but lets not dwell i refuse to turn the bloggy into a moaning place, hence my absence, i only explain it now because i don’t want you guys to think i abandoned you lightly!

Anywho I’m back now that's all that matters, its Friday night, I'm all tucked up in my jammies on the couch in a pink furry blanket, true happiness!

I have plans to make some soup over the wknd, some home made bread and maybe a nice healthy treat something or other, we have some prep work to do in the bedroom for the winter, we suffer from damp here so the winter months need some prepping for to make sure its not a problem, and that's about the height of it my lovelies.

Here’s the highlights of my food for the last two days: its by no means all of it, we’d be here all day if i showed you it all, but most of it has been healthy, its just that since trying to drag myself back on the wagon on Wednesday I've been eating too much, but trying to keep it a healthy content too much, i promise over the wknd i will pull it all back under control!

Bfast yesterday – strawbs, rasps, peach and red berry compote


A Pumpkin and Dark Choc Chip Muffin from the freezer, these froze and thawed perfectly!


Am snacks – a juicy sweet pear


Lunch – Home made vegetarian minestrone soup (i made on Tuesday ready for going back to work) with a little melty cheese and a cracked wheat roll


Dinner was at my mums, roast chicken, green veg and new potatoes


Bfast today was a peach, rasps, bluebs and red berry compote


And a muffin


Lunch today was more Minestroni soup, eaten in a rush before the funeral.

Another peach – these are Ah.may.zing just now so huge and juicy!


Dinner was a thin slice of cheesy homemade bread, a very small portion of chilli with a little cheese and natural yoghurt, with a side of green steamed veg and garlic/tarragon mushrooms, it was beautiful the first meal I've had since coming home that's been “just right” in every way!


So I hope your all well! and I hope i still have some lovely readers, sorry again for deserting you!

I’ll be sorting out all of your favourite recipes for posting over the wknd.

Nyt for now, much love <3 <3 <3 xoxo


  1. Sorry to hear about the glass and the kitchenaid. It's horrible when stuff like that happens, especially when you're already having a difficult week. I'm glad they're sorting it out though! Hope things brighten up this weekend!

  2. Sorry to hear you've had a sucky week. Things can only get better now though right?! ;)

  3. I'm so sorry you've had a rubbish week. I hope you have a lovely chilled weekend. Your food lucks yum. Keep smiling :-) x

  4. Sorry to hear you've been having a crappy time of it, I hope the worst of it is all over. Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend xxx

  5. I kept trying to post on your blog last week and couldn't, then I was away most of this week so I feel all left behind! Your hen photos are great! Sorry about your toe, you should have hit hit with your shoe!

  6. Oh no! I was so upset for you when I saw about your Kitchenaid- they are amazing and I would love one! At least they have been great about it and you can get a replacement.
    And things must surely get better from here

  7. Mmm...Neen your soup looks yummy - are you going to be putting the recipe up??