Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Welcome Along

Hey Bloggies

if your reading this it means you came with me, so welcome along, if you followed Neenie's Getting there, please follow me here, i promise not much has changed, just the name really and a few bits n pieces with the layout.

i value each and every one of you, and i'm so happy you came with me through the move!



  1. Hey! I like the new place...but what's going on in BlogLand??? First Stella, now You...why is everyone moving???
    And Ive just had a look at Stella's blog and saw Broad Bean to Runner Bean and thought "Oh, never heard of this blog" and no, it's You!
    Anyway, ive changed my blog roll so I'll keep visiting you here ;-)

  2. aw thanks! i'm struggling to get your link to work on my blog roll maybe it will work in the new blog!

  3. I like the new blog and have updated my blogroll! I look forward to following you here.