Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Food


Hey hey bloggies, I’m going to keep it simple tonight, and show you lots of piccies, Buddy is champing at the bit to curl up with me and watch “The Wire” and who am I to resist.

So lets run through my days food and my food haul from yesterday.  Let me just tell you today has been an awesome day for exercise i hiked this morning and did insanity this afternoon, and burned between both over 800 cals!! wooppdiddywoo! i’m a machine grrrrrrrr!! heh heh!!

SO Bfast, was a crumpet with a little home made cherries and berries jam


And a fruit plate with some apple and blueberry compote (aka baby food) for dipping, ice cold and refreshing, yay – fruit plates are back in business!! on the plate, mango, grapes and a peach


Let me show you some of the more interesting highlights from yesterday’s haul, there was a tonne more stuff, but hey you guys dont wanna see tinnes tomatoes and tuna and bleach and loo rolls do you! most of this stuff is either new to me or stuff i cant get round here, the Sains I went to was a particularly brilliant store!

I got a fresh basil and a curled parsley (i killed the last plants) to go in my beautiful window box made for my by my dad LOVE.


Some Food Doctor Multi Seed and Cereal pitta, (never tried these before) some mini pittas, and some Planet Lunch garlic bites


Some Wholewheat Noodles, not tried these either, I’m excited to try these out.


and some Wholewheat Soba Buckwheat noodles and Udon Wholewheat brown rice noodles, WOW so excited to try these out!


Dried fruits, of the unusual and interesting variety


A mega Butternut Squash


3 packs of Cookeen – its vegetable fat and i hear it mega for baking with!


Buddy got some poptarts, neither of us knew these were still made! ewwww i say, hmmm he says! he burnt himself on one today, the jam and hot sugar spilled out all down his had, my dad (a trained medic from his bomb disposal days) had to come take a look at it, we thought we were going to have to take him to A&E, he spent about 40 minutes with it under cold water followed by frozen peas, Honestly i couldn’t believe how bad and how big the burns are from Pop Tarts people!! Pop Tarts!! their pure white and cover the side and heel of his hand!! Poor buddy/Silly boy!!


Some OJ


Some scoth bonnet chillies, i’ve never heard of these before, it says they are very hot with sweet fruitiness! these bad boys are going in stir frys For sure!


The stir fry in question…..Edamame Bean – man i LOVE edamame but you cant find em fresh/frozen/in stir fry’s/anything for love nor money round here! i got 2 – but now i’m just noticing the label says “any 3 for £2.50” oopsy should have got 3!


Some Gnocchi, never tried this before and quite fancied giving it a test out, I’m intrigued.


A couple of innocent smoothies.


Some very very interesting looking houmous, look at the toasted pine nuts on top and the chickpeas underneath! hmmmm drools!

16 17

Tomorrows lunch, and innocent woodland mushroom risotto, looks good!


3 kinds of baby food! Hello My name is Rowena and i like fruit baby food! (its pure health though eh! and tastes fab with fruit for breakfast! dont knock it till you’ve tried it!!)


Some Wagamama stirfry sauce, some African hot sauce and some honey and cashew sauce! stirfry love!


Baking goodies!!


Lots of lovely fresh fruit


And a tonne of pea pods – lovingly shelled this morning! Its so much easier to do it this way, and bag em up and throw em in the fridge then their always there to grab handfuls of, and stay fresh a whole lot longer.  thats all like i said theres a tonne more stuff but this is the highlights of the interesting stuff! yum yummmmm!!


Lunch was 2 smal pittas and some of THAT houmous! OH MY GOSH! my life will never be the same again, i’m not exaggerating! i’m taking the empty tub to my health food shop and asking begging her to stock it!! this isnt houmous, this is perfection, so creamy and full of flavour, NOTHING like the normal pots of any flavour that you buy regularly!! i need this in my life!!


Followed by a home made pumpkin and chocolate chip muffin, i got the recipe from the lovely Pearls and Such, i’ll post it here for you soon! these are perfection, everything a muffin should be!


And finally after insanity and a protein shake, dinner was a little bit of chicken and a tonne of veggies, roast brocc, green garden veg, roast sweet potatoes, parsnips and Bnut squash, hmmmmmmmmm!


Right then must dash, buddy’s giving me googly eyes!

Coming up: the Clothes haul and the recipe for Pumpkin and choc chip muffins!

nyt all!! <3 <3 <3 x


  1. Wow your shopping haul looks fantastic! I have the food doctor pittas and the wholemeal noodles they are both yummy! I think I'll be coping you and buying some of that baby food as well, such a good idea. I love innocent veg pots as well, they are very tasty and great for when you can't be arsed to cook!

  2. My dad loves that humous too, it's not garlickey enough for me hehe! Is that strawberry flavouring? I must get my hands on some of that!

  3. Pretty much tried everything other than the baby food! Ha, great minds think alike ;) x

  4. I love that you seem to get as excited as I do about food shopping! Great haul. Food Dr pittas are lovely, I really love them. A tip for you - toast or microwave for a minute to get them to puff up. One side will form a pocket and that is the side you need to slice. I wasted about half a dozen pittas in the past trying to figure that out!

  5. Laura i defo recommend trying the baby food, its got to be ice cold, would also be nice on yoghurt or icecream!
    Laura - yes thats strawberry flavouring - strawberry cupcakes anyone!?
    JAG - thanks for the tip - thats a good one, looking forward to trying them! x

  6. That is a lot of food! You can buy poptarts here, I love them but haven't had them in about a year. I've never bought shop gnocci that's half as good as home made so don't judge on that stuff alone!

  7. I LOVE the title of your blog- very cool indeed!
    I too love food shopping and I got some of those mangoes today when I was in sainsburys- they smell sooooo good- perfect and ripe mmm.
    Cannot wait for the pumpkin recipe- I have a tin of pumpkin puree soam trying to find recipes so I can use it all up in one massive crazy baking frenzy!

  8. Oh my god, that is like my perfect shopping haul!! I with you on the flavour of that houmous, it pretty much rocks my world!! I can't believe you eat baby food, I thought that stuff was supposed to taste gross?!

  9. Jo - I'll bear that in mind thanks! i might hit you up for a recipe in the near future!

    Runningcupcake - welcome along, thank you very much! my mum just hit out with the idea for the title, and i loved it so much i abandoned the old blog to change the name!

    Habit of Healthy - its just the pure fruit desserts or compots that i eat, i originally bought them instead of unsweetened apple sauce that i couldnt get hold of, for baking, they work a treat, and i had some left over and thought it'd be nice with fruit dipped in! its AMAZING!! heh heh!

  10. It's so interesting seeing the different brands and packaging in different countries! Do you know they just opened up Pop Tart World in NYC? Crazy!

  11. Robyn I LOVE going to foreign supermarkets when i'm on holiday, i love checking out the packaging and names etc, its like a whole new parallel universe!!