Saturday, 19 June 2010

blogger meet up

hey there blog land - sorry i'm so late in posting the blogger meet update, i've been sunning myself all day long!! so i met Jo from on friday for lunch. it was really great, we had lots in common and hit it off right away, we were immediately chat chat chatting, no awkward silences, it was quite refreshing to spend some time with someone who has similar foody interests as me, similar eating habits, photographing food etc, we both follow mostly the same blogs so talked lots about blogs, food, exercise and health! almost 2 Jo is lovely and friendly, very pretty and very complimentary too! my only critisicm of the meet was that it wasnt long enough!! :-)

i had houmous, salad and a wholemeal pitta for lunch - twas deelish as usual

Jo had the regular salad bowl

I think we'll be meeting again, i'm going to her town to visit her next time.

Jo brought me some goodies, a pair of jeans in my size that no longer fit her in a lovely little shopper, and a little gift bag with goodies in it, things that i really like that i cant get here! i dont know if she's taken note from the blog of things i like or is just very intuitive! either way i was delighted with my goodies!
i made Jo some avocado and black bean brownies to try out.

then we had to part ways while she went to Glasgow to a wedding and i headed back to work, i could easily have spent all afternoon sitting and putting the world to rights!
after work i did some shopping and went to my mums.
Meet Mya, my mum and dads Japanese Akita, she's a beast, well actually she's mega soft and friendly she just looks like a beast!

this is my nieces girrafe josephine!! she's Sophies all terraine vehicle!! this goes every where with her!

this is Izzy, my mum's poodle! she's tiiiiiiiiny!! they also have a jack russel but she was a bit camera shy! crazy mix up of dogs eh!

here's my mum modelling thier green house and tunnel! thier garden is Ahhhh.MAyyyyy.ZING! they are growing EVERYTHING i'm getting so impatient, any day now and there will be more stuff for eats!! hmmmm

the Jack russel Maisy, finally made an appearance!

my Buddy and my dad

thier green house

and the tunnel - just look at this - its like a garden centre! LOVE IT!

crazy mix of dogs! this is Reds secodn home she comes here while we're at work during the day, though my parents are stricter on thier dogs than we are on Red, so call it Boot Camp!

thier garden is a very peaceful place....

then it was time for home to unpack the shopping, but not before i snaffled a loaf of my mums home made bread, a bag of mixed herbs out the garden and some home made dressing, and pasta salad

black beans, a huge wodge of jarslberg, a little wedge of brie and some olives from the deli

i turned the black beans into Emily from The front burners vegan bean burgers, they were yummmm!

i had one for dinner with a salad and a splodge or two of tomato sauce
this was after my 9pm 25 minute run! week 6 session 3, twas hard work i wont lie to you, but i totally smashed it! i had to leave it till late coz it was like 24degrees here today!

after dinner, i had a gladd of wine from a bottle that our neighbour brought me when he arrived to watch the game with buddy, i took a mouthful, and decided i totally didnt want it so i didnt have anymore than one mouthful! go me!!!!
thats all folks i'm too tired for more! its bed time i have an 8am run planned in the morning with my sister, it will be the first time i've run with anyone, she's been running a few months longer than me so she wont hold me back at all, i hope i dont hold her back too much!
see ya tomo, nyt nyt!


  1. You 2 look really pretty on the picture.

  2. Arh lovely photos. Zeus has an Akita best friend in our dog run - he would love it in your mum's garden! We're too soft of Zeus too so not sure what he would make of Boot Camp LOL. If I ever make it up to your neck of the woods you NEED to tell me where that veggie salad cafe is. It looks YUMMY!

  3. LME!!!! if you ever make it up my way....i'll take you to that place for lunch!!! x

  4. Well there is talk of a mini-honeymoon up in Scotland, so hold off moving to the lakes til Oct 2011, and I may just have to pop in for a visit! :)