Friday, 18 June 2010


Boy am i glad its Friday today! this week has been terrible, yesterday being the mother of bad days (for personal/work reasons) but its over now, todays friday and i cant wait to finish work tonight!

my camera died yesterday, i really must charge it more often thats the second time thats happened to me! although i didnt have time to post yesterday anyway.

heres some highlights from yesterday/today

last nights dinner was supposed to be salad, quinoa and halloumi but i left the halloumi in the fridge at work, ho hum, going to try it BBQ'd this wknd though.

so instead dinner was another insane salad (from the hot hot hot leaves from my dads patch)
quinoa with paprika and garlic, and a grilled chicken breast, no flavour, just plan but grilled was soo nice!

my boss's birthday cake that we got him yesterday! i did NOT have any! partly coz we sorta fell out right after this (part of the reason for the monumental bad day!) but i wouldnt have had any anyway i promise!

this morning was a twisted green monster, usual ingredients with 80g of frozen berries in there, funny colours but tasted amazing, was a bit thick for a glass so i had it in a bowl with some grape nuts on top and some fresh mint, this was amazin, i felt so much fuller afterwards, i think its the eating it from a bowl thing, surely 80g of berried wouldnt fill me up that much.

i brought my muesli combo into work as usual, but wasnt ready for it after the monster, about 10.30am i just had the muesli and fruit part as i was getting a bit peckish, i skipped the milk/yoghurt.
i also didnt want to fill myself up too much coz, i'm going out for lunch today with..............

Jo from for our blogger meet...........more on that laters!!
whats everyone up to this wknd? we're having a much needed quiet wknd at home, fathers day BBQ on Saturday and thats the height of the plans!


  1. Have a good weekend chuck, hope you're week gets a bit better! Mine is getting worse!!! :( The bottle of wine at home is winking at me...

  2. I love eating my thick smoothies from a bowl, heaven!