Tuesday, 15 June 2010


well i took lots of lovely pics over yesterday and today - and i just deleted most of them!! grrrrr! including dinner last night which was tasty - although i did try roasted asparagus in fact first time ever with asparagus, and oh no no no didnt like that, not one bit! but you have to try eh!

yesterdays lunch was the usual salad, houmous and rice cake combo

i bought some of these in sainsburys the other day to try its pure fruit and oats, no nasties, thier for kids but are only 53 cals per bar, so thought i'd give em a go, and hmmm thier lovely, like nakd bars but nicer!!

you get 4 squares in a bar

and thats all folks! sowy! like i said i deleted my pics by accident!
I forgot to bring my lunch to work today, oopsy - not doing so well today am I!!! so Buddy took me out for lunch and it was deeeelish, like it always is at this place we went to. i had houmous, salad and wholemeal pitta, i know - pretty similar to what i bring for lunch every day - but thier houmous is hmmm hmmm and thier salads are total beasts, no poxy lettuce, cuc and toms in this place they really go to town on thier salads!
i'd just like to say hi to my new readers i see a few of you leaving comments over the last couple of days, welcome along, i never thought i'd attract readers who i didnt "know" or had sent a link to, so thats nice, thanks for stopping by and i hope you call again!
One reader in particular is Jo over at http://thirtyandhealthy.wordpress.com/ - turns out we live real close to each other, infact she just lives in the next town along, small world - especially considering i live in the back of beyond on the west coast of scotland! so we're having a lil blogger meet up on Monday, Jo's meeting me for lunch from work so i'm going to take her to The Smiddy - the same place Buddy took me today! i hope she likes it as much as i do!! so you can expect a blogger meet up post next week - how exciting!!....................


  1. I would love to have a blogger meet up! Hope you and Jo have fun! x

  2. Awww, lucky you! I want to meet a neighboor blogger too!

  3. Yay I can't wait! That place sounds so nice! I'll email you tomorrow to work out the deets, I wont have internet while away. How much do I want an iphone?!!!