Tuesday, 17 August 2010



Evening Blogger friends, how are you all? hope you're all having a grand ole Tuesday.

lets start today with food shall we:

Breakfast was so summery and fresh, watermelon slices, big fat juicy cherries and bigger fatter juicer blackcurrants, with apple sauce for dipping (yes yes baby food again shhhh)


And a zucchini muffin for satiety, this was the last one, I check the rest tonight and they were starting to mould on the bottom, i wonder if these would be better kept in the fridge?

upon musing these are quite like carrot cake in taste! hmmmmm love! need to make more! i’m so disappointed to not have one for breakfast tomorrow!


Morning snackers, a little greengage and plum


Lunch was a garden salad with mozzarella and pine nuts and dried apricot

5 6

And three krispbreads


Afternoon snackers was a perfectly juice but slightly wrinkly (we wont hold it against him) peach!


Pre workout fuel – BEARrrrrrr nibbles, i needed the fuel because tonight was the 3rd session of insanity, it was cardio resistance and power – phwoaaaar hard core man hard core – i can definitely feel my fitness levels are a whole lot better than when i started out weeks ago with shredding! I need to work on my push ups though, but i’m getting there! when Shaun T is doing major push up action, i’m fumbling along trying to do it, and cant, but i took a minute tonight to re-evaluate the situation, in shredding, the beginners push ups are crossed at the knees and pushing up from the knees up instead of from the feet, i really struggled with this at the start of shredding, i tried again tonight and i can now do these.  So when Shuan.T is doing push up action in insanity i think i’ll work on knees push ups till these are a doddle, then i’ll move onto trying to to his crazy push ups, instead of doing his and getting the form all wrong!


Dinner was another garden salad, sweet potato discs done “slow and low” these work out so much nicer, and half a tin of tuna mixed with 1t of extra light salad cream – hmmm hmmmm


And for Dessert, the super creamy, super rich, amazing tasting avocado pudding, as seen over at Laura's place!! guys you GOTTA try this! it ROCKS!!

In my mix:

1/3 C agave

1/4 C Cocoa (G&B all the wayyy!)

1 avocado

this was half of that, i had the other half last night, golden i tell you golden!


Sooooo the Re-Evaluation………….i think its time to re-asses, with 3 months on Saturday being the BIG DAY, its time for some hard core action!

  • Fitness:
    • I’m doing Insanity and squeezing in as many workouts as my permanently stiff body will allow (around 5 per week) running has almost come to a halt in favour of insanity for just now, but needs must!
    • My short term goal for fitness is to crank this up to 4 nights a week on Insanity, with a rest day one week day evening, and hiking and/or running on a weekend, and using only 1 rest day per week.
  • Food:
    • I’m not sticking under cals, my appetite has returned but not to the level it was before, so its not that i’m over eating as such, i’m just not being careful, my mind set is bringing on thought like, “come on i just did insanity – i deserve that extra ……..” I mean its not junk i’m having its good healthy food but its just not as strict as it was! I will reign in the calories.
    • I’ve not been having protein shakes, instead opting for food to use my limited calorie allowance – this isn’t good as i’m doing insanity i NEED the protein.
    • I’ve not been paying attention on food focus to the level of fat, carbs and protein i’m eating, whilst i dont particularly think my level of any one of those three is far beyond what it should be, i’m not paying attention, and when attention slips, you loose the game!

So these are my recent downfalls, its taking so real good examination of my habits to come to these conclusions, my last 2 weigh ins have been poor i tell you poor! my inch loss is ticking along fine (or at least it was last month – i wont know for about another 10 days how it is this month) and with all the extra work i’ve been doing i wanted to know why the lb’s aren’t coming off! these are the conclusions i’ve come to. 

I plan on carrying on my new healthy lifestyle way beyond the wedding, this is a keeper for life now, and i plan on continuing to loose weight after the wedding, but i wont be as crazy strict on myself, but for now i have exactly 12 weeks on saturday till “I DO” which is only 9 weeks till the dress needs final alterations! ITS TIME BLOGGIES ITS TIME! The next 9 weeks are going to be officially known as BOOT CAMP around here! if i push it to the max i’m sure i can see some great results in 9 weeks!

Quick recap of BOOT CAMP rules then:


  1. 6 workout per week
  2. 4 of which insanity


  1. Count the calories – all the calories and KEEP within the allowance, every day, not most of the time, EVERY DAY!
  2. Drink Protein shakes on work out days
  3. Assess, daily, my levels of fat, carbs and protein intake, to ensure its bang on track!
  4. Cut alcohol out completely for the next 9 weeks, apart from 2 nights for the hen wknd and 1 night for my works night out.

ok – so these are the BOOT CAMP rules and I will stick to them, i have my hen night in 3 weeks time and a works night out for my wedding the last wknd in October and other than these 2 events there’s not reason why i shouldn’t stick to the rules, i’ll allow myself 3 days off the strictness for the hen wknd (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) but still keeping mindful of my habits, i.e. i’ll be eating sensibly, having a few drinks on the Friday and only letting loose with alcohol for the Saturday. i’ll allow myself one night off for my works night out, though i’ll be sticking to good eating for the meal with just a few drinks that night.

There we have it, my BOOT CAMP starts as of now!

Wish me luck bloggies <3 <3


  1. Good luck Neen! Alot can be acheived in 9 weeks. Please don't stress over the weightloss though, especially because your measurements are going down. I've said it so many times before, but there is a super buff lady at my gym and she weighs 10.5st, but she's tiny! Oh the joys of muscle ownership.

    Will you be reporting daily on the blog on your food splits (protein, carb, etc)? It would be interesting to see if you are planning to! xx

  2. Sounds like a super boot camp hun! I really want to reign myself in too - whilst I have over a year to get into my wee dress, I wanna loose the inches so I can concentrate on maintenance. Hence the ol' 30 day no booze challenge. Tip for the protein shakes - have them with water to save cals from the milk. It tastes absolutley grim, but saves the calories! ;) xx

  3. Good idea Nic, i'll post my food splits as often most days, on the days i need to post quickly i'll leave them out, but otherwise i'll pop them in, and you lot can keep me right if i'm over/under on any split.
    LME - i've been having protein with water lately, its vile but its a quick shot down and does the job eh! best to push it now and get into that dress early rather than like me desperatly pushing it at the end!

  4. Good luck on your bootcamp! Sounds like you've been working really hard already so you will have no problem :-)

  5. Sounds like a good plan! Don't forget that the measurements are more important the scale. As you're doing Insanity you're working on your muscles more than you were before so you will be building muscle, a lb of muscle takes up less room than a lb of fat!

  6. Good luck on your boot camp it sounds great! I'm sure you'll do brilliantly! Glad you enjoyed the avocado pudding, its the bomb isn't it? I can't get enough of it. It also freezes really well in little muffin cases. Your muffins would probably freeze well too. I have to freeze my baked stuff or I'd eat the whole batch of whatever it was I'd made! x

  7. Hey chica, only just had a chance to check in with the bootcamp post sounds amazing - good luck with all the work-outs with all the dedication you are going to be an AMAZING bride! P.S - where do you get the bear fruit nibbles - i know just by the bag i'd love them!? :o)