Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Hey folks, sorry for my absence, i’ve been MEGA busy!!

Twas another busy wknd, with taking my Bridesmaids for dress fitting, god i soooo wanna show you the pics but you know i just caaaaant!! i tried my wedding dress on again on saturday, i’m soooo close to it fitting now!!

I’ve been studying, and working out hard, i did another Insanity fit test tonight, I’m thinking one more fit test then i’m gonna give it my all and dive into the first workout.

I set my heart rate monitor up for Buddy yesterday and he took it with him to play squash, he played 6 games of squash in 45 minutes, he burned a phenomenal 950 calories!!!! thats mind blowing isn’t it, i wish i played squash, my dad used to be a pro player, as did my grandad and my aunt is a pro player and a coach, i really should think about taking it up huh! my co-ordination really is almost non existent though.

So anyway you want a run down of food over the last few days? sure ya do…..

Monday breakfast, podge, strawbs, and mixed dried fruit


later in the morning i had some strawbs and bluebs, isnt this picture awesome! its amazing what natural light does isnt it!  I haven’t played about with this i promise, its it a white opaque tub on the window sill in direct sunlight, and i guess i just caught it right!


Lunch was Ratatouille ( made with garden veg) krisprolls and pesto houmous and 2 babybel lights, expect to see a whole lotta ratatouille over the next week or so, i have a tonne of garden veg to use up.


i snacked on a greengage and an apricot


last night my mum and i met with the cake maker for the wedding, that was exciting, we’re having a fruit base, a chocolate 2nd tier, with chocolate gnache layered through it, and a vanilla sponge top tier with vanilla frosting and jam layered through it, decorated in royal icing with a vine of green foliage and shades of dusky pinks flowers, with a posy of flowers on top (all edible).  i cant wait to try it, it sounds awesome! she’s also making me a separate small fruit cake from the same batch as the bottom tier, and will marzipan and ice it and after the wedding it can be stored for our first christening cake! awwww LOVE!!!

after the cake maker meeting we stayed for dinner at my mum and dads, i had a salad (in a funky bowl – i love funky bowls!)




Ratatouille and the first crop of my dads new potatoes – EVERYthing (apart from the parmesan cheese obviously) that i ate, was from the garden! i LOVE that!


Breakfast this morning needed a break from podge, so i had belvita biscuits, watermelon, strawbs and bluebs – it was a lovely change and very filling


lunch was left over stir fry from Sunday, i love stir fry, and it felt like such a treat after so many weeks of salad.  it’s also been nice this week to have hot lunches with the weather being so changeable, and even when its nice outside its still so cold in my office that my hands are painful with the cold grrrrrr!


for dessert i had a greengage, some water and a square of Galaxy smooth dark


After Insanity this evening, i had a protein shake and a slice of homemade wholemeal crusty with PB and home made cherry jam to stave of the shakes so i could make dinner! heh heh!


Dinner was a small bowl of Ratatouille, a new batch this time i added in haricot beans for a little more satiety, topped with a sprinkle of parmesan, 2 stacks of sweet potato discs, and a slice of homemade wholemeal crusty with lurpak light – i was stuffed after this!


After early morning workouts i’m ravenous, i could eat my arm, but after workouts after work, so just before tea, my appetite dies, i would have thought at that time of day ready for tea time i’d have been starving but i’m not I dont get it, i’m not complaining, but i dont understand it, if its been a big workout, like a good run or insanity i get shaky right after and need to eat something, like a shake and a slice of bread or a handful of nuts etc, but that feels more like for energy than hunger if that makes sense, and then i’m not hungry at tea time or later in the evening, not like my normal appetite…….go figure!

How does working out affect your appetite? and is it different at different times of day??


  1. Hey chica - was wondering where my little neenbean had got to!! So weird that we had an almost identical lunch just on diff days!! I had noodle stir fry yesterday... in synch with each other no?!

    Very excited about dress trying on news - pictures pictures pictures! On you-know-where of course! ;)

    My appetite dramtically reduces after workouts strangley enough. I tend to work out at 5.15pm ish most days, and I get mad cravings for tea at about 4.30pm which I have to resist due to washing machine tummy whilst shredding. Would be interested to know what craving tea means... calcium from the milk perhaps?!

  2. Hello! Love the fruit picture...cool effect! and I love ratatouille so much...could eat it everyday!
    When I workout in the evening, then, Im not hungry at all but still force myself to eat something.

  3. I am hungry all day after a morning workout. Are you doing Insanity and the 30 day shred or did you stop the shred? I'm really considering getting one and quitting the gym. Good news about the dress x

  4. All your eats look fab! I would love to be able to eat so much home grown produce. I'm always ravenous straight after a morning workout but after an evening one I can get shaky and just like you, need to eat for energy more than hunger I think x

  5. LME - yes tuuuned! heh heh! tea craving - caffiene maybe? or yes calcium.
    i'm glad i'm not the only one who's appetite dissapears after a work out, you would have thought it'd be the other way round, i thought i was wierd.
    Jo - i'm trying concentrate on insanity being my priority, with running coming up second and when i have neither the time nor energy for a big workout i'm shredding, although thats not to say Shredding is an easy workout, its just quick thats all, like tearing a plaster off! stock up on hardcore workout dvd's and fob the gym off its expensive to get the dvd's but saves in the long run!
    Laura i'm loving all the fresh produce its saving me a fortune on my weekly food bills too! x