Saturday, 14 August 2010



The KitchenAid Artisan Mixer!!!

Yup bloggies I know you’ve all been dying to know what I did! I think we all knew to be honest what I was going to do, I just didnt know it at the time!!

I took this baby home last night! I was soooooo pleased to bring her home……………………….


Isn’t she beeeeeoootiful!!!!

We tried it lots of different ways, this was the second favourite, but she felt the Kenwood was detracting from her beauty.


SO after much tantruming on KitchenAid’s part I finally gave in and gave her her own space! she seemed pleased, spoilt little madam that she is, i told her i dont have much space in the kitchen but she insisted if she was going to hang out here she needed her own space!


First off we made Buddy’s Mash Potatoes! yes people it might have been a bit of overkill, but hell they were the best mash potatoes ever – FACT, or so buddy tells me!


Then i set to turning a blackcurrant and apple loaf into a healthy recipe


its lovely but a bit heavy, i used wholemeal flour instead of plain, and unsweetened apple sauce (well apple and pear baby food – coz i couldnt find any unsweetened apple sauce – and figured this would do) instead of butter.  maybe this is why, i’m going to play around with the recipe, maybe i need some butter and some apple sauce, i’ll be sure and post the recipe once i get it right though.






I had a slice for breakfast with a peach this morning, was pretty tasty and perfect for breakfast because its not sweet, i wasn’t hungry again last night, so i had a courgette muffin and a large glass of fresh OJ to make up some calories, as i was dangerously below 1200 for the day.

I wasnt hungry again this morning, my tummy was telling me different, making insane growling noises, so i tried to listen to it and picked at this, took me a while to eat it but i got there.






I’m off for a couple of hours treck up the hill with Buddy and Red, i’m taking my heart rate monitor, will be interesting to see the burn from that, food focus guestimates it at around 640 cals burned, i’m a bit dubious that its as many as that so it’ll be interesting to see the results.

and hopefully that will work up an appetite.

see you laters bloggies………………………oh thanks to Laura for tagging me in the versatile blogger awards, i’ll be posting mine soon!

much love, hope you all have a fab day! x


  1. She's a beauty! I am very jealous :D The blackcurrant and apple loaf looks yummy!

  2. Sooo jealous! I definiely think it deserves pride of place in your kitchen! x

  3. You lucky Girl! I think your kitchen is now complete ;)

  4. Thanks for the list on my blog it's really helpful :-)