Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Hen Night Antics

Hey there bloggy land - sorry i've been MIA since Thursday - poor show eh - i hope you all like this post coz it took me like 14 years to upload these pics, my PC is being a bum!!

so my wknd was fab, it was my sister hen night on friday night - more on that to come!

i ate not too bad over the wknd, i did snap alot of it but as it took me so long to get round to blogging i didnt wanna bore y'all with tonnes of foodie pics from over the wknd, highlights were the chinese/mexican tapas meal on friday night was immense, and i didnt over eat, in fact i was dissapointed i couldnt eat more it was so good but i think the mixture of the white wraps and white flour i guess was used in the batters just bloated me! food on saturday was a bit sporadic, i did go out for lunch and the menu was DIRE, it was like, deep fried cod and chips, scampi and chips, a £15 steak and a £13 chicken supreme, pate and toast or some fishy thing that i didnt like the look of so i ordered a large plate of steamed veg! go me! dinner sat i made hug salads with grilled veggies and home made pizza, i filled up on the salad and veggies and just a couple of fingers of pizza. sunday i was the hostess so thats cool, podge for late brekki and chicken with steamed and grilled veggies for dinner followed by water melon, i didnt touch any of the nasties i prepared for my guests! again........... go me!!

yesterday i got back on it, i was good all day, eating just a little extra than planned at dinner, but this manager i did some work for a couple of weeks ago brought me a little home made individual apple frangipane tart that she'd baked fresh that morning - i mean COME ON who can resist that! well i resisted all day and took it home and halved it for dessert with MrNeen! ok one more time - GO ME!! heh heh!

so here's some eats from the last 24 hours........

last nights dinner, chicken stuffed with peppadew peppers, a little cheese and orange zest and juice, grilled corn and courgettes.

and a large side of avocado, strawberry and pine nut salad with some grilled mushrooms and peppers - man i was starving - and ate the lot!!

heres the cutest little tin that i got the frangipane tart in - LOVE

just too cute

and look at the tart - perfection!! it tasted as good as it looked - i've asked for the recipe i reckon i'll make for dessert on fathers day!

today is 100% back in the game - breakfast was overnight oats/muesli - was amazing - i tried overnight oats before and liked them, but not enough to try again, well a bloggy friend suggested this, 30g oats, 50ml milk, 50ml grape juice, 20g yog, fridge overnight, then mix with your choices, was quite chewy, a bit more like muesli than overnight oats, will def be a regular!!

lunch today - again - LOVE - dutch crispbreads, humous, salad comrpising my dads home grown leaves, avocado and strawberries, blueberries, ccumber and cherry toms and an apple, was a deeeelish lunch - the home grown leaves make so much difference!

ok ok - here's the moment you've all be waiting for - the hen pics - we dressed as fairies, did the meal thing, and lots of alcohol it was a really great night - however........note to self - the words "do you have any tequilla?" followed dangerously closely by "do you have any sambucca?" should never be uttered in my presence again! ok!! deal!!
so this is me (on the right obviously) and my cousin at the start of the night.........

this is me and my lil sis..............

this is my lil sis, me and my big sis (the one who's hen night it is on the right)

me again

it is "this big" and thats why we're getting married!! - haha! sorry couldnt resist!

and half way through the night..........

i look NOTHING like my sisters or cousin huh! they used to tell me when i was small that i was adopted!! EVIL! (i'm not - i just look like my dad - who's not related by blood to any of em but me)

ok thats all! there are LOADS more but most of which arent suitable for the bloggy! you'll just have to imagine!! heh heh!!
hope everyone else had a great wknd! xx


  1. Looks like you had a great time! I love the fairy outfits! I wish I had some home grown salad leaves for my salads, I might have to try buying some of those pots of living salad! x

  2. Hello pretty!! Love that top you have on. Been looking forward to your update!

    Congratulations on ordering the steamed veggies - you never told me that! What was their reaction?! xx

  3. Those salads are amking my mouth water. My salads never look as good as other people's! I love the hen pictures, the 'this big' picture is hilarious! You look great in those pictures, so lucky to be natually blonde with the ability to tan!

  4. LME - haha i forgot that about the veg when i was filling you in! - my sisters and cousin just looked at me and were like thats it!! veggies!! and i was like yeah thats fine, and they were like fluck sake off you go and polish your halo! this was while i was NOT drinking on saturday afternoon and they were, so they were a bit flabbergasted! i felt like a hero though! and had just as much fun as them, and managed my sunday morning run, while they were nursing thier 2nd morning in a row headaches!

    thanks girls - i love that top too, its a little strappy number and a bolero, neither of which have fitted me for quite some time, under that tutu is a lovely little pair of goldy coloured dress shorts, also not fitted for a long time!! so i was a happy fairy!

    i've no idea what she was on about in the "this big" pic, it was totally innocent tho! just perfect timing! i'm afraid i cant tell a lie the tan isnt natural! i do tan but dont get much chance around here! its just really nice bottle tan in these pics!

    oh also in the salads are chive flowers (the little purple flowers) these are sooo nice if you can find someone growing chives!