Friday, 6 August 2010



Whoooooaa there! Insanity is INSANE bloggies! i did the fit test last night and well………………… took everything i had and a whole lot more besides! i loved it soo much, its the best work out i’ve done, it worked me harder than i’ve ever worked in my life, my heart rate was above zone most of the time, and the DOMS set in that evening, i’m ruined today, i’m stiff and sore and physically exhausted! LOVE IT!!  I think i’ll do the fit test a few more times to get me into the swing of the level of exercise and to get my form a bit better.  i’ll keep you posted.

Just to update I love my new Heart Rate Monitor, i’ve worn every time i’ve worked out since it arrived, i’m a sucker for details and stats anyway, so this is perfect, i started a spreadsheet so i can keep an eye on what workout i’m doing on what days/times etc and see how my heart rate is at those time and to make sure i’m always improving! i love a good spreadsheet heh heh!  I’ll keep you up to date as the stats build up! having the HRM is definitely giving me a whole new level of interest and incentive in the workout stakes.

So lets back it up a few days, here was the inspiration for the new blog, we did a HUGE harvest at my mum and dads at the beginning of the week, and it was during this that i was talking to my mum about wanting a new funky, catchy blog name, i was busy photographing the harvest and she came up with The Runner Bean, we all thought that was great, then she joked that if i’d have blogged a year ago it would have been The Broad Bean, and we both immediately squealed Broad Bean to Runner Bean….i love it!

Here’s the pics of the big harvest, their so generous and good to me and split the produce almost in half with me!





See that big momma courgette there, the one with the pretty flower in her hair – look out for her, she makes a guest appearance later on!!



3 different varieties of broad beans, runner beans, french beans and pea pods



and a whole load of strawberries – look at this little lover!


Yesterday started the usual way with the usual podge, so i wont bog you down with yet more podgy picys.

morning snack i had some “lovely” cherries


Lunch was a salad made up of the above garden goods, krisprolls and pesto houmous


Mid afternoon was a slightly shrivelled pear, a square of lindt dark choc, (you know i this i prefer Green and Blacks), and a Rooibos Tea Pigs Tea, have you tried the Rooibos flavours yet? their pretty tasty, easy on the taste buds, not too much flavour but enough that you definitely feel it more than just hot water your drinking, i also like it cold.


Dinner was a slice of wholemeal bread, a little spoonful of buddys chilli, halloumi, and lots of raw veg from the big harvest, i like just having raw veg instead of cooked, so much more flavour and so fresh! and holygamoli I LOVE Halloumi, so much, so creamy and salty and sweet and chewy all in one, its a genius creation it really is!


I went shopping this morning, i like to shop before work at around 8am whenever possible on a Friday, the shops are so quiet but the shelves are fully stocked, perfect conditions! not much to report on the haul, just the usual bits n bobbies, apart from these two note worthy items.

i’ve seen the BelVita advert and wasnt all that interested, but I saw them in the shop this morning and as its mega unusual to get new products here picked em up to have a look, the ingredient list if pretty cood, the nutritional info is also pretty good, so i thought i’d pick up a bog to keep in the office for those kerazay mornings when i dont have time/energey to make podge, or if i’m off to a morning meeting.  They come in packs of 4, and for 54cals per biscuit the idea is that you can replace breakfast with 1 pack i think. 


I was a bit skeptical on how well they would keep me full, but i had all 4 and was full all morning other than my usual mid morning fruity snack i was fine and dandy, the they taste really good too.

not something i’d have every day or even on a really regular basis, as i’m a huge fan of the taste and nutritional properties and health benefits of the age old podge, but these biscuits will certainly pop up every now and then in my life.


I also picked up some Galaxy Dark Chocolate, this was lovely, alot smoother than G&B or Lindt and alot sweeter, i liked it but i think once its gone i’ll return to the faithful G&B.

FYI i usually keep a large bar of dark chocolate in my desk drawer and have 1 square most days, keeps the sweet tooth at bay, makes sure i dont feel deprived and dont they say a little dark chocolate every day is good for you??


Lunch was a garden veg salad, fresh rasps, krisprolls and pesto houmous


Mid afternoon was a peach, a greengage and an apricot all sliced, fruit is so much better sliced!


Dinner tonyt was…….THE.BEST.MEAL.EVER>>>>>>FACT

Emily's Zucchini and mushroom pasta………….AWESOME!!

I’ll post the recipe and full pictures tomorrow, i’m all done here, i’ve got nothing left to give, Insanity has bled me dry baby!


Good Night all!!

PS – eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I’m off for my wedding dress fitting on Sunday with the bridesmaids for their fittings also!! exciting yes????

PPS – i got my dress for my Hen do…….its a size 14, tight, strapless, unforgiving….it fits!! first time in 5/6 years i got in a 14, once i have more energy over the wknd i’ll take some pics and post them along with a proper Before pics, keep you eyes peeled for some pretty cool changes in the pics!

right TTFN! love ya! x


  1. Congratulations on the size 14! So pleased for you.
    I believe that Belvita is actually a French product. We've had it in France for years now, under another brand tho. I used to have a sachet everyday at AM break. They are so good. Nearly bought some when I went back home the other week.
    I love Rooibos Tea. Ive had one every afternoon this week.
    Oh, thanks for the Greengage...I learn everyday ;)

  2. Love your harvest! I would love to have a place to grow veggies (or preferably someone to grow them for me!) they look so delicious. You must be buzzing about the size 14 dress, its such a great feeling isn't it! I love that Galaxy dark chocolate its delicious, only problem is that I could easily eat a whole bar where as with G&B its that rich I'm satisfied after a few squares x

  3. Wow, that is quite some harvest you've got there - impressive!!

    How do you manage to have an entire chocolate bar in your draw and just stick to one square?! I have to portion mine out as soon as I buy it and just take what I want for the day.