Thursday, 10 June 2010

its all very picturesque!

hey there blogland - well as i gave you a really boring pictureless post today, i'd thought i'd spice things up and share a whole load of piccies with you!!

first up take a look at the worlds most perfecto mango! what a peach! i mean mango!!

afternoon break at my desk.............LOVE delicious magazine! LOVE LOVE!

heres me in my dress for my sisters wedding next month! it finally fits and it fits comfortable, in fact it gapes a bit at the chest now so i needed to put the optional straps on it!! oh oh! LOVE this dress - but then i bloddy well should do for the best part of 200 smackers! so pleased it finally fits, excuse the silly look on my face plus no make up and scraped back hair remember i told you this morning was a nightmare!!

then i came home and WHIPPED UP A STORMMMM!!!
pitta chips...

from left to right, chilli flavour, garlic flavour and salted flavour......for the wknd away.

dont they look scrummy, well they are! i think i ate about 300 of these babies whilst taking pics!

all bagged up and ready to rock and roll

next up was MORE....lots more of Laura from Super Veggie's cranberry and apple muffins, hmmmm! some for MrNeen's dad (for fathers day), some for MrNeens mums ex husband (Kev) (dont ask - complicated families) he's recovering from lung cancer so figured we'd take him some home baking to cheer him up! and some for Granny Yorkshire - always good to butter up the granny's with home baking, some for MrNeens bro, he lives alone and i dont think he gets much home baking - if any! oh and some for us!

the finished product

some fruit/oat bars, adapted from Kat from Fat Kat to Pretty's Kats recipe, i used dried cherries instead of raisins and halved the recipe, turned out yummmmmy!

i started packing for the wknd, we're off to Doncaster to stay at MrNeens mum and step dads house, but their in the USA lucky duckies! so we have thier house, which is kinda nice coz its like having out own wee self catering place for the wknd. but i need to pack a load of stuff up for the drive down (6hours) and for while we're there. pringles for MrNeen, tea for me, lots of water for the drive, bread for MrNeen, Jordans Mueslie for me, PB for me, in the fridge are sandwiches for MrNeen left over meatballs, salads, watermelon blah blah blah...........the list goes on and on! this is just the first bag! so glad we have a car!

then i whipped up a tomato sauce to go with some meatballs my mum had made us

mixed with the meatballs and baked for an hour

i LOVE baking, i LOVE being in my kitchen, but i DONT love this part so much! cant wait till we have a dishwasher! i think i did dishes about 5 times tonyt!!

then it was FINALLY tea time, meatballs on top of grilled mushrooms, with a salad.............But..........i'd kinda munched a bit of this and a bit of that while i was baking and wasnt hungry anymore!! oopsy so i didnt eat much!

my idea of a great evening! now i'm off to pack bag for the wknd, grab a shower and see about getting me a full nights sleep - place your bets now to how many times im up tonyt!
have a nive evening!


  1. The dress is nice! I hate washing up too. I would definitely spend more time in my kitchen if I had a dishwasher!

  2. wow! Love the amount of baking you've been doing! I'm going to attempt to eat some of the food I bought on my shop on Monday tonight! Think I'm going to do something similar to your grilled mushrooms & meatballs, except without the meatballs :)

  3. I have a deal with Mr E - I cook and clean, he looks after the 2 gardens (front, back), the car, and does the dishes. :D Works out fab!!

    Dress is fantastic - you look great ;-)

  4. Looks like you had a fab cooking day! I really need to have another good cooking day, I find it so relaxing! Oh, and while I remember - the green monsters are basically a handful of spinach, a frozen banana (you just chop up a ripe banana, pop in a bag and leave in a freezer) and some milk. I tend to use some of my rice or coconut milk. You really can't taste the spinach. You can experiment as well with using different frozen fruits etc. Some people use kale instead of spinach but I tried that it is wasn't that good x