Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Light and Courgette’s as big as your arm!


Check these pictures OUT guys! why have i never noticed before the natural light at my work is AWESOME!! great pictures really are all in the natural light, i’m defo learning that this week! i’m loving my pictures on the windowsill at work, i wish i had such good light at home!

Breakfast, podge, bluebs, pecans and flaked almonds




followed by a protein shake made with strawberry protein, 1 x 0% fat actimel and 50ml water to top up the liquid, hmmmmm you gotta try actimel with protein, makes it uber creamy, more milkshake esq, i’ll be having that again!

laters i had some more photo porn  with some watermelon, glad no one walked in on my water melon photoshoot, its as well i have my own office really! (well actually i share it, but she only works part time and is on holiday just now anyway – so alot of the time i’m on my own)




i didnt picture lunch the canteen was too busy, it was ratatouille again, i think i’ll be eating this for the rest of the summer.

check out what was waiting for me at my mum and dads, lots of courgettes and some summer squash! i didnt know they were growing summer squash, i was really excited to try it after seeing lots of recipes with it and its all over the USA blogland.


CHECK OUT THE SIZE OF THESE COURGETTES THOUGH, they really are as big as my arm.


No work out tonight, i had to deal with this lot when i got home, some of it needed to be used before it went off and the rest had to be washed and bagged for use, then it was college work time.

NB: that is not a chocolate orange tin under my worksurface, its my curry tin, it, once upon a time held choc oranges around 3 years ago i think, but now its home to my indian spices, brought back from india by a very kind friend, they smell wayyyy to strong to keep in the cupboard.


i turned that into this, total veg carnage! on the left the makings of MORE ratatouille, at the back left some potatoes from a woman at works garden which kindly gave me this morning, thank you very much, then next along is veg for tonights dinner, in front is the base of the ratatouille, and next to it is more veg for tonights dinner.


I fried off some courgette and summer squash in a little olive oil a a lotta garlic, to be topped with a litte grated cheese as a side for dinner.


The Ratatouille – enprogress.


And dinner, the squash/courgette side, lots of garden steamed veg, Maureens potatoes, and some slices of chicken cooked in red wine vinegar, lemon juice, honey, olive oil and tarragon, hmmmmm hmmmm!! prrretty dam tasty!


SO i have a tonne of veg, lots of courgettes, summer squash, 2 alien sized courgettes, green beans, runner beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

what can i do with them apart from obviously salad, steamed, and ratatouille. what in particular can i do with the courgette and the oversized courgette? these bad boys are coming thick and fast, a whole lot faster than i can eat them raw, other than ratouille would you suggest??

nyt folks xx


  1. My Mum's courgette's aren't ready yet but when they are I plan to make zuchini muffins. ELR posted a delicious looking recipe the other day. Also my sister made me courgette carbonara which was TDF and pretty low cal. She got the recipe from BBC good food. Eclipse on in wee toon next week if you fancy a repeat watch- I'm going! x

  2. That is definately the biggest courgette I've ever seen. How about courgette pasta you could do it with a veggie peeler if you don't have a spiraliser :-)

  3. ohhhh Eclipse! Jo that might be a dam good idea! i'll email you. and zuchini muffins sound good....*rushes off to look for recipe*

    Laura - i made courgette pasta last week, it was deeeelish, think that might be making another appearance tonight.

  4. Buy a bag of watercress and make Courgette and Watercress soup - its delicious and you can bag it up and freeze it. The recipes on my blog (recipes page). Honestly you should try it, so tasty and good for you! Agree with Laura about the courgette pasta idea too, I love it like that as well as in stir fries. I also like courgette griddled and either topped with feta or halloumi with mint and chilli or make up a dressing with tahini, lemon juice and olive oil. Yum!

  5. MOusakka? (a healthy version!), grill it and use for pizza toppings, or veggie lasagne???

    I;m not a huge fan of courgette or aubergine to be honest - I find them quite slimey, so I would most likely just chop them up and use in a pasta sauce or soup.


  6. You can make some stuffed courgette. I stuff them with mince and tomatoes and eat that with rice -> Really Nice!
    You're going to college? What do you study???